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Mitigating Microsoft's June 2019 NTLM Vulnerabilities

Microsoft issued an update yesterday to resolve 2 vulnerabilities within Windows that can be used to allow an attacker to authenticate and run code remotely. 247 palabras más

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SMB explained

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At its most basic, SMB is a protocol to allow devices to perform a number of functions on each other over a (usually local) network. 167 palabras más

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Kerberos is not used when you connect to SMB shares by using IP address

When you connect to remote Server Message Block (SMB) services shares by using \\192.x.y.z\share name, Kerberos is not used, and the Internet Protocol (IP) SMB file share access does not use Kerberos. 134 palabras más

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SharePoint 2013/2016/2019: Use CSOM in SharePoint Site with multiple authentication schemes


I have a SharePoint site collection which has multiple authentication schemes (say Windows NTLM, Azure AD, Okta, ADFS or any other 3rd party Identity provider) on same URL. 322 palabras más

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Data-tracking Chrome flaw triggered by viewing PDFs

Researchers have spotted an unusual ‘trackware’ attack triggered by viewing a PDF inside the Chrome browser.

Security company EdgeSpot said it noticed suspicious PDFs, which seem to have been circulating since 2017, sending HTTP POST traffic to the tracking site 376 palabras más


Adobe patches the same critical Reader flaw twice in one week

How often does a vendor find itself having to patch the same critical flaw twice within a matter of days?

It’s almost unheard of. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Adobe has had to do: fix… 334 palabras más


Privilege escalation vulnerability uncovered in Microsoft Exchange

A researcher has discovered an alarming way that an attacker controlling a Microsoft Exchange mailbox account could potentially elevate their privileges to become a Domain Administrator. 412 palabras más