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PS 11-19-15 *Music, Hoffman, Nibiru

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Today was our day off. So Sylvia and I were able to spend more Time on our “Calling All Humans” song. 879 palabras más


"Planet X System & Coming Chastisements" (Marshall Masters)

Published on Nov 1, 2015

TradCatKnight Radio: Marshall Masters, “Planet X System & Coming Chastisements”
Talk given 10/31/2015

Note: There are obvious statements that as Catholics we cannot agree with in relation to what Marshall says/endorses in certain areas. 429 palabras más

WOOF Celebrates its 3rd Birthday, and, unavoidably, Halloween, both at the Same Time!

Yes, Woofketeers….it’s once again time to celebrate WOOF’s entrance upon the cyberspacial stage, which is merely to say, in a less self-absorbed context, that it is once again Halloween. 8.247 palabras más

"The Horror...the Horror!" Forum

Zechariah Sitchin passed in 2013 and he was in his nineties. I do not wish to speak ill of the dead. I have written several times about his books and people much smarter than I have challenged Mr Sitchin while he was alive but all challenges went unchallenged.

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Planet X, Nibiru Bombshell From Mawson Station, Antarctica to New York & Second Sun viewed from ISS

Note: From my observations since 2010, Nibiru or Planet X appears to be a distraction, or time/energy harvesting psyop. So at the time, with little proof of what was really happening, I moved on to other subjects of interest. 419 palabras más

The Sun


In one of it’s usual surprises, VICE comes out with “The Man Who Builds Luxury Bomb Shelters for Paranoid One Percenters”, by Lynn Parramore, who actually visited a stylish underground living center and has photos to prove it. 204 palabras más