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Celtic Giants of the British Isles

Celtic Giants

Nephilim/Giants are the monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. There are 1000’s of places named after Giants all over the Celtic world. 805 palabras más


Conspiracy, a theory, Fake News, or an alternative truth ?

What if ??…   Its a question that congers up countless theories, suggestions, lies, and of course, truths.

What if those deadly berries that we all know we shouldn’t eat were really great tasting berries that cures every disease known to man.!   1.260 palabras más

Black Hole Sun Planet X Nibiru Black spot Sun Simulator Truth Revealed

Black Hole Sun Planet X Nibiru Black spot Sun Simulator Truth Revealed by Right Side Up

If you follow the Nibiru / Planet X topic, you will at sometime come across the black dot!   125 palabras más


Recruiting Followers: Lesser Known Gods: Babylonian

The Babylonian Gods have a problem in attracting many followers. They and the Canaanite Gods are often first encountered in a negative light in the Old Testament of “The Bible.” Therefore, it is hard for the average Pagan to want to know any of these Gods since they associate Middle-Eastern Gods with Christianity. 405 palabras más


Steiger-Olson Feb 16 - What's Happening to the Sun?

“Join us as we look at recent images from webcams that are showing green lighting and stuff like that. Yep, this should be world news…but it is not.” 26 palabras más

Nibiru - Star of Heaven - 16 Februari 2017


▶ 23:42

Tahun 2016 lalu, Badan Antariksa Amerika Serikat (NASA) mendeteksi sebuah objek langit, entah komet atau asteroid, yang mengarah pada Bumi. 167 palabras más