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Free Yoga Gear? Sign me up

I have three posts in the making! Two about winter hikes in the White Mountains, one about the Middlesex Fells. Until those are ready for sharing, I thought I’d pass along this link from Yes I Yoga, who is giving away free yoga gear! 14 palabras más

And, I'm Thankful

Today, I am grateful for the setting sun. And that I have the opportunity to witness it’s beauty every single day.

(Taken 2/7/16, “namaste”)


Class twenty six - not flexible enough for yoga

“I’d love to do a yoga class, but I am not flexible enough.” I have heard this said so many times it’s ridiculous, and it really is ridiculous. 333 palabras más


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Most people are not too pleased when they realize they have only a few hours left to their weekend. They dread going back to the Monday grind, staring at a computer for hours, and realizing they have very little time for themselves. 174 palabras más


Mantra Monday: 3 Things to flutter by this week

“…It’s better to live a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.” Alan Watts…

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Why you should try yoga...

Everyone thinks you need to be a little bit of rubber to do yoga, but talking from experience you really don’t!

Anyone can start yoga, and start reaping the benefits straight away! 203 palabras más

Grandfather Mountain


Queen’s Lace


The mountains are calling and I must go…