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market wrap 06.03.20

The Dow closed at 26,269.89 – up 527.24

The S&P 500 closed at 3,122.87 – up 42.05

The Nasdaq closed at 9,682.91 – up 74.54… 31 palabras más


market wrap 06.01.20

The Dow closed at 25,475.02 – up 91.91

The S&P 500 closed at 3,055.73 – up 11,42

The Nasdaq closed at 9,552.05 – up 62.18… 23 palabras más


Have You Lost Your Mojo

Which side of the speculating-fence are you on?  Are you euphoric with gains from this rally off the low?  Thank you dumb money.

Or are you annoyed sitting in cash, position-less, and asking the market why is it not listening to you about this being a bear-market rally?  1.088 palabras más


How Stocks Work

How much do you know about stocks? Here’s a great infographic on how stocks work.

Markets & The Economy

Shanghai's Exchange Revamps Its Stock Index for the First Time in 30 Years

Shanghai’s Stock Exchange – exterior

This revamp’s goal is to create a benchmark that reflects better the new Chinese economy. First launched in 1991 the Shanghai stock exchange had been under criticism for several years. 438 palabras más


Renewable Energy

It is no hidden secret, we need to shift to renewable energy. Everyone seems to think that its just as easy as that, just make the switch. 787 palabras más