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After an exhaustive search on behalf of long time friends and clients, we finally found ‘the one’, a 42′ Sabre in superb condition. After a successful survey we eventually closed the deal and it was time to deliver the boat from Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod to her new home on the Chesapeake Bay. 476 palabras más


Poem: Cloudcover

What if we couldn’t see the sky?

Ever, through the constant sheet

white water vapor, the sky is nothing

but blankness pervading, we couldn’t navigate… 184 palabras más


Driving Girl

I sent this picture to my mom and I realized later that my dress…

…matches my comforter! This shows how coordinated I am with myself. My future may lie in a cross between interior decorating and fashion, except a person has an outfit for every item in his/her house. 153 palabras más

Blueprint of All About Bartending

Global, Search and Breadcrumb navigation will be included in the site. The reason behind using the breadcrumbs navigation is to have a way for users to move backwards through the site as it is hierarchical in nature. 109 palabras más

Applying the Equation of Time when calculating longitude at the Sun's Meridian Passage.

Author’s Note:  The original issue of this post was found to contain errors which have now been corrected.  Many thanks to Jeremy Parker for bringing the errors to my attention. 852 palabras más
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