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The 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' Movie Taps Into Nostalgia With A New Trailer

That damn silver monkey is back causing trouble in the Hidden Temple, but this time it seems to be for real. That’s one of the many Easter Eggs and references from… 215 palabras más


Nickelodeon’s Loud House Cartoon Will Not Air in Africa

Kiddies channel, Nickelodeon has confirmed that the episodes of Loud House featuring a same sex couple will not air on its channels in sub-Saharan Africa. 94 palabras más


LGBT Cartoons Made for Children - Sign of the Times

Nickelodeon introduced their first homosexual couple for the show, ” The Loud House.” In this episode Lincoln’s friend comes over for a sleepover. Lincoln opens the door to reveal that Clyde has two dads. 35 palabras más

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SDCC: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Poster Revealed

Today, at San Diego Comic Con the first poster for Power Rangers Ninja Steel, which is set to premiere on Nickelodeon in 2017. Also confirmed for the series is that Judd Lynn will continue as the series executive producer. 142 palabras más


The Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie Trailer Needs More Olmec


If you’re gonna make us watch a minute and a half of children running around fake temples, you’ve got to give us a giant talking stone head. 108 palabras más


Nickelodeon shares trailer for Legends of the Hidden Temple movie -- watch

Nickelodeon is all about waxing nostalgic. In addition to reviving Hey Arnold!, the children’s television network is turning its ’90s adventure game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple… 154 palabras más


The Oldest Theatre in Oldest City

Moving Picture World, November 2, 1912:

“The above cut is a likeness of the first motion picture theater in the oldest town in California. The name of the house is the Don Theater in Napa Street, Sonoma, Cal.” 119 palabras más