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A Revealing Moment

A Revealing Moment
by maddiebug

During a sleepover at Marinette’s house, long after everyone is asleep, Nino wakes up, because Marinette’s ceiling-trapdoor is left open. 117 palabras más


A Boy and His Cat

A boy and his cat
by GalaxyNova777

A cats don’t like visit at the veterinarian.

Words: 1343, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


El niño y el palo

Imagen publicada aquí por Porapak Apichodilok.

Al niño le resulta curioso el sonido del palo al acariciar los barrotes de la valla, rítmicos, a un tempo que marca con su paso. 761 palabras más


Title of Your Sex Tape

Title Of Your Sex Tape
by jaebirdbluetheawesome

It’s Miraculous Ladybug Characters in a Brooklyn Nine-Nine setting, but Marinette is the ever-hyperactive Jake Peralta, Adrien is Amy Santiago, Nino is Gina, Alya is a cooler Boyle, Alix is Diaz, Max is a younger Holt, Kim is Kevin, Chloe and Sabrina are Hitchcock and Scully… 72 palabras más