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Graham's number and Skewes' Number

Saw another great video from Numberphile today:

Before Graham’s Number, there was Skewes’ Number — (NEW VIDEO)

— Numberphile (@numberphile) October 23, 2015

One thing that got my attention in the video was the comparison to Graham’s Number.

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Fold and cut part 3

We decided to do one more fold and cut project tonight. Our first two are here:

Fold and Cut project #1

Fold and cut project #2… 120 palabras más

The fold and cut theorem is awesome

Yesterday we saw this incredible Numberphile video:

We did a really fun project this morning based on the video, too:

Our One Cut Project

There was much more to do, though – this activity has so many different possibilities for kids! 87 palabras más

Langton's Ant - Numberphile

I hadn’t heard of Langton’s Ant before, but it’s a fascinating concept, explained by Numberphile. The basic premise behind it is that you have an ant on a blank grid, and if the ant moves off of a light square, the square turns dark, and if it moves off of a dark square, the square becomes light. 114 palabras más


August's Favorites

August is over and I cannot believe that my summer holiday just ended with this. I had such a great summer ^_^ I am so glad for everything that happened this month. 489 palabras más

Mathematical Beauty

Prime Knots They are knot what you think! Primes, Composites and...

Prime Knots

They are knot what you think! Primes, Composites and the usefulness of knots….

Second in a series of videos about knots. Here we again speak with Carlo H.

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