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Jose Padilha In Negotiations To Direct 'Entebbe' For Working Title, Studiocanal - Berlin

EXCLUSIVE: Jose Padilha is in negotiations to direct Entebbe for Brit production powerhouse Working Title and Euro major StudioCanal. In what is a near-perfect union marriage of filmmaker and subject, this is shaping up to be a major package likely to attract plenty of interest in the marketplace, especially as it starts casting up in the months ahead. 338 palabras más

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The problem is what's behind the symptom

I watched the first season of Narcos on Netflix, which is about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and his empire. In a scene where then Colombian President Gaviria and his associates were discussing the extradition issue with the American Ambassador and her people, the American position was that the drug problem was the fault of the traffickers from Colombia, and the Colombian position was that the problem was the consumption of drugs by Americans. 91 palabras más


REVIEW: Narcos

(Photo: Netflix)

Three things the world isn’t short of are TV crime dramas, Netflix original series’, and Pablo Escobar biopics. So of course, Netflix’s latest original series is a 10-part crime drama, based on the life of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. 508 palabras más


Narcos - First Impression

After hearing only good things about Netflix’s Narcos and after a 9.0 score on IMDb as well as two Golden Globes nominations, I decided to give the first episode a chance. 179 palabras más


Narcos: Season 1 (2015)


What I liked:

  • The cast. Seriously, they all brought something to the table.
  • How all the Colombians spoke Spanish, not English. Made it real authentic, and I loved that.
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