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Am I Really a Gypsy?

A lot of people have been asking me lately whether I work or not. Whether I am in Mumbai, Delhi, Himachal or somewhere else in an unknown corner of the world. 729 palabras más


To Speak of Pain

To Speak of Pain

It has become usual for us,
that sensation when a bandaid is ripped at once,
goes on forever , leaving an imprint on our mind. 210 palabras más


Why Don't You All Go Take A Walk !!!

Walking meditation, also known as mindful walking

brings you into your body and unites you with the spirit of nature.

Keep your eyes straight ahead with out staring or strain. 89 palabras más


What is God?

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

What is God?

What is God?  Answering that question sounds like a great way to get into an argument.

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to speak at a dialogue dinner in the San Francisco Bay area.  297 palabras más


Oneness Perceived: A Window Into Enlightenment by Jeffrey Eisen (Author)

Oneness Perceived is a sutra for our culture and our time. It conveys the viewpoint of enlightenment in a clear and systematic way. In the spirit of pure inquiry, the author develops a comprehensive theory of consciousness and uses it to illuminate religion, mysticism, science, and psychology. 245 palabras más


You Are God : An In-Depth Conversation with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has been teaching people to live better lives for nearly 40 years. First coming from the perspective of a psychologist and then as a spiritual teacher, his books, recordings, and talks have influenced millions. 7.753 palabras más


Just Ask the Universe by Michael Samuels #selfhelp #newage #bookreview

Title: Just Ask the Universe

Author: Michael Samuels

Genre: Self-Improvement, New Age, Non-Fiction

Book Blurb:

Just Ask the Universe is not a book of New Age gobbledygook filled with empty promises. 569 palabras más