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Why College Yoga Is More Refreshing Than A Cool Spring Breeze

Are you overwhelmed by school or work? Does your stress negatively affect you and those around you? Do you spend your free time staring at your phone instead of truly relaxing? 918 palabras más


Just don't, please

On a serious topic here, and this is not easy for me to address, but here I go.

I have a serious issue with dudes that practice yoga in what appears to be their boxer briefs. 188 palabras más

Vrikshasana (VRIK-shAHs-anna)

Tree Pose… 

the only thing I remember about last nights practice…

I did it… I held it… It was a good BALANCE night for me #happy… 35 palabras más


Healing Stones- Do they work or are they just a fashion trend?

A few days ago, I visited a lovely store called Namaste bookshop. The store sells books of philosophy and beautiful crystals that are believed to heal. 242 palabras más

Gluten Free Pancakes

My family loves breakfast for any meal of Tuesday and pancakes are a favorite. This is the recipe I used:

The only place I deviated from the recipe was I used Stevia in place of the sugar. 123 palabras más


I took my first yoga class! I have done yoga at home many times, but to take a class was a different and awesome experience! 144 palabras más

Soul Searching


I have been doing a #notetoself every Wednesday and I have been using the hashtag #writeitdownwednesday on Instagram.

I also stick them into my Yoga Journal. 249 palabras más