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Got Milk?

I’m a big fan of milk. In fact, it might be my favorite drink in the entire galaxy. And that would be appropriate, because the word galaxy is derived from the Greek word  382 palabras más


X is for Xoconostle: a-z challenge

There a great number of languages in Mexico, and while Spanish is Mexico’s most widely spoken language, the government also recognizes 68 Mexican indigenous languages…

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A To Z Challenge

A Return

Well, for those of you who once regularly viewed this blog, you probably noticed something. It hasn’t been updated in a while. Hence, the title of this post: “A Return.” It’s a return to blogging, a return to sharing a glimpse of our lives with you. 654 palabras más

Nahuatl: Compounds

Compounds in Nahuatl are similar to those in English in that they are right-headed, which is to say that the category is determined by the right-most root. 211 palabras más

In My Dreams

I know whether you have been absent:
I lie down with you, I rise up with you,
In my dreams you are with me.
If my eardrops tremble in my ears, 21 palabras más


Mexico in Nahuatl

This map combines a few features:
1. It is labelled in Nāhuatlahtōlli (Nahuatl), an indigenous language spoken by about 1.5 million Nāhuatlācah (Nahua people) in Mesoamerica. 141 palabras más

Indigenous Languages


MEXICO’S PRE-COLUMBIAN HERITAGE    By James J. Horn,  Ph.D    Copyright 2003, updated Nov. 2014

 Visitors to Mexico cannot help but be impressed by the ubiquitous legacy of  the native cultures… 6.639 palabras más