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Sanitizing Sanity, A Vain Attempt? In Vanity?

Nasal congestion,


Doctors suggestion,

Sprays and anti-acid.

Flat screens, digital LCD,

Acid tripping on LSD.

1 part X 2 parts Y 3 parts Z, 2.268 palabras más

Food for Thought


We were just intercepting and reading all of our current/past students’ emails, as we always do, (for security purposes) and we came across yours. Any message containing over 1000 characters is automatically and immediately flagged for our review. 3.658 palabras más

WIP #4

Can’t fight the feeling got jungle fever,

A pointless war, agony,

Decades past have you forgotten me?

No soldier left behind,

Company policy.

Down the poop chute, 1.507 palabras más

Special, Spatial Directions to a Piece of Peace

It comes to me as no surprise,

That of which I’ve come to find.

As I take another Abilify,

Consumed by a void, I live to die. 1.266 palabras más

A Strung Out Theory, Can Anyone Hear Me?

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear no he fucking wuznt,

Tables to turn, the round table doesn’t

Cards and hands are dealt,

Girls and tables, feelings felt. 1.948 palabras más

A Compiled Ensemble, A Rambler

Music, a beautiful outlet for creative expression and enjoyment of life, has also been the loudest mouthpiece of controlling propaganda.  It’s so annoying to be aware of this.  2.510 palabras más

Living Proof

All these ET ideologies are cool and possible but I’d prefer it if we used purely scientific approaches to prove the validity of these philosophies. There’s nothing wrong with philosophy, it’s good, it’s deeper levels of thoughts, but theories must be accurately determined via experiments and research, I mean it’s very possible that for example that much of what I’ve written is true, but it’s just beliefs. 335 palabras más