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Newsweek: "Radiation from cell phones, WiFi are hurting the birds and the bees; 5G may make it worse"; "Technology is quite literally destroying nature"

From Newsweek

May 19, 2018
By Dave Covey

Technology is quite literally destroying nature, with a new report further confirming that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers can disorientate birds and insects and destroy plant health. 344 palabras más

Week 7: User Interface Visual Design Patterns

User Interface connects the user with the site or application they’re trying to use. Good Ui should try to strive for good aesthetic and offer effortless interactivity. 388 palabras más

Lecture Notes

Geographic Information System (GIS) Checklist: Top Business considerations- 2018

The geographic information system (GIS) market was valued at USD 5.33 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 10.12 Billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 9.6% between 2017 and 2023. 822 palabras más

Finalising Designs (Navigation)

With the deadline on Monday, this week has been about correcting any mistakes, finalising designs and uploading videos, images etc. The short video has been uploaded to YouTube ( 331 palabras más


The Vine Pit

The single rocky island that parts the river running through the second level of the Tomb is covered by all manner of vines and ivy. The island, a cone with the point up, is a model of the mountain in miniature; a shaft downward into far deeper reaches of the Tomb can be found at the top, but also choked with the same vines. 294 palabras más

Tomb Of The Pale Gate

Misty Mountain Hop

Last month, I spent three days in the mountains. It was a solo trip,camping, and completing three quality mountain days. Each day would be a specific route, meticulously planned, and hopefully, safely completed. 842 palabras más


Wye we need canoe rights recognised!

This post is a follow up to a post from a few weeks ago which looked at the difficulties canoeists face in getting their rights to navigate our rivers recognised. 485 palabras más