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The probability of winning a game of NIM

Simon has tried to find out whether each of the players have equally fair chance to win a NIM game. In many games that’s exactly the case, but not in the game of NIM, as Simon proves in the course of these two videos. 132 palabras más


Abel prize 2018

Dr. Robert Langland earned Abel prize for his ‘grand unified theory of mathematics.’

His name is so in tune with Robert Langdon 😍 and they both have done stupendous work in their fields, real or virtual 😊


Mental Logs Trick

Simon learned this trick from a Numberphile video. He made mental log sticks himself. He first programmed the nets in JavaScript and printed them out, then filled in the grids by hand. 47 palabras más


The Magic Hexagon

Simon made this magic hexagon inspired by a Numberphile video. Every row of numbers inside the hexagon makes 38 (also diagonally) and every side sums up to 38 as well.


Music of Pi in Processing

Simon wrote a program in Processing that plays the music of Pi. The idea to assign every integer a sound frequency belongs to the Numberphile channel… 17 palabras más


For the love of math

Simon saw an interesting example on Numberphile and came up with a more general formula for a case when a number can never be prime. Later someone noticed in the comments that Simon made a slight mistake and a should not equal 1. 166 palabras más