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Flexibility: Inside and Out

As I may have mentioned a few times before, yoga is becoming a much bigger part of my life.I mean I’ve always loved it…and yoga pants, but only recently have I been able to silence my mind in such a way that my soul and my heart are reaping the benefits as well. 246 palabras más



Gaisma manī sveicina gaismu tevī. Jo viss ir viens. Jebkura īsta satikšanās notiek no šīs  dziļās vietas mūsos. Namaste mudra – lūgšanas žests – ir pirmais, ar ko iesākam jogas vai meditācijas praksi vai mūsu sievišķo rituālu vakarus. 114 palabras más


#GDDT #getdowndogthursday @ Big Power Yoga

I’ve had the honor & privilege to be the Resident DJ for #GDDT ever since its launch 5 years ago.  Join us every 3rd Thursday of the month as rock out and bring a different twist in yoga at the Big Power Yoga studios! 94 palabras más


thought-ing for the day

if the idea is to live

in the present,


Grand Master Oogway;

where are all

our fucken heads at,


And could this

actually mean, 22 palabras más


Wine Tasting April 16th

Amalie Roberts Winery– Is so worth the extra work! To get in and taste their wines you their have to hit them on one of the few weekends they are open or make an appointment to go see them. 639 palabras más


Set no path. 

Never lose your way.

Just finished a much needed yoga session. I’ve been so close to the edge lately. I keep reminding myself to take a step back and breathe. 385 palabras más



I apologize to my viewers because I’ve been so busy with studying for AP exams, I have not been able to make time to interview a successful adult in the workplace.   341 palabras más