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Unable to remote desktop to Windows Server 2019

While working for a client, I was experiencing a strange issue where when connecting from Windows 10, to a newly built Windows Server 2019 virtual machine in Azure, the credentials were not accepted. 331 palabras más


Citrix VPN Connection - Kerberos/Account Lockouts

During a recent deployment for a customer of a Citrix VPN solution, we had an issue where user’s AD Accounts were being regularly locked out while connected to the VPN. 257 palabras más


Active Directory Authentication: Kerberos and NTLM

In Active Directory (AD), two authentication protocols can be used, which are Kerberos and NTLM. At present, Kerberos is the default authentication protocol in Windows. NTLM is an authentication protocol and was the default protocol used in older versions of windows. 680 palabras más

How to prevent NT LAN Manager (NTLM) credentials from being sent to remote servers

Due to the recent vulnerability discovered in Zoom as reviewed by security experts as of today, the 1st of April 2020, which allows attackers to steal Windows credentials via UNC Links. 461 palabras más

NTLM Challenge Message Decoder

On premise Exchange, OWA, Skype, and AD FS servers leak information through NTLM challenge messages, including the NetBIOS and DNS domains, computer name, and server version. 926 palabras más

Information Gathering

NTLM v1 Audit Kontrol

NTLM temel Microsoft kimlik doğrulama protokollerinden birisidir. Windows NT’den beri uzun süredir kullanılmaktadır. Microsoft, Windows 2000’de daha güvenli olan Kerberos kimlik doğrulama protokolü uygulamasına rağmen, bir çok yapıda NTLM v1 ve NTLM v2 protokolleri kimlik doğrulama için hala yaygın olarak kullanılıyor. 189 palabras más