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Little Corn Island vs Big Corn Island

Touristy but still authentic Caribbean? I’m not entirely sure if that would be the best description of Las Islas del Maíz AKA Corn Islands but it certainly has something to it. 1.288 palabras más


El Pulso de la Semana. Edición No. 498, 18 de mayo de 2019

Límites al chantaje

Debe ponerse límites al chantaje de Ortega. El asesinato del preso político Eddy Montes es, en sus últimas causas, resultado del chantaje a que Ortega ha tenido sometida a Nicaragua. 407 palabras más

El Pulso De La Semana


Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 earthquake hits near the coast of Nicaragua.

5.8 earthquake hits the central east Pacific rise.

5.3 earthquake hits off the coast of Maule, Chile.


Nicaragua: Pays Salary to Fugitive Ex-Salvadoran President Funes

Former Salvadoran president Mauricio Funes is receiving a monthly salary of 90,080.46 cordobas from the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry, equivalent to US $2,739, according to the payroll report of that institution which has been leaked to  115 palabras más


Nicaragua: history's roller-coaster

The whole region of South and Central America has very vibrant history, filled with twists, horrible civil wars, coups and dictatorships as well as foreign intervention, notably by Spain, Britain and USA. 1.352 palabras más


Nicaragua: Granada vs Leon

In this piece, I’ll first explain some historical events that took places in those two cities to give you a taste of the rivalry between them. 1.074 palabras más


Summer of Glory - May Update

In last month’s e-news, we reflected on Jesus washing the feet of his disciples as a reminder of His humble servanthood and precursor to the cross. 619 palabras más