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Things I Loved: September 2017

I cannot believe that we are almost done with October and I am just now writing this post . . . Shameful. September was a pretty good — albeit very busy — month. 865 palabras más

QATAR SOLO! Where Conflict is King - Week 6

With deepest respects to Bill Waterson, but when that title image is literally the FIRST thing to come up when I Google ‘Conflict’ I can’t pass it up. 2.708 palabras más



While convalescing from minor surgery I had a day-long Netflix session (without the chill) watching the first series of ‘Narcos’. Based on true events, it chronicles – with a fair amount of dramatic licence – the story of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and the continuous attempts of the Drug Enforcement Agency to bring him to justice. 317 palabras más


There's more to Colombia than Narcos


COLOMBIA (THE NEW PAPER) – “What do people in Colombia think of Narcos?”

It was an inevitable question, even more so from a group such as ours – international media who had flown into the country’s capital, Bogota, for a Narcos press trip in August, courtesy of Netflix. 522 palabras más

Current Affairs


Comrade Detective (seria 1)

Serial Amazon parodiujący produkcje propagandowe z bloku wschodniego o milicjantach i amerykańskie kino akcji z lat 80. Więc komunizm to samo dobro, a wszystko co związane jest z USA to jedno wielkie zło. 786 palabras más

Sobre las fotografías de Carlos Muñoz Portal, Narcos y la justicia poética

Por Eduardo Paredes Ocampo

Recientemente uno de los scouts quien trabajaba buscando locaciones en México para filmar la cuarta temporada de la serie Narcos fue encontrado sin vida en un paraje rural del Estado de México. 572 palabras más

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NARCOS vs. Apple: Two Addictive Products and Supply Chain Similarities (Legal or Not)

It has been said that smartphone devices are designed to provide a level of gratification on par with drug use or gambling, which piqued my interest.  1.208 palabras más