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"Just a Hill"

Some theories suggest a cataclysmic event or war plagued Mars hundreds of years ago that forced the Martian inhabitants to leave and settle on Earth. 157 palabras más


The Anunnaki are not just a myth, they were real [Video]

There is evidence which proves that theory about the Anunnaki is not just a myth. These videos shed the light on the mysterious Anunnaki.

According to numerous researchers around the globe, not only were the Anunnaki real, they helped kickstart human civilization nearly half a million years ago when they came from Nibiru in order to mine gold on Earth. 409 palabras más


Twin Comets Whizzed By Earth, Fulfilling The Last Hopi Prophecy Before The Arrival Of Nibiru

Please scroll down for video 10.8K Many people do not know about the Hopi tribe, these are ancient native American Indians who live in North East Arizona. 410 palabras más