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No (fair) Dice

Persi Diaconis is an ex-magician. He left the world of professional magic to become a professor of statistics at Stanford. But those influences are still reflected in his work as many of the simple tools used in the exploration of statistics — coins, cards, dice — are also favourite tools of the magician. 34 palabras más


Explaining how 1 + 2 + 3 + . . . can possibly equal -1/12 to a kid

When I did the my biographies for my kids last week my older son said that the thing in math that he’s see but that he does not believe is this equality: 415 palabras más

Fermat's theorem on sums of two squares

The Prime Problem with a One Sentence Proof – Numberphile

The One Sentence Proof (in multiple sentences) – Numberphile 2

Wikipedia article

an odd prime p is expressible as with x and y integers, if and only if

VIDEO: Prime Problem

I have been away for a few days on a short holiday so for today’s post I wanted to quickly share with you two videos from Numberphile on a prime problem posed by Fermat. 20 palabras más


Zero Factorial?

Why does 0! = 1?

0! = 1 is a definition so that

holds true for n = k. From the “Fundamental Principle of Counting” we know that is n! 16 palabras más


Borromean Ribbons  Tadashi Tokieda is talking about Borromean...

Borromean Ribbons 

Tadashi Tokieda is talking about Borromean links again – this time using ribbons.

More Tadashi videos:

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