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How similar is Nahuatl to Hopi?

[ Magnus Pharao Hansen ]

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* This column originally appeared on the blog of Dr. Magnus Pharao Hansen. It is reprinted here with permission. 1.381 palabras más


Etymology Corner- Tomato

You say etymology cornér, I say etymology corner! I wanna talk about tomatoes! And just to warn y’all I’m gonna get a little ranty and stray away from etymology because the Colombian exchange is FASCINATING. 506 palabras más


Los Documentos Náhuatl en Guatemala

Sergio Romero, especialista en antropología lingüista, presentó en una conferencia un análisis de los documentos escritos en náhuatl durante la colonia en Guatemala. Los nahuas forman parte de la historia de Guatemala. 681 palabras más

¡Mira, Look!: The Princess and the Warrior

¡Buenos días!

November is Native American Heritage Month.  Typically, this means that the internet is flooded with underwhelming and endless lists of books highlighting “Indians and Pilgrims” – using this as the only opportunity throughout the year to discuss indigenous peoples of the US, and typically through a distorted lens. 1.093 palabras más

Mira Look

Yes, there IS a language called "Mexican."

[ Kurly Tlapoyawa ]

Did you know that Mexico is home to 62 Indigenous languages? This makes Mexico one of the most linguistically diverse countries on the planet! 195 palabras más

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Do Chicanos in New Mexico speak an "ancient" and "pure" form of Spanish?

[ Kurly Tlapoyawa ]

The short answer? No. Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.

In fact, the truth is FAR more fascinating!

Perhaps the most pervasive myth among New Mexican Spanish speakers is the notion that New Mexican Spanish is an “archaic” and “pure” form of Spanish. 989 palabras más

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Nahuatl, Nauatl, or Nawatl? How DO You spell it?

[ Kurly Tlapoyawa ]

A while back I came across a blog post written by my friend and colleague Dr. Magnus Pharao Hansen concerning the Nawatl language and how it should be written. 559 palabras más

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