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Two Suns Shine Over Chicago As Nibiru Approaches

 By Detective Matthew P. Kulesza – AAAprivateEYE

A strange haziness filled the cloudless sky on January 27, 2014 while I was traveling during the morning in my Jeep across the frigid snow-covered roads in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.    2.069 palabras más

The Event (Season 2) 2011

This show was/is a metaphor…..but to close to reality, so it was cancelled.

Sophia represents Isis or Auset, Neter of Rebirth or Wisdom.  Sophia taken from the word, … 9 palabras más


Will the world end next month? Conspiracy theorists claim 'Planet X' is on a collision course for Earth.

  • A video posted on YouTube claims blood moons are caused by Planet X
  • The footage allegedly shows the planet on its collision course for Earth…
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Delta IV Rocket Carrying Nibiru Monitoring Equipment Blasts Off

FLORIDA– The Nibiru cover-up is still in full swing. As reported by Florida Today, a Delta IV rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral at 12:52 am Friday morning. 533 palabras más

When Worlds Collide 1951

How long have ‘they’ known?