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Taking Old Trash And Turning It Into Gold -- "The Heavenly Deception" track

Hello, everyone! I am now in the works of producing a newer, less off-tempo, more refined version of the demo I just released! I’ve added my own symphony orchestra, aaaaaand, I WILL add an… 117 palabras más


Happy St. Patty's

Embracing the Irishness I didn’t know I had until 3 years ago when I found my birthdad. Happy St. Patty’s Day WordPress Nation. Today’s song of the day has always been a favorite of mine, even before I knew I was Irish. 58 palabras más


Walking the Land with Me Podcasts

Hi Everyone! I’m going to be posting my podcasts on a little known area of my life. Having Eastern Cherokee heritage through my father’s side of the family, I was raised in the ‘old ways’ growing up. 500 palabras más

diese unendliche Geshichte

diese unendliche Geshichte

On dragonback
the star child
arrival heralds
the dawn
of a new age—
one of peace
and of love
with tranquility… 15 palabras más


The Heavenly Deception - The Man With No Face

Question Everything…

Today, I finally release a song that I’ve kept in the closet for 2 years. It’s titled, “The Man With No Face.” To describe the meaning of the track without spoiling too much, I made this song past the time I left the overall, worldwide spirituality cult for many reasons .  131 palabras más


Amazing Grace!

You are beginning to understand

there is no judgement

except that which you create.



Rozier, Celtics hold off Magic 02-83

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Terry Rozier and Greg Monroe each scored 17 points, helping the Boston Celtics beat the Orlando Magic 92-83 on Friday night. 310 palabras más