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So in my free time recently other than playing/caring/walking/feeding @hamthefrenchbulldog (p.s dog mum’s life is not easy), I’ve been watching Narcos on Netflix – and have been so hooked on it! 126 palabras más

A slice of life , that is, fear, loathing, magick, and paranoia in the Deep State

My long-time friend – let’s call him Erewhon, or “E.” for short, to be a little cutesy – died a few years back.

E. was a remarkable person.  946 palabras más

Deep State

Narcos Video Game Heading To Nintendo Switch In Spring 2019

Curve Digital has announced today that television show Narcos is getting a video game based around the series. The game will come to the Nintendo Switch and other platforms in spring 2019 so it’s a way off yet. 355 palabras más


Migos: Narcos (Live) - SNL

Musical guest Migos performs “Narcos” on Saturday Night Live.

This video is from Saturday Night Live.
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The times they are a'changing

IN THE NEARLY two decades I’ve lived in my mountaintop town, I’ve seen mayors come and go. No matter their political party there didn’t seem to be a dime’s worth of difference between any of them as far as municipal changes were concerned. 285 palabras más


Behind The Blockbuster: The People Who Lived Through The 'Narcos' Period

When Silvana was 15 years old, a group of Colombian Paramilitary soldiers (Private-militaries protecting the interests of companies and wealthy families, often supported by the Colombian government) burst into her home to kidnap her father. 978 palabras más