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Let life flow!

This is what I read on Net and fully agree with:
“The best way to understand your life is to not try to understand it. Let life flow. 124 palabras más

My Poems


Over the years I have come across a lot of women in cyberspace, mostly on Facebook. Penned this poem to put forth my views about the positive changes I found in them over the years. 45 palabras más

My Poems

Last talk, part 5

This installment is a bit short, so a brief foreword. The actual segment begins where the italics end

First this series needs a better title, I know. 451 palabras más

Mental Health

So what are you, really?

Reactions to my openly identifying as demi-romantic asexual seem to fall into two categories: “I support you, but don’t see how it’s any of my business”, or “Demi-romantic is kind of a cop out. 350 palabras más

Personal Journal

A question of honor

I have one incomplete assignment from my therapist. The assignment seems simple enough – I owe an apology. I don’t have a problem with this assignment. 502 palabras más

Personal Journal

Audience ambivalence

I’m a writer in almost the same way my youngest brother is a musician. He has quality instruments to practice on, and practices diligently, but he would prefer to never play in front of an audience. 298 palabras más

Personal Journal