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At least two dead in Mexican anti-cartel offensive linked to local police forces

The Mexican government has so far identified 36 of 42 presumed drug cartel affiliates killed in a security operation at a ranch near Tanhuato, in the western state of Michoacan, last Friday. 276 palabras más


Steven Williams Joins 'The Leftovers'; Gabriela De La Garza In 'Narcos'

Steven Williams (The X-Files) has joined the upcoming second season of HBO drama series The Leftovers in a recurring role opposite Justin Theroux. Created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, … 243 palabras más

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Living in Narcolandia

A couple of weeks back we had a little war here in Jalisco. A drug cartel, known as the New Generation (Nueva Generación) hurled Molotov cocktails at a number of banks and incinerated some vehicles at local gas stations. 464 palabras más


Juan Pablo Raba se une a 'Shot Caller'

Rose McGowan, 2 Others Cast In ‘Lower Bay'; Juan Pablo Raba Joins ‘Shot Caller’

30 de Abril 2015

Juan Pablo Raba has joined the cast of… 73 palabras más

Juan Pablo Raba

Vinculan hermano de Joan Sebastian con narcos

Federico Figueroa, hermano del cantante mexicano Joan Sebastian, fue vinculado con un grupo criminal de Guerrero luego de que apareciera su nombre en una serie de narco mantas en una carretera mexicana. 456 palabras más

Juan Pablo Raba junto al director José Padilha y actor Wagner Moura

ADR time with the boys. #JosèPadilha #WagnerMoura (6 de Abril 2015)


Fuente: Juan Pablo Raba (Instagram)

Juan Pablo Raba

Netflix Steps Up Production on Spanish-Language Original Series

Netflix is in production on two Spanish-language skeins in a bid to boost membership in Latin America: “Narcos,” a Colombia-set drug crime thriller co-helmed by Brazilian director Jose Padilha, and soccer-set satire “Club de Cuervos,” from the producers of Mexican blockbuster “Nosotros los Nobles.” 355 palabras más