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More Numberphile-inspired stuff! 

More Numberphile-inspired stuff! Simon has been studying Mersenne Primes (2^n – 1) and their relation to perfect numbers via the Numberphile channel and heard Matt Parker say no one has proved that there are no odd perfect numbers (that perfect numbers are always even). 260 palabras más


The Square-Sum Problem

Simon has become a full-blown Numberphile fan over the past couple of days. He had already watched two Matt Parker videos before, but it’s this week that he got seriously hooked on the channel, and it all started from… 28 palabras más


Casting Out Nines

Inspired by a recent Numberphile video I thought I would share with you a cool trick to check your arithmetic is correct called ‘Casting Out Nines… 207 palabras más



6174 is known as Kaprekar’s Constant. Why is this number important? Perform the following process (called Kaprekar’s Routine):

  1. Take any two digit number whose digits are not all identical.
  2. 151 palabras más


What is 0 to the power of 0?

It may seem obvious to you, but when you take a closer look, it’s actually more difficult than you think. 208 palabras más

Interesting Things

Using Numberphile's "Pancake Number" video with kids

Numberphile put out a great video on the so-called “pancake number” – see the 3rd video below. I watched it when it came out and thought it would be a fun project for the kids to explore. 235 palabras más

Keith Numbers (Part 1)

The other day, I came across the Numberphile video about “Keith Numbers“.  I’m not sure why, but Keith Numbers immediately intrigued me.  They were easy to understand, but they were… 498 palabras más

Keith Number