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Rap The News!

The ‘freestyle’ rap song below is dedicated to the “Rap The News” YouTube Channel – a channel produced by a homie bro’ who likes to tell it how it really is: Email:  353 palabras más


NASA discovers evidence of a ninth massive planet in our solar system

There have been some Christians and others predicting the end of the world through a collision between Earth and a mystery planet lurking in our solar system called Nibiru. 693 palabras más


Hurry!! Get Your Planet X Shelter Golden Tickets Today!!

Dear friends, comrades, countrymen and truthers,

Rejoice!  For today we have some good news to share with you. The reason Steve De’ak is currently not staying “on the scene like a truther machine”, is because he is busy working on building exclusive shelters for the 9/11 truther community for when… 446 palabras más

Jahilliya Times

Glimpse into an Alternate Galaxy

Sentimental wastelands abound in the South,
though the nearby planets prosper and continue to thrive.
Ratings rise or fall, according to the chance of the moment, 276 palabras más


Vs the Internet: The Nibiru Cataclysm and Colin, the Dead Butterfly

Just over two months ago (as of writing this) my second son was born. Our first son was born nearly 3 years ago and during the awkward, tiring, painful, concerning but ultimately joyful first few months of his life, my partner and I decided – after two weeks of no sleep and me sleeping on the sofa just to be able to function well enough to help around the house – that we would do shift work. 3.707 palabras más

The End of the World is Coming (Again), Oct 15th

David Meade (who also predicted that the world would end on September 23) says this date will be the start of a ‘seven year tribulation’, which will bring mankind to an end. 88 palabras más


And Now Some Sunday Revelations, As Well

Kage Baker was always particularly amused by the frequent proclamations of the world’s imminent ending.

They’re common in Southern California, where a distinct subset of the clergy is apparently only interested in the End Times, not how to get through everyday life in a righteous manner. 540 palabras más