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Neanderthal remains from Troisième Caverne in Goyet, Belgium have cut marks that imply they were butchered and processed for consumption similar to remains of reindeer and horse from the same site. 86 palabras más


Consider Smell: Arctic Edition

Kara C. Hoover and Julia Feuer-Cotter

4 March 2016. Anthropology Colloquium in Bunnell 405 from 3-4:30
Consider Smell: Smelling Imagined Geographies through Time and Space… 233 palabras más


Neanderthal-Human Sex Happened 100,000 Years Earlier

Previously it had been thought that the modern humans and Neanderthals first admixed about 60,000 years ago, but traces of human DNA found in a Neanderthal genome suggest that modern humans started sleeping with our now-extinct relatives 100,000 years ago. 196 palabras más


Neandertal genes linked to modern diseases

Modern humans met and mated with these archaic people in Europe or Asia about 50,000 years ago, and researchers have long suspected that genes picked up in these trysts might be shaping health and well-being today.,says a study. 181 palabras más

Wander mal...

Wander mal
von Moitzfeld ins Neandertal!
Auf dem Pfad von der Verwandschaft
om Homo sapiens durch die Landschaft.

Thank Your Neandertals & Denisovans For Your Allergies

Two new papers in the American Journal of Human Genetics document how we should thank archaic humans like Neandertals and Denisovans for our allergies and boosted immune systems. 338 palabras más


The Dragon's Loyalty Award...

I have been chosen to receive the: ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’!  The address above is for the six nominees that I chose to also accept this prestigious award for ‘Loyalty’.  871 palabras más