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TBT Bicycle Bones

I hardly ever do Throwback Thursday because I usually forget until Thursday is gone. I hate it when that happens :-)

So today I decided to participate (because I remembered). 153 palabras más


Meditation to Cultivate Patience

We live in a world of convenience. With things like instant downloads and same-day delivery at our fingertips, we are used to things happening quickly and easily. 24 palabras más


The Lonely Years

When kids are little, we love (over)sharing stories and pictures of our pride and joy. It’s easy to share the cute and good stuff.

Have you noticed when kids start to grow up, we share less and less? 189 palabras más

Shifting Focus to Clarify Your Day Can Make All the Difference...

This morning was one of those mornings where no amount of coffee was going to jump start my day. Late to bed, early to rise is never a good combination, but throw in cranky kids and it is guaranteed recipe for a disastrous day. 547 palabras más


A Fortunate Story About the Suspended Receipt

So you may have read about the campaign I started at the Fortunate Cup Coffee Cafe in Saratoga Springs, called the Fortunate Receipt.

Recently, a wife asked her husband to come in and purchase her a large coffee. 120 palabras más

Ruby Slippers

Did you ever have a pair of ruby slippers?  Like the famed Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I always wanted a pair like hers.  Never got them, so maybe that’s why I love red shoes.  105 palabras más


Stranger Things Have Happened - The Art of Not Arguing

Stranger Things Have Happened – The Art of Not Arguing      by: Gary Hays

We have all been subjected to hot headed people. Those whom will instigate for the thrill of an ensuing spat. 386 palabras más