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Lionsgate Developing A 'Naruto' Live-Action Movie

A handful of popular Japanese manga/anime series have been rumored to get live-action Hollywood movie adaptations in recent years, though the majority of them have yet to gain much traction ( 472 palabras más


Enter Yestercon!

What’s up listeners,

Joshua J here once again to talk about our most recent episode with President and Founder of Yestercon, Scott Corle!  This past episode was a lot of fun, because it was all about 80’s and 90’s nostalgia.   251 palabras más


Bunk'd Episode 1 Thoughts

by AJ Adejare

(Via Shine On Media)

After Disney Channel’s Descendants, the channel premiered its newest series, Bunk’d.  A spinoff of Jesse most of the Ross kids go to a camp with the parents hope of them becoming more mature while having fun.   520 palabras más

Live Action

Edgy Indie Comics Artists Bring Zany 'Pig Goat Banana Cricket' to Life at Nickelodeon

In 2004, edgy artists Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan — known individually for their adult-themed graphic novels and underground comics with titles like “Suckle” and “Angry Youth Comix” — combined their unique talents to draw cartoons for Nickelodeon Magazine for a decidedly younger audience. 638 palabras más


Nickelodeon's "Make It Pop" Needs to Cast Booboo Stewart

Nick’s “Make It Pop” quickly became one of my favorite TV shows this year, and I can’t wait until season 2 premieres!  I remember reading online that many viewers were anxious for a handsome Asian guy to be paired up with one of the leading ladies in season 1. 124 palabras más


Industry Professionals - C.H. Greenblatt

Kendall Lyons, Cartoons Underground’s guest author, interviews C.H Greenblatt, the creator of Nickelodeon’s “Harvey Beaks”. Greenblatt speaks about the nature of his show, his inspiration, his experiences, and shares valuable advice for aspiring and seasoned artists. 680 palabras más