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Etymology of the day: avocado

Today is National Avocado Day. Why don’t you observe it with a little etymology?

Via Spanish, avocado comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) ahuacatl. It means “testicle.” (Try that on some toast.) The Nahuatl language also gives us the words… 13 palabras más


A trip to the Place of the Rainbow

In the Chumash language, Wishtoyo means Rainbow. When arriving to the place of the Rainbow, I heard such beautiful voices coming from the entrance way. I seen Mati, Luhui, Sarah and the rest of their family with such big and wide smiles. 437 palabras más

Blog about indigenous Mexica polytheism

Χαίρετε ἀναγνώστες!

Just a reblog today, to point those who might be interested towards a new blog on the topic of indigenous Mexican practices. Specifically the Mexica traditions, that is the traditions of the people most know as the Aztecs. 84 palabras más


The Travelin' Stoner

Xochi is a California-born pothead that has 17,900 followers on Instagram. To put that into context, that’s over 9.5k more than Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, and only 4.5k behind… 670 palabras más


Let’s explore Ajijic, Part 3

Ajijic is a small village, but there is a lot of activity there.

Besides all of the shops, restaurants and small businesses, there is even a small independent living facility just across from the lake. 410 palabras más

. Mexico

We explored El Taji­n the day after the U.S. inaugurated a showman as President. He was an improbable candidate who rode into office demeaning Mexicans, promising to build a wall along the border, and break up NAFTA. 1.045 palabras más

Daily Post

Indigenous México: Náhuatl and Aztec

THE AZTECS ARE ALIVE AND WELL: The Náhuatl Language in México
By John P. Schmal

“On August 13, 1521, Tenochtitlán – the capital of the extensive Aztec Empire – fell to a large force of Spanish and indigenous soldiers. 2.402 palabras más