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Terjebak Novel Nibiru

Hampir satu tahun yang lalu aku mengunjungi Gramedia di Botani Square Mall Bogor. Iseng-iseng beli buku murah karena sedang ada “cuci gudang” buku-buku lama. Aku menemukan sebuah novel fantasi karya penulis Indonesia, Tasaro GK.  513 palabras más


Predictions Come and Predictions Go

Well, things are still here.

There was some doubt as to whether or not they would be, at least in the mind of one man named David Meade.  555 palabras más

Current Trends

End of the world still coming soon.

The end of the world is still coming soon, Christian numerologists say — it was just postponed.

Saturday passed without the world coming to an end, but we’re not out of the woods yet. 264 palabras más

Strange But True

A Brief History of Failed End Time Predictions

The rapture. lmao. All of these clowns on YouTube were talking about 9/23 non-stop. They make fun of everything else but believe this crap

Do a little reading on John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren. 1.480 palabras más


The World Didn't End And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

I have written on this topic several times now, but always tend to wait until the latest Apocalypse has been “averted”—this saves me the possible humiliation of having the world… 705 palabras más


#CONFIRMAÇÃO da previsão por #BURACODEMINHOCA sobre o FIM DO MUNDO em 23 de Set,2017 

Publicado em 20 de Setembro, 2017 sobre o choque com o Planeta Nibiru em 23 de Setembro,2017, sobre abertura de portais, o fim do mundo e a volta de Jesus por ClaudiaVannini. 437 palabras más

Are we going to die today?

Nasa has given an update on hidden Planet X, AKA Nibiru and has given a stark warning about what will happen when it strikes Earth tomorrow. 333 palabras más

End Of The World