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Week 5: User Persona

Artefact Personas

Artefact personas are a useful way of thinking about the visual design of the product and what this communicates. It takes the subjectivity away from client meetings by providing context. 374 palabras más


Branding Through Environmental Graphics

Our environment is an important factor in shaping perception. When considering this in the context of a brand it is key to create a unified concept that creates interest and interaction on a multitude of platforms digital and physical. 115 palabras más


Instructional Graphics: Focusing on What's Important

Instruction manuals are commonplace in everyone’s daily life. Unfortunately, not all instruction manuals are created equal and some cause difficulty and confusion. Graphics are an important supplement to any set of instructions, but what are the key components that add strength to a set of instructions? 139 palabras más


Difficulties Deciphering: Where do I Find This?

There are websites and advertisements all around us that give us information. Advertisements and websites can be designed in such a way that makes information difficult to locate. 261 palabras más