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PS 4-29-16 *Sylvia, ClifHigh

*First a comment:

Just before sending this, I noticed that I forgot to put the “Date” in the “Subject” line of last night’s Posting.

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Planet X – Is there Scientific Evidence?

By Christos Djonis | Ancient Origins

In 1976, in his book “The 12th Planet”, the late author Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) introduced the controversial hypothesis that modern humans did not evolve naturally, but instead they were genetically created by a race of anthropomorphic beings whose home is another planet in our solar system, one yet to be discovered. 747 palabras más


WSO Interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller - His take on Nibiru and the Importance of ATTITUDE

Note: The audio is less than desirable, you may wish to make few adjustments to the sound to soften the static in Millers voice.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn II: Who's world is that world?

Sometimes, one of the key reasons I write a short post is to unload some frustration with something. It’s cathartic and it also serves as a way to get rid of some of the hundreds of tabs I invariably have open in my browser. 3.941 palabras más