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Rob Kee Shares...

Follow the link below to hear from our October 4 speaker, Rob Kee:

Click on the image above to register today for this free event.


Are You Having a Fulfilling Life?

Your work is going to be a large part of your life, and the only way to be happy and satisfied is to do something you are passionate. 148 palabras más

Daily Motivation

Here’s why I uploaded 100 Statuses of the “Buffering.mp4”

I was reading Forensic Psychiatry for my FSM 5th Sem Examination. And while revising the Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, I came up with a plan to experiment with it. 449 palabras más


Help My Networking in Portland: Fill out a Quick Google Form with a Contact, an Idea, or a Link!

Clicking on the pic will take you to my new job-hunting site; I’m looking in Portland, Oregon. On the site there’s a bunch of stuff about my background, and an optional form if you have a contact, and idea or a link for me about a part-time job in Portland. Thanks!


Your Brain, Public Speaking, and Success.

Glossophobia, or speech anxiety, is the fear of public speaking. Most, if not all, of us suffer from this phobia on some level in our lives. 534 palabras más


The Sunshine Blogger Award from Mandy

My blogging friend Mandy from “That We Might” has nominated me for this Sunshine Blogger Award! Now, I don’t always participate in these awards but her questions were irresistible and she’s really quite a dear who leaves very insightful and interesting comments. 797 palabras más


My third blog post

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