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Sharing Numberphile's Goldbach Conjecture video with kids

Numberphile released a really nice video about the Goldbach Conjecture today:

I thought it would make an excellent project with the boys even though some of the ideas involving logarithms might be over their head. 322 palabras más

Zeno’s Paradoxes

Happy Thursday!
Sometimes I like to watch philosophy videos on youtube before I got to bed and paradoxes really interest me.  One of which is Zeno and his paradoxes, his most famous ones being Achilles and the tortoise and the Dichotomy Paradox as explained in this… 696 palabras más





One of the most simple ideas in symmetry that most students will already be aware of is the idea of mirroring. Mirrors are something they encounter every day and so they are very familiar with the concept of a mirror image. 388 palabras más




PRESENTATION: If the world were a village…

Bendford’s Law states that the frequency of each possible leading digit of naturally occurring sets of numbers is not equal. 370 palabras más


Frog Jumping

Gordon Hamilton is the amazing mind behind one of my favorite math sites, Math Pickle. (For a list of interesting math sites, check out… 108 palabras más