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What is not to like.  Viewranger have published the GPX files for England and Wales.

Viewranger GPX Files

I’m liking this navigation aid more and more, but still hanker after Backcountry Navigator.


What is the Editorial Section?

Sometimes it’s good to have a sense of navigation and coherence in a site that draws together so many different diverse flavours.

The Editorial section (which we’ll probably rename to something friendlier) will give a chance for that kind of post.


Point A to Point B via Point Z

Woe to the person who sits in the passenger seat, because the role of navigator will be thrust upon them whether they have the aptitude or not. 1.064 palabras más

The Star Compass 2 - (Survival Series)

Know the stars and you will always have a compass”  (The Revenant) *

Nainoa Thompson tells us how that, for centuries before European sailors reached the Pacific Ocean, the South Sea Islanders accurately found their way from island to island without the aid of magnetic compasses, sextants or any other navigational equipment. 869 palabras más

Astro Navigation

Logo sets release date for 'Strike a Pose' doc on Madonna's dancers

What are you looking at? This spring, all eyes will be on Logo’s new Madonna-themed documentary, Strike a Pose.

The network announced Thursday it will debut the nonfiction feature, which traveled the 2016 festival circuit with appearances at Berlinale and the Tribeca Film Festival, on April 6 at 9 p.m. 166 palabras más


Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a reliable and excellent app which lets you to create, convert, and edit PDF files effortlessly, comprises OCR function, and accurately extracting text from PDFs. 136 palabras más

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