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21: Nude

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here, I admit it.

While I have come to Italy in order to experience pleasure, during the first few weeks I was here, I felt a bit of panic as to how one should do that.  

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Dream Journal Entry One: Are my dreams my reality?

Dreams they are such a funny concept don’t you think?

Especially when you have dreams that are deja vu or premonitions.

This is a regular occurrence with me sometimes I feel like my dreams are my reality. 959 palabras más


Double boat pose

This pose is a wonderful way to connect to your partner. Boat pose strengthens our core muscles, gives us balance and stretches our legs. As with any balance pose, focus, breathe and move slowly, one step at a time. 254 palabras más


20: Apology

. . . she wrote her curses against him in Italian, and Italian is her second language, a language she has to think about for a moment before she can choose her words.

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The Entire Universe Lives Inside Of You

Now that all the smoked cleared, I can take a deep breath and smile. The Universe gave me so many beautiful moments and gifts to congratulate me on my progress. 894 palabras más


Saturday Vibes

Happy Saturday beautiful people! Ahhh, the best day of the week (in my opinion). Have you got any fun plans for the day? My fiancé and I are going to purchase a washer and a dryer, and I’m so excited. 121 palabras más

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