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Q+A with Leslie Cikra, Professional Volleyball Player + Eternal Optimist

The best word that I can think of to describe this week’s featured muse, Leslie Cikra, is “presence.” And only a fraction of the truth behind that description can be attributed to her height, which is saying something considering that Leslie is a graceful, composed, and powerful six foot, four inches tall. 1.374 palabras más


Finding Home in your Own Skin;

Not only are the physical changes of daily yoga practice incredible, but mentally, I found a confidence that was hidden so deep within me waiting to surface. 360 palabras más


Life is hard, suck it up!

Once in a while, life is hard. Just suck it up! No matter what happens be kind to everything that lives. I keep saying to myself, just focus on the good things and blessings. 456 palabras más


Work on You with Love...

Work on You with Love. When working towards better health, a better state of mind, a better state of spiritual calm, it’s not about becoming perfect. 84 palabras más

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"Sadhana Marga" by Halle Yoga


I have been VERY fortunate in my young life to know some extraordinary individuals. One in particular never fails to amaze me. Her spirit is one of the greatest I have encountered. 233 palabras más

The Happy Depressive

06/28/15 Haiku

Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

What is life, if not living?

Love. Live. Namaste.

Coincidences and Synchronicity - Leopard Spirit Massage Therapist

Its all the time. Coincidence.  Synchronicity.  And it becomes nearly expected.  Life, through those harmonious connections, seems normal, right-on and routine.  I didn’t say anything too him about this.   731 palabras más