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Cultural Creatives (1/3): People of the Parenthesis

a breathtakingly dangerous tipping point for our civilisation and our planet. Our need to discover a way through is the most urgent, most central question of our time.

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Bahá'í Faith

"The Work"

Recovery is immanent. Rejoice!

Each has their own agenda. It matters not. For as the next few months unfold, it becomes apparent to everyone that “The Work” has precedence, The Teaching is the reward, that if they find themselves bored or discontent, it is their own responsibility to either examine their feelings and make adjustments, or move on. 24 palabras más


Al Horford scores 26 to lead Celtics over Kings 97-92

Al Horford scored 26 points and blocked six shots, Isaiah Thomas scored 14 of his 20 points in the second half and the Boston Celtics held off the Sacramento Kings 97-92 on Friday night. 413 palabras más


An American Brand of DIY Spirituality

For decades pollsters consistently reported that 40 percent of Americans were in church on any given Sunday. But a long-term count of actual attendance in real churches suggests that good Christian people weren’t telling pollsters the truth, and actual church attendance was only half of what was being reported. 668 palabras más


Once I was working on a series of #binauralbeats #meditations, and the guy vanished. We missed the deadline, never heard from him again 1/3…

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Releasing Self Judgement

We are on the path of changing our lives through our thoughts and there is something important to be aware of as we do this. 302 palabras más

I'm on Facebook!

Hi everyone, The Luminessence is now on Facebook! I would like to connect with as many of you as possible. So many of my favourite New Agers post regularly on Facebook which is why I wanted to join. 27 palabras más