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Christmas is in The Heart of Every Filipino

This was first posted in my BlogSpot account, but I miss Word Press and it’s more easy to use and much better.  So I’m reposting it here. 310 palabras más

Pag-gawa ng Homemade Hamon (Christmas ham)

​Eto po ay sarili kong paraan ng pag-gawa ng murang hamon or christmas ham, ginagawa ko ito for more than 5years na tuwing Christmas season. May ibat-iba pang paraan ng pag-gawa ng ham search nyo lng kay pareng google para sa iba pang idea. 433 palabras más

Noche Buena in Cartagena.

I know, I know..I’m super late on this one, but I just have to tell you about my first Christmas away from my family. It took me a few days to decide where to spend christmas. 145 palabras más


Hello 2017! Three Questions to Ask Yourself This New Year...

It’s almost 3AM, Philippine time, on the first day of the new year and this is the first time, in a long time, that I am able to breathe, relax and write down my thoughts… I hope this is a good sign… sort of like saying that the new year will bring me more relaxed moments to just be. 1.267 palabras más


Chicken Cheese Roll

Few years ago, my mother started cooking a special yet simple dish that replaced fried chicken in her luncheon tables. It’s specially appetizing for kids (my two nephews love it) and looks classy and delectable for any age.  350 palabras más


Episode 98: Spreading Christmas cheer with Blacksoup's Suspended Noche Buena

I’ve been spending Christmas without immediate family around for a few years now. Most of the time, I spent it at work, after which I would buy a KFC meal and watch drama series at home. 292 palabras más