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Tonight, It Will Begin

I remember that afternoon in the mid-1990s, because it started out so ordinary.

We were playing a game of scrabble of all things, after a long walk on the beach, and drinking fresh, cold lemonade. 618 palabras más


Coronaaaaa arrrrgggghhh arrhh umm sigh

Speechless or voiceless

Nothing is without its influence ( Nothing was….)

It’s not so much the virus ( unflinching public compliance )

submit ( no question….) 37 palabras más


The Devil likes to brag sometimes.

The Devil has them all marching to the Rhythm.

Understand the mind of the Devil; It’s a Cold Hate! 24 palabras más

NWO: The World's Ruling Class Puppets Start Pushing “The Great Reset”

by Mac Slavo

The New World Order is on a roll. The world’s ruling classes are now publically pushing the “Great Reset” on us. The people who got extremely wealthy following by selling out humanity to the international banking cartel are here to convince you that everything needs to reset under a NWO. 630 palabras más

US News

Chaos Increasing in U.S. and Worldwide as Khazarian Mafia Desperately Struggles to Survive

Benjamin Fulford, June 29th, 2020

This week we would like to inform readers that our newsletter is under unprecedented attack and that your support is needed now more than ever.  782 palabras más

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