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Jimmy Mac Cracks

Club Run, Saturday 15th April, 2017

My Ride (according to Strava)

Total Distance:                                 114 km / 71 miles with 1,106 metres of climbing

Ride Time:   1.726 palabras más


I will be your champion: A short rumination about love and honour inspired by a scene from Game of Thrones

Oh lord, I am doing a Game of Thrones related blog post. I didn’t see this coming at all! But given my media background, love of writing, and constant commentary of film and TV plus being a millennial who needs to have an opinion of everything on the blogosphere (ha)— here I am. 1.258 palabras más


Acting In Cartagena

Yep, you read it right. I spent two days acting within the beautiful Old Wall of Cartagena de Indias. And not just for any old documentary, but for the Netflix hit series itself -Narcos. 532 palabras más


Subtitled Series Not Lost in Translation on U.S. Outlets

Back in 2010, when what was then known as the Sundance Channel acquired the French-German mini-series “Carlos,” no one realized the impact a 5½-hour, multilingual program about the notorious 1970s terrorist Carlos the Jackal would have on programming executives. 1.160 palabras más


Film Companies Fight to Get a Piece of TV Drama Action

Movie world folks are increasingly migrating into high-end television drama, and many of the new series on offer at MipTV are the progeny of this cross-pollination. 713 palabras más


5 shows to watch this weekend

Hello people! Today I want to recommend you some shows I personally love that you can watch during the weekend. If you don’t have any sprecial plan on how to spend your weekend, binge watching a show is always a good idea, right? 396 palabras más