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Apocalypse Soon? What is Nibiru...?

By Steven Seinberg…

I learned over my morning coffee yesterday that the world will apparently be ending this coming weekend.

Then again, according to your definitions of “world” and “end,” this may or may not have already happened. 1.090 palabras más


The Coming of the Visible Third Eye

Marduk: This is wondrous, isn’t it, the way all this is going?

Helen: What do you mean?

Marduk: The way the moon is rising above the sun. 692 palabras más

Still waiting.....uniform ready!

The stars aligned in October and the world didn’t end, and unfortunately Jesus didn’t come back either!!  Nibiru is still reported to be flying close by to our planet yet still eludes us.  371 palabras más

Will the real N.I.G.G.A. please stand up?

An e-mail sent today to various so-called ‘truthers’:

Dear Francis et al,

Thank you for your question as follows:

A question:

“If the directed energy weapons are operational for 16 years, how come the US and NATO still have failed to win their war in Syria? 477 palabras más

Jahilliya Times

Seraphiel Channeling: Earth Mission

The Chief God proclaimed to all of the celestial beings that the Angels would return at this time after the passing of Venus across the sun for She must first give her permission for the entrance into Earthly consciousness and she must come before as the Alpha before the Omega. 1.227 palabras más

It's the End of the World...Again

I’ve lived multiple times now through the End of the World.

The first of these “Ha! Still here!” scenarios occurred when I was barely out of my teens.  543 palabras más

Just For Fun

Journey to Nibiru & the Eternal Return

As I have mentioned many times in my previous channelings, the Kingdom/new world/Nibiru, is merging with Earth reality. I have also explained in my work that Nibiru is not a planet that will crash into Earth in the sense that doomsday conspirators have been prophesying for the longest time (and spreading fear). 3.629 palabras más