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The Morning Pages and the Secret Sharer's Hat

I’ve been going over my morning pages from 2012.  The morning pages were introduced by Julie Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  Basically, you write 3 pages first thing every morning whether you feel like it or not and, after a period of time, read and annotate them with an eye toward finding  inspired or meaningful passages.  306 palabras más



I need to learn how to drive.

It’s a horrible cycle, because you can’t drive without someone else who is a qualified driver sitting in the seat beside you, but why would they let you drive, and risk their own life with your dodgey newby driving skills, when their chances of survival are greatly increased if they just drive themselves. 262 palabras más

Sales Driven Through Local Mobile Advertising – The Waze Case

It all started with paper maps.  We all know the kind.  Maybe you’re on a long road trip and you stop into a convenience for a Snapple, some Skittles, and an impossible to fold map of the roads your about to continue down. 514 palabras más

Sailing the Sakman Towards Decolonization

When people say that there is no way to turn back the clock or no way to go back in time in terms of decolonization, they are only partially right. 675 palabras más


DEV: Optimizations

Last time our team was togheter we decided we needed a permanent developer for optimization as the game was already lagging when 60 enemies were present in the game. 578 palabras más


Garmin Turn-by-Turn Instructions Gone Missing Since Last Update??

Since the last Garmin Edge 810update, did your turn by turn navigation instructions go missing?? Mine did….

It turns out Garmin set TBT to “Off” in the update and the parameter is well hidden away. 173 palabras más