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Fighting Off Extinction: The Story of Indigenous Mexican Languages -

Mexico has 60 indigenous languages in danger of disappearing with 21 of those idioms in critical danger due to dwindling numbers of native speakers and other factors but reports of the imminent demise of the Ayapaneco language, which is on the critical list, are premature. 115 palabras más

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I Lie Down With You

I know not whether you have been absent:
I lie down with you, I rise up with you,
In my dreams you are with me. 39 palabras más


Mentor - Miahuatl Kuauhtzin

I would like to introduce Miahuatl Kuauhtzin as a 2015 Pipeline Program mentor!

 I am a Mexica-Azteca born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, with my two younger siblings. 201 palabras más


Lila Downs - Icnocuicatl

queman nehuatl nionmiquis
amo queman ximocuesco

ocsepa nican nionhualas
cualtzin huitzitzilin

queman ticonitas tonatiu
ica moyolo xionpaqui

Ompa niyetos ihuan totahtzin… 97 palabras más


Got Milk?

I’m a big fan of milk. In fact, it might be my favorite drink in the entire galaxy. And that would be appropriate, because the word galaxy is derived from the Greek word  382 palabras más


X is for Xoconostle: a-z challenge

There a great number of languages in Mexico, and while Spanish is Mexico’s most widely spoken language, the government also recognizes 68 Mexican indigenous languages…

315 palabras más

A Return

Well, for those of you who once regularly viewed this blog, you probably noticed something. It hasn’t been updated in a while. Hence, the title of this post: “A Return.” It’s a return to blogging, a return to sharing a glimpse of our lives with you. 654 palabras más