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You are whole and complete

It seems as if you need to choose an identity in order to BE.

But you don’t actually need to identify as anything

To know you exist. 35 palabras más


Day 101 - Trusting myself too much

I don’t think that I deserve to, be so honest with myself that I say to my own self, you were dishonest, and you knew it and you allow it. 1.367 palabras más

a twinkling diamond light

POSTCARD#320: Bangkok: Remembering North India, Bodh Gaya: 04.00 hours: This is where the Buddha’s enlightenment took place. I’m in a hotel not far from where it happened, the window is open, sitting on a cushion and comfortably watching the breath. 367 palabras más

The 'now' Moment

Speaking of Shiva

“When I didn’t know myself, 
where were you? 
Like the colour in the gold,
you were in me.
I saw in you, 
lord white as jasmine,   266 palabras más