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Navigate Me to the Beer

Instead of pointing North, my compass is always guiding me to beer. It definitely hit the mark when it led me to Navigation Brewing Co. in Lowell, MA. 221 palabras más

All-Digital Method for Condylar Repositioning

3D-printed models can be used for condyle repositioning to simulate reconstruction and orthognathic surgery in a simple and efficient way.  This is one of several techniques for constructing fully-scaled 3D models of the skull and the jaws from CT scans and MRI. 320 palabras más

Dental Education

New Brunswick Lighthouses and Colonial Spaces, 1784-1867

Zachary A. Tingley

Lighthouses, once a lifesaving beacon of hope for mariners facing the elements, are themselves now in need of rescue. In communities up and down the Atlantic coast, local communities have organized to preserve lighthouses that, while being in need of a great deal of repair because of federal neglect, remain iconic in tourism advertising and regional memory. 1.481 palabras más


Content Strategy & Navigation

Member Rob Minearo’s company creates, builds and manages complex employee benefits websites. In this month’s Meetup, Rob will outline the challenges they faced and how they were solved. 63 palabras más

Web Design

The bus ride

Friday, March 16th. Tallinn-Riga. We had planned to wake up at 8:30 to catch our 11:30 bus to Riga but Arthur woke up at 7 and did not want to go back to sleep. 491 palabras más

The navigation resources I used for my sailboat trip to Cuba in 2017

This is just a quick note about the charts, apps and guides I used on my Cuba trip in 2017.

I already had a subscription to the Navionics charts for this entire corner of the planet. 306 palabras más

I am an aeronautical telecommunications engineer

Meet Sepelong Motloung, an aeronautical telecommunications engineer with the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. She graduated with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and is currently living her passion. 962 palabras más