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My birth certificate says that my ethnicity is “BILALIAN;”


Since the US GOVT honored this ‘race’ & granted me a

passport in 2008-2018*, that means I should qualify for… 9 palabras más

NASA Plans To Bring Boulder Into Moon Orbit


Washington (AFP) – NASA plans to launch a craft to capture a boulder from a nearby asteroid and move it into orbit around the Earth’s moon for exploration by astronauts, the space agency said Wednesday. 241 palabras más


Huge Asteroid On Near-Collision Course With Earth


Near miss: Asterid 2014-YB35 is due to skim earth on friday

A mammoth asteroid measuring 1,000-metre wide in on course to narrowly miss Earth within days, NASA predicts. 268 palabras más



ATTN: NASA/NOAA= If You guys would only nuke the satellite Lilith, for good, Planet Earth will finally be Eden Again, in Jesus name, we pray. Thank You and AMEN. Over & Out. 10/4. Copy. Over. #


A câta oară,
tristeţea ta, mi-ai spus
s-o torc din fluier de pământ,
până-n livezile
ce-n roşu înfloresc
la căpătâiul soarelui apus?

A câta oară, 327 palabras más