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You tried to put me in your cage, but I didn’t fit

Your cage is too weak, an empty pit

I’m a pretty bird…that deserves to be free… 125 palabras más

Reliable Synchronization-based Navigation of Lego Minstorms NXT Robots


In competitive Lego robotics, it is often common for participants to build and program robots to solve certain tasks.  For example, participants may be required to collect and to deposit balls from one point to another, to push buttons located around the challenge playfield, or to traverse certain routes. 1.103 palabras más

Lego Mindstorms Nxt

Changing navigation

When navigation is added into website, menu options are added there alphabetically. However, this is not suitable for any website as there always has to be certain order of buttons in navigation, for example Home, About, Gallery, Contact. 50 palabras más

Hull Ice Arena

Once more into the breach

Iron Man. Iron Man. Iron Man. All thoughts lead to Iron Man and the reason why it takes up so much time is not so much what I know about the event but more what I don’t know. 914 palabras más


Expedition Alaska Adventure Race

I’m planning to volunteer for Dave Adlard’s NEXT expedition race. Social media. Photos. Video.

June 28th – July 4th, 2015.

Over almost 7 days, teams will undertake a 340 – 600 km (200 – 350 miles) expedition over some of the most beautiful, epic and challenging terrain on Earth.

50 palabras más

Custom menu in SharePoint using Taxonomy Term Store Navigation - Programmatically C#

This is a simple example how to access to Taxonomy Term Store properties in SharePoint using c# and create a Custom Menu.

First, create the terms on your Taxonomy Manage Navigation. 233 palabras más


Update Outdoor v2.4 - Navigation

Active Route-Navigation! Finally, the tracks and routes not have dashes in the map only, now they speak and tell you when and where you must turn. 387 palabras más

Outdoor - Update