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Indigenous Knowledge & the Scientific Revolution

In August of 2015, the Galileo’s World exhibit opened at the University of Oklahoma.  The exhibit highlights the University’s outstanding collection of rare scientific texts… 3.308 palabras más

"Dream Warrior" has been Published Again

Today my short story “Dream Warrior” was re-printed by Fiction on the Web.  Many thanks to Charlie Fish and his team for selecting this, one of my favorites of my own stories. 183 palabras más


Poco a poco



This is the quick way to greet and answer someone in Nahuatl that you are passing by on the street. It sounds like ‘new’ but with a few extra vowel inflections. 1.092 palabras más

YAGM Year In México

The Beauty of Change

Hello loved ones!

Today marks exactly one month since I’ve left my little nest in Waunakee, and I honestly can’t believe how fast the time has flown! 948 palabras más

YAGM Year In México


In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 12

Náhautl were one of the few Mexican rock bands that sang in Spanish rather than English during the 1970s. 49 palabras más


Gonzalo Guerrero and Geronimo de Aguilar, Two Spanish Men who Were Captured by the Mayans

Gonzalo Guerreo was a soldier from Spain who had come to the New World in hope of becoming a conquistador. His life, however, ended up taking a completely different turn when he became stuck on the Yucatan Peninsula after a shipwreck in… 471 palabras más


Fighting Off Extinction: The Story of Indigenous Mexican Languages -

Mexico has 60 indigenous languages in danger of disappearing with 21 of those idioms in critical danger due to dwindling numbers of native speakers and other factors but reports of the imminent demise of the Ayapaneco language, which is on the critical list, are premature. 115 palabras más

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