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Sao chổi Nibiru - Planet X (Maldek Book)


Sao chổi Nibiru, nhẹ nhàng lướt qua các hành tinh trong Thái dương hệ, trong chu kỳ 3.600 năm của nó. Thời điểm khi Maldex nổ, là thời điểm đặc biệt, mà các Đấng sáng tạo đã cấp một giấy phép (như kiểu visa) đặc biệt cho Nibiru được bay theo hành trình gần các hành tinh nhất. 407 palabras más

Maldek Book

Roadburn Cinema Returns: "Road to Roadburn" Featuring NIBIRU

2017 sees the return of Roadburn Cinema!

In 2016, Roadburn Festival played host to Italian doom-psych trio, NIBIRU. As the band made preparations to head to Tilburg, they documented the journey – both literally and metaphorically – as they got themselves ready to perform in front of an eager Roadburn crowd. 465 palabras más

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It has captured the imagination of astronomers and sci-fi fans alike, and could turn out to be a real rogue world.

And now researchers believe they may have narrowed down the search for the elusive Planet Nine. 224 palabras más


Secret Nibiru Planet

Regardless of whether these timelines are accurate, the information shared here is important. Preparation is something we ought to consider. IF it comes that we do not have need, great! 10 palabras más


Brown Dwarfs & Electric Universe

Truth Nerd from Fact or Fiction Debunks Dr Claudia Albers ‘White Paper, a physicist thoughts’. This video discusses more erroneous information put forth by the physicist which is being shared to the “woo channels” on YouTube. 80 palabras más