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What I learned about Yoga my first day of practice.

Yoga is more than just basic stretches and poses you see on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter today. Yoga is more than a 5,000 year old knowledge originated in India. 147 palabras más


Refracting procrastination

My early morning this morning felt even earlier after wining and dining with my family last night. WOOF. It was hard to get out of my bed. 419 palabras más


I came to New York because of Broadway. I’ve learned from New York that the way is broad. #optionup



It doesn’t feel like I am on holidays yet. I’ve been so busy this term with teaching, I haven’t had time to stop. It is 1am in the morning and my brain and body are still going. 178 palabras más


What REALLY Matters?

Life. It is complicated, topsy turvey, and completely wild. Don’t you agree?

To pretend that life is some structured route or known journey would make you complete unrealistic in your view of reality. 1.556 palabras más


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Brothers, Sisters, unseen Powers and Presences: Namaste.

On this fall equinox, 2016, after 477 posts, the last 365 of which were written on consecutive days, … 8 palabras más

From The Counsellor

Maybe You Should Meditate, Huh?

Hummmmm hmmmmmmm leave me the fuck alone hummmm hmmmmm I wanna punch everyone in the face hummm hmmmmm no one talk to me hummmm hmmmm I am starting to feel more relaxed hummm hmmm people aren’t really that bad hummm hmmm just kidding, what Beatrice did at work today really pissed me off hummmm hmmm but I am going to it slide since she is pushing 75 hummm hmmm I am starting to feel so much better hummm hmmm all my anger and anxiety seems to be dissipating hummmm hmmmm this feels great! 516 palabras más