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The box held little more than a nickel sized, golden compass rose.

Even in its simplicity, I gasped at its extraordinary beauty and at the meaning it held in its hands… 35 palabras más

SharePoint Sites and SharePoint Site Collections

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is SharePoint Sites and SharePoint Site Collections. This section covers Site collections: The basics, Creating a new site collection, Creating a new team site, Branding your site, Changing the look of your site, Editing site navigation, Saving a team site as a template, Searching in SharePoint, Improving search with query rules and Using project sites to manage work.


Crescendo (I) - Navex around a HOT climate

Training in Thailand has completely redefined the word hot. If you think Singapore’s climate is scotching when the sun is high up, then Thailand is a hundred time worse. 1.061 palabras más

National Service

Car Makers Team With General Atlantic to Bid for Nokia Maps Unit

German premium car makers Mercedes, Audi and BMW have teamed up with private equity firm General Atlantic to increase their firepower to acquire Nokia’s mapping unit Here, according to two people familiar with the matter. 612 palabras más


Line Following & Cooperating Robots (part 1)

Following on from the series of articles about EV3 to EV3 communications I wanted to build some actual robots and have them cooperate, but I wanted to keep things simple and avoid the complexities of navigation and dealing with the environment as much as possible. 1.204 palabras más


Vrouw & Fiets - Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw

Mijn boek beoordeling van “Vrouw & Fiets – Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw” geschreven door Marijn de Vries & Nynke de Jong.

Titel: Vrouw & Fiets – Handboek voor de fietsende vrouw… 1.048 palabras más


Sea Legs

I’ve always felt connected

to Polyamorousity.

Consider my last voyage:

“The Soulmates Survival”—

learn to sail in typhoons

of stinging, Karmic patterns—

Nostalgic Tidal Wave. 194 palabras más