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Jan. 15, 2016 Diagnosis for Karen's Spirit

Our conversation got back to Karen’s diagnosis from the Reader at Karen’s hospital. Given how much Karen’s physical state was badly damaged, especially in the last year of her life, I was expecting that she would be staying there for months until her spirit is whole again. 218 palabras más


Daily Chakra Reading (February 8th)

Today’s chakra oracle reading brings us Quest from vishuddha (throat chakra) and Destiny from sahasrara (crown chakra). There is a journey ahead of some kind that we have yet to attempt for fear of imagined dangers on the road. 88 palabras más


Jan. 14, 2016 Karen Talks More about "Hospital" for Spirits

Karen here talks about her stay here in this place which is like a “hospital” for spirits before reaching the spirit world.

When I am resting, I go to low vibrations. 491 palabras más


Gemstone Meaning & Magic: Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is revered as a stone of love, creativity, and balance.  It is sometimes called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart, and it can help one to heal their own emotional wounds and then use their subsequent emotional empowerment to help others. 159 palabras más

Jan. 12, 2016 Karen Rests in the Next Realm

I was quite distraught after Karen said goodbye. I ended up calling my sister and Mom in the middle of the night because I was feeling so bad. 266 palabras más


Jan. 11, 2016 Karen Moves On

Hi Karen, How did you spend the day?

I spent the day in the garden just watching the birds. I was there until I came to see you. 320 palabras más


1-8-16 Receive It

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. I understand that life on planet earth can be challenging. I truly understand the depth of emotions that can occur on the physical plane. 49 palabras más

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