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Jesus Loves Me In My Yoga Pants

Yoga is everywhere. I cannot turn on the television or go to a movie without seeing something about yoga. It is popular in this day and time because people desperately need some peace. 1.018 palabras más


Jam Out With Me // Own Your Space

A New Jam For You & Your Yoga Practice 

I try to make new playlists each week for my yogis, but when one really speaks to me I want to share it!

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Avidya: Lack of Awareness


Lack of Awareness

In darkness unawakened, they make foolishness cover

Their wisdom and overflow. One remembrance of illumination

Can break through and leap out of the dust. 1.883 palabras más


What does it mean, the God inside?

God is inside each of us.
We are born with the Creator inside.

Do you know this?

I did not make this up.
This goes back to the days of Old. 224 palabras más



A full moon, who’s light illuminated every clouds’ outline as it sat shyly behind, seemed to wait for the right time to make its grand appearance. 1.282 palabras más


Empowered x SOVI FIT

To Feel Empowered Is Its Own Superpower

Let’s talk about empowerment shall we?

Since the launch of my site, I have been falling in love with collaborations!

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