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Death by GPS


One early morning in March 2011, Albert Chretien and his wife, Rita, loaded their Chevrolet Astro van and drove away from their home in Penticton, British Columbia. 2.166 palabras más


React-Native Navigator Tutorial for Android

If you are into field of Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development, You must have heard of React-Native. Well even If you don’t, I will brief you about it. 67 palabras más


Setting an address in the maps

In an effort to make sure establish a foundation of information this post and the next few will cover the basics in regards to entertainment system operations. 146 palabras más


South Korea revives GPS backup project after blaming North for jamming


SEOUL/LONDON: South Korea has revived a project to build a backup ship navigation system that would be difficult to hack after a recent wave of GPS signal jamming attacks it blamed on North Korea disrupted fishing vessel operations, officials say. 758 palabras más

Current Affairs

The Lost Art Of Navigation And The Making Of New Selves

Giving, and following, driving directions was an art. A cartographic communication, conveyed and conducted by spoken description, verbal transcription, and subsequent decipherment. You asked for a route to a destination, and your partner in navigation issued a list of waypoints, landmarks, and driving instructions; you wrote these down (or bravely, committed them to memory); then, as you drove, you compared those descriptions with actual, physical reality, checking to see if a useful correspondence obtained; then, ideally, you glided ‘home.’ A successful navigation was occasion for celebration by both direction-giver and direction-follower; hermeneutical encounters like theirs deserved no less; before, there was the unknown space, forbidding and inscrutable; afterwards, there was a destination, magically clarified, made visible, and arrived at.   389 palabras más


Building a Navigation Bar

Bootstrap is a great framework that can be used in countless ways to give your website a clean and polished look. One of the most crucial parts of any website is its navigation. 1.247 palabras más


Navigation Devices and Apps

Here is a list of the navigation apps and devices we use, what we like best, and how our “navigation console” is set up.

We have 4 main… 1.324 palabras más

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