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Ego - Your Own Worst Enemy

If I could pin point the single most important obstacle to my spiritual progress it would be my ego.  The ego is who we perceive ourselves to be and how we separate ourselves from others and God. 546 palabras más


Deviant Moon Tarot Deck

I picked up the new deck from my mailbox (Thanks Amazon Prime!) yesterday. And, when I opened it, I knew this was the right purchase! You can usually tell when you open a new deck of Tarot cards, if you “connect” with it or not. 196 palabras más


The Messy-onic Tradition, part 1: Deepak and his BS (Best-sellers)...

Author’s note: I was seriously thinking about pulling this post which is somewhat satirical about Deepak Chopra, and depositing it without ceremony into the circular ‘delete’ file, UNTIL… until I saw that Mr. 965 palabras más

Wednesday Woo #3: Astrology

For last weeks Wednesday Woo, Click here.

“The criterion of the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability, or refutability, or testability.” — Karl Popper… 1.056 palabras más


On Time, Part 3/6

You have things to do and places to go. Dwell on that. Focus on the present and all else will fall away, for they are but distractions to your purpose – detours on your journey. 34 palabras más


Bias Problems?

I got a lot of response from friends on the post I wrote about not bashing the new age movement.  And while some people felt I had made some good points, I got the idea that overall many people read and dismissed what I had to say as being either naive or simply dismissed me personally as being too ‘New Age’ to think critically about the issues in the first place.  1.061 palabras más


The Light Shines

“While there is division remaining between the self and the spacious Self, the self and the creative force, you remain in the state of maintenance rather than sustenance of Christ-consciousness. 473 palabras más