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Something BIG is happening to your ECATTS Contractor Training! The big news is being revealed in the New Year…… so keep a look out! #contractortraining #biggerandbetter #newyearsmakeover

New News!

planned poverty

pseudo platitudes

smolder flames

while ennui

cultures detract

radical love, void




not so subtle.

concrete ambiguity

serenade bigots

looming luminous

malefic cretin spew… 25 palabras más


Camera Shy....... I Don't Think So

I saw this quote the other day and it got me thinking… “A great photographer can make a great photograph whatever the camera. A bad one will still make a bad photograph on a four grand digital camera that does everything for you. 640 palabras más


Israel bars Swiss diplomats from Gaza after Hamas talks

Israel will refuse Swiss diplomats access to the Gaza Strip until further notice after recent meetings were held with Hamas leaders, an Israeli official said Wednesday. 54 palabras más


In photos: The most Instagrammed cities of 2017

With 800 million users, Instagram has become one of the most powerful and influential social media services in the world. The photo-sharing app’s annual Year in Review report captures the zeitgeist of the year, from the top Instagram hashtags and most-liked posts to most Instagrammed cities of 2017. 11 palabras más


Venezuela arrests ex-oil bosses for graft in widening purge

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan authorities on Thursday arrested two once-powerful officials who had run the oil ministry and state energy company PDVSA as part of a deepening industry purge also seen as a power play by leftist President Nicolas Maduro. 9 palabras más


U.S. Official: North Korea Will Be 'Utterly Destroyed' if it Keeps Pushing the World Toward War

Haley issued the warning at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council after the rogue nation tested a ballistic missile it claims can hit America. 8 palabras más