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Naruto Online’da Şok Eden Bölümler

Naruto Online, çok eğlenceli bir oyundur. Ayrıca bu oyunda çok fazla para harcamanıza gerek yoktur. Oyun içerisinde en önemli özellik, naruto animesinden tanıdığımız ninjaları çağırmaktır. Ama ninjalar biraz yavaş elde edilir, ayrıca oyunda ninja dizilimi oldukça önemlidir. 304 palabras más


A Night In Nagato And A Trip To Hagi

In the early days of visiting Hiroshima it was like a holiday but after going there so many times it’s fair to say that the number of things to do close to the city centre dries up. 663 palabras más

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Mara-kannon Temple (a.k.a. Penis Temple!)

What better way to start the day than with a temple featuring a load of phallic-shaped structures! As ever with such places there was a slightly more serious meaning behind the facade and one that is of great importance to my wife and I at the moment. 519 palabras más

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A ‘Tree Landscape’ House in the mountain – Tappei Ito Architect

Tappei Ito Architect, based in Osaka and also in Kanagawa, built a ‘Tree Landscape’ House of 144.87m2 in the mountain of Nagato. The owner wanted a house to live in but also having an exhibition space open to everyone where the community could gather together. 23 palabras más

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War Orphan - Nagato

Nagato, part of the Uzumaki clan who formed the Akatsuki alongside Yahiko and Konan. We know him as Pain who destroyed the Leaf Village using the beings he controlled. 81 palabras más