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Failed Love

When it comes to failures of love, it’s easy to assume that it’s “the weak” who get scorched, because “the strong” know how to protect themselves. 687 palabras más



I wish my aura to be clear
let it gently simply appear
reveal the colors soft and bright
that it may shine a crystal light…
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Magickal Arts


I don’t know if people are aware of or been following the Star Knowledge crowd, but it’s filled with all the new age trappings from “moon dances”, angels, aliens, and Ley lines connecting sacred sites. 335 palabras más



bewildering is the new moon

hidden so well in the sky

a smile enters…

we dedicate tonight toward understand those things which seem beyond the grasp of human comprehension… 165 palabras más

Magickal Arts

4-16-15 Glory

Dear Ones, We are one in God’s infinite glory. The glory of the divine creator is shown to you in many ways. Do you take the time to notice them? 39 palabras más

December 2013

New Moon, New CD - WISE INNOCENCE - Kickstarter Launched today!

Happy New Moon! The LINK IS LIVE!!

My goal is to raise at least $3000 in the first weekend. I know we can do it. … 85 palabras más


Guidance for Today 4/18/15

Merry Meet All,

Okay so we are back with new cards and rune.

I am making this quick since I’m tired and ready to go to bed. 348 palabras más

New Age