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Pronunciation Guide

This is more or less how you would pronounce some of the words you’ll read from Nahuatl:

Mexica: Meh-shee-kah

Moctezuma: Moc-teh-zoo-mah

Ilhuicamina: Eel-wee-kah-mee-nah

Axayactl: Ahh-sha-yahk-tl… 92 palabras más

Suicide Squad's Pre Colombian Ministry

It has been a rough couple of weeks, months, years… today I went to see Suicide Squad. Now, I had no intention of ever seeing the film, but something was pulling at me to spend my $12 on this “film” instead of Anthropoid. 1.053 palabras más

XOCOLATL ... why?

Why did I picked this name?

XOCOLATL pronounced: english /chocolatel/ in norwegian: /sjokolatel/

There are few theories of how this word came to be and what it originally meant. 297 palabras más



As we say in Spanish, I recently ‘completed’ my 22 year of life and began my 23rd. As we say in Nahuatl, I started ‘carrying’ the 23rd ‘leaf’ of my life. 1.571 palabras más

YAGM Year In México

"¿¿Ya me estás corriendo??"

22 days. How and when did 10 months become 22 days? I have avoided (to the best of my ability) counting down the days to my departure because countdowns instill nothing but restlessness and anxiety within me. 726 palabras más

YAGM Year In México

Tagalog synonyms

The Tagalog language has a vast number of synonyms.

Synonyms can be created in a number of ways. One interesting way synonyms are made is by introduction of vocabulary from other languages. 510 palabras más


Xik patanaltik mo tanemililis

Happy Sunday to all of you!

I have to be honest and say I have started and erased so many posts that try to reflect on our time at the border. 719 palabras más

YAGM Year In México