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Starting Ups #13 - Eyes on the Road with Head-up Nav!

The subject of this Starting Ups post does not need too much explanation – but it is so simple yet innovative that it had to feature on You Have To Try! 375 palabras más

Starting Ups

Navigating with an AM MW radio receiver

Every natural disaster emergency kit is recommended by authorities to include a battery operated Amplitude Modulation Medium Wave (AM MW, also called AM Broadcast) radio receiver to receive critical information and instructions. 871 palabras más


How to Keep Your Blog Shiny and New: Making changes and updates

Do things look a little different around here?  I did some general blog maintenance and made some changes and updates.  I decided I wanted to increase efficiency, specifically:  easier navigation and quicker load times. 690 palabras más

Danica Piche

Fly the Mini-Route from KTOA to KVNY through the LAX Bravo airspace!

One of the more challenging things you can do while flying VFR is to transition a busy Bravo Airspace.  There are many frequency changes and altitude restrictions to keep a pilot on their toes.   37 palabras más


Viking Medieval Compass

For hundreds of years historians have seen the Vikings through the eyes of the medieval Irish christians priests who met these people and suffered the terror they brought to their lands. 572 palabras más

European History

Chilly Navigation Training

On Sunday we held our first TrailFest Training day on navigation for runners. It was a cold and foggy day, but we were warmed with hot drinks and chats over lunch and some of Gary’s special ‘Contour Cake’ (used to demonstrate contour lines – you had to be there!). 223 palabras más


The Hidden Truth in Moana

Moana is the newest member of the Disney princess tradition. The movie featuring her became one of the highest-grossing films of 2016, which also saw the release of… 994 palabras más