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If you had a look at the web links on the right side, you might found the link to John Hawks blog. I’m following his blog for a couple of years now and greatly enjoyed his online course ‘Human Evolution – Past and Future’ on Coursera in 2014. 31 palabras más


Dental Plaque DNA Opens New Window on Neanderthal Life-Ways

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Ancient DNA found in the dental plaque of Neanderthals – our nearest extinct relative – has provided remarkable new insights into their behaviour, diet and evolutionary history, including their use of plant-based medicine to treat pain and illness. 1.361 palabras más


Ad Hominin

In a previous piece, I commented on the press excitement around the Homo naledi remains, newly published from South Africa, suggesting that some of the more breathless statements about their significance might do well to await further evidence of date and taphonomy. 1.137 palabras más


The Neandertal Museum

Today we arrived at Cologne, our last stop in Germany. Carmel chose to do the walking tour of Cologne, while I opted for a trip to the Neandertal Museum at Mettmann in the Neandertal Valley, close to the spot where the famous fossil remains of an early homonid were found in 1860. 145 palabras más


Neanderthal remains from Troisième Caverne in Goyet, Belgium have cut marks that imply they were butchered and processed for consumption similar to remains of reindeer and horse from the same site. 86 palabras más