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Ascension: You've made it!

Thank you, Dear ones. 👼👼👼

Thank you for calling forth your grandest vision, for doing the much needed internal work. Thank you for peeling back the layers, transmitting the pain into unconditional love & transcending the ego self. 248 palabras más

Quiet Meal

This is a follow-up to the Blue Lady and the Orange Lady (critical self, parent). Once someone asked me what it would be like if the two women talked to one another.  132 palabras más

Oil Paintings

Girl in Glass Box

Here I am surrounded by nature, but I am unable to connect with it. not with my spirit nor my physical senses. Psychic realm also feels blocked. 37 palabras más

Oil Paintings

Moon Circle

I wanted the white full moon. Then another white orb in the water with someone in the center. Is it a reflection? is the orb in the water merely a symbol of surrounding oneself with moon energy? 30 palabras más

Oil Paintings

Retreat Meditation

In February 1992, I went on a Women’s Spirituality Weekend Retreat. That Sunday morning, we had a water ceremony which included a guided meditation.  This image is from that meditation. 83 palabras más

Oil Paintings

ESPN lists FS Peyton Thompson as an 'Under-the-radar name' to watch

One of the biggest questions heading into training camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars is the health of their secondary, and one player who has taken advantage of that is backup free safety Peyton Thompson. 180 palabras más

Jaguars News

Halfway thru 2017: Predictions Correct?

The Summer Solstice (June 21st) got me thinking about the rest of the year. 2017 is half over! How are your goals coming along? I am disappointed that I didn’t make more inroads into being a metaphysical writer/personality, … 420 palabras más

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