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Some happy updates.

Do you remember the prenatal visits I described in January—the ones where nearly every patient had something going horribly wrong?

Well, the girl with decreased fetal movement gave birth a couple of weeks later. 210 palabras más

Nahuales in New York

Nahuales are not unique to Mexico. While Mexico may have a long and rich tradition of nahuales – its was there that I first learned the name by which these shape-shifters and lost boys are called – as the… 123 palabras más


Is this really how Diego Rivera saw himself?

A stark, imposing facade in the historic centre of Cuernavaca, the Palace of Cortes is a pretty clear testament to the brooding mind of its original lord. 419 palabras más


Hunting the wild Nahual

I started hunting nahuales before I even knew what they were.

In 2005 in the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombiano, I encountered Our Flayed Lord. 546 palabras más


On a quest for the best food in Mexico City

Despite past defeats, I’m still drawn to Mexico City. The city is my nemesis in a way; I feel that I have to conquer it, ie.  672 palabras más


Yucatán Journal 2: taking a turn about Chichen Itza

The Yucatán has long been top of my list of Mexican must-sees for one big reason: Mayan ruins. I’m a sucker for ruins, and not many pre-Colombian groups can deliver on these like the Maya can. 663 palabras más


A bumpkin's guide to the best of DF

DF is a big deal. Every time I visit I feel like a humble little bumpkin, hat in hand, dressed up in his Sunday finest, come to see the bright lights of the big smoke. 554 palabras más