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New Moon/Solar Eclipse 2017

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 

By Ruby

A New Moon/Solar Eclipse comes together on Sunday February 26th in Pisces and has a very important message to deliver about a new chapter that’s unfolding now in your life. 769 palabras más



Sharing your Light instills a comforting balm within the HEART of those so graced by your attention, be it by prayer or presence.


Lana Del Rey Is Back

Looks like the queen is ready to set up the rules with her new anthem Love!

After Freak another Lana great success release, we can feel that… 69 palabras más


Time to represent.

The “present moment” itself is the product of recollection.

"Let me just check that"

“Let me just check that”

Had enough of seeing misquotes or misleading claims go unchallenged? Tired of shallow or misguided slogans and memes? Or simply curious and wanting to do your own research into the origins and background to some New Age claims? 6 palabras más



May you always know and understand the sweet joys of peace and love that permeates every cell of your Being. This knowledge allows you the eventual unfolding of awareness which brings about the ability to accept the wisdom of your own unity with the Living Light.