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Post #2: Progress

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

It’s been 15 days into the 21-day Oprah & Deepak Meditation Challenge. As I near on the home stretch of this challenge, I will reflect on the progress I’ve observed so far as well as my experience with the technology itself. 444 palabras más


Gentle Yoga with Star

Head on over to my FB page Southern Star Wellness for information on my  yoga classes.





Mindful Mondays


No I know Monday is that awful word that strikes fear into the most bravest men. But it exists and will continue to exist so I recommend ya get rid of your aversion to it. 423 palabras más


Lila Summer Series (aka: free outdoor yoga!)

For July & August, Lululemon is offering FREE OUTDOOR YOGA classes at the Westminster Pier!  The pier is absolutely stunning, a perfect place to get your zen on. 117 palabras más


Were they taken too soon?

Often times when people die, especially when it’s tragic, I hear “They were taken to soon” or “Why would God let this happen”. This is nothing more than an opinion, or a way of thinking. 654 palabras más