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Venezuela: The Western Somalia

I always have difficulties understanding supposedly rich countries completely killing their own wealth. Venezuela is momentarily one of those countries. While having the largest oil reserves in the world, the Venezuelan economy lies in shambles and mass protests are now for 6 months ongoing; demanding the end of Maduro’s presidency.  943 palabras más

The Girl Who Was Saturday Night: An Archetypal Analysis

The Girl Who Was Saturday Night is a novel by Heather O’Neill set in run-down, 1990s Montréal. Nineteen year old Nouschka Tremblay and her twin brother Nicolas struggle to get through life: they dropped out of high school and spend what little money they have unwisely. 909 palabras más

Étienne Tremblay

Please Vote: "The Outlaw In My Lineage" by Nicolas Dickieson

The other day I took my family for a walk around my land. It is just a handful of acres now, a field farmed for soybean or alfalfa. 410 palabras más


What's The Point - Gettin' My 52 On in Pendleton

* This is the twenty-third in a series of walking Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods to find what makes each relevant to me. What will I learn? Where I will I go next? 1.248 palabras más

Amenaza de bomba en Mendoza durante la presentación de un libro.

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En el día de ayer (7/06/2017) la presentación de “El libro negro de la nueva izquierda” se vio interrumpida temporalmente por una amenaza de bomba que obligó el desalojo del salón en el que se desarrollaba la conferencia de dos escritores argentinos. 363 palabras más


Dire conditions drive anti-government protest in Venezuela. PBS Newshour

Venezuela is in freefall after years of recession, skyrocketing inflation and a formidable food crisis, sparking outcry and protest. It’s pushed angry Venezuelans to take to the streets on a regular basis, demanding that President Nicolas Maduro step down, and inspired a fierce government crackdown. 9 palabras más


RecoveRed - Second Track

Second Track from my RecoveRed Album. This is a jazz-hiphop-breakdance song. Enjoy!