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Do you know that Djokovic is gluten intolerant? I didn’t...

You probably know Novak Djokovic’s story: that he became no 1 after he discovered his gluten intolerance and gave up gluten.

I never knew it until a friend of mine told me about it, after I knew I had gluten intolerance as well. 175 palabras más

Gluten Free

How to Concentrate Like Djokovic

Everything was going well during a recent Fast-4 League match against a tough opponent. I snuck out the first set 4-3 and was up 3-0 in the second. 610 palabras más

Mindful Tennis

Prediction: Who Will Be #1?

Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray? The race to finish the season as the World #1 hasn’t been this close in years (round of applause for Nole’s pure dominance of the sport). 1.223 palabras más


In search of his swing

As many times as it happens, it never ceases to amaze me – the falling out of form, of a great player.  That process is generally a creeper.   649 palabras más


Too much quinoa, Novak?

Telegraph Sport –18 OCTOBER 2016 • 7:35AM  – Since Catherine Whitaker and David Law last convened on the Telegraph’s Tennis Podcast two weeks ago, Maria Sharapova’s sentence has been reduced by nine months, Andy Murray has won 20 sets out of 20 to move to within sight of World No 1, and Novak Djokovic has continued to struggle.
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Shanghai Fallout

Murray is still rolling. Really he hasn’t been challenged at all through-out the Asian swing, completing the Serb’s favorite little double of Beijing/Shanghai. In a recent interview, Murray, although denying his focus on catching Novak at world #1, says certainly he’s confident and the presence of Lendl has helped. 869 palabras más

Novak Djokovic