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Wander mal...

Wander mal
von Moitzfeld ins Neandertal!
Auf dem Pfad von der Verwandschaft
om Homo sapiens durch die Landschaft.

Thank Your Neandertals & Denisovans For Your Allergies

Two new papers in the American Journal of Human Genetics document how we should thank archaic humans like Neandertals and Denisovans for our allergies and boosted immune systems. 338 palabras más


The Dragon's Loyalty Award...

I have been chosen to receive the: ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’!  The address above is for the six nominees that I chose to also accept this prestigious award for ‘Loyalty’.  871 palabras más


Flash face

OnceUpOneATime….a cat name micas rosita kiki gomes da Rocha, (…)
Litle did they know…


Today in Bacon History - August 23

20 Million Years Ago – A solo Dinohyus Hollandi, or “Big Pig,” is killed and eaten by a pack of highly-intelligent apes, apes that may have gone on to become humans a full 20 million years before our current timeline. 130 palabras más

Additional Pieces of Neandertal 1: History Aiding Science

I used to study anthropology, I spent time memorizing details of human bones, pouring over primate anatomy, and trying to understand the fragmentary hominin fossil record, Now, I study history, I focus more on the stories of those fragmentary fossil discoveries, and the ways scientists studied those fossils that led to the knowledge of human evolution today. 1.265 palabras más

History Of Science