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Nemesis: The Brown Dwarf Lurking in Our Solar System

If you have spent anytime on YouTube watching Nibiru, Planet X, or Two Sun videos then you will know that many people claim that our Sun is part of a binary system and that Nemesis is the brown dwarf companion to our Sun. 893 palabras más

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Was There an Attempt to Censor Video Footage by a Government?

Today we will take a look at a YouTube Nibiru doomsday channel and dissect one of its videos in an attempt to distinguish the truth from the lies. 1.215 palabras más

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NIBIRU Researcher WSO Steve Olson Exposed

You Tuber Steve Olson of WSO (Wormwood System Observer)and the Leak Project according to his bio is a researcher, cyber security expert, retired USAF who held a Top Security SBI/SCI Clearance.  527 palabras más

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Nibiru Researcher Changes You Tube Channel

You Tuber Matthew Rogers / Matt Rogers Channel changes his You Tube Channel following a back lash to posting inappropriate content.

Matt Rogers channel changes to Black Star Respect On 19th November 2016.   154 palabras más

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Matthew Rogers Nibiru 'Researcher' Exposed

You Tuber Matthew Rogers / Matt Rogers / Black Star Respect / Sky Watcher Nibiru, an avid Nibiru /Planet X ‘Researcher’ informed his 2337 subscribers in his video dated 17th November 2016 entitled ‘Sun Simulator Nibiru effecting suns core’ that yet again Nibiru is here, in our system and that it is reeking havoc. 563 palabras más

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Don’t Buy Green Bananas: Earth Dies This Month!

Doomsday prognosticators and other scientific freaks over the past several years have predicted it with absolute precision. This is the month when Planet Nibiru smashes into our world and destroys it! 120 palabras más


Media literacy, sounds a little confusing doesn’t it as I’m sure every person who can read and write considers themselves literate, and we all are to varying degrees. 555 palabras más