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Yoga: Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak into one of the yoga routines I love to do – there’s nothing better than the feeling of being relaxed and flexible and taking some time out to focus on your mind and body is really important in the midst of a hectic week… 8 palabras más

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Giving Thanks

Giving thanks is a full time gig now. People around this beautiful blue orb that we inhabit are getting it … that we’re all in this together and we will not be undone by anyone or anything who spreads fear. 113 palabras más


Calvi, Corsica

Greetings dear readers, this post will be very short. My health has dipped quite a bit of late, and things are more difficult than usual. If I am late to respond to any likes, or comments, I apologise in advance. 99 palabras más


5 Days of Thankfulness: Day 2

4. I am thankful for yoga 

I wish I had pictures, but I haven’t really done anything photo worthy…and I can’t balance my phone to save my life so…I’ll get there. 279 palabras más


So all these years you never did yoga but just walked around carrying the mat?

Sorry two posts in one day – don’t unfollow! Promise I won’t be junk mail! Just couldn’t resist this hilarious one from The New Yorker. Bahaha yoga. 7 palabras más

My First Yoga Class, Say 'Namaste' to My Mind and Body

On a busy Thursday afternoon, I found myself perusing lines of cafes and shops alongside 14th street in DC, meticulously looking for a yoga studio called ‘Yoga District’. 459 palabras más