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The Best Foods For Muscle Gain

Increasing muscle mass is critical for improving athletic performance, physique and overall health. Exercises such as weight lifting, resistance training and cardio are excellent ways to increase muscle mass but nutrition also plays an important role in gaining muscle. 766 palabras más


Beyond Meat Beyond "Beef" Crumbles -Product Review

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever had the unfortunate circumstance of biting into a meat replacement  product that made you want to gag? This person sure has! 110 palabras más

Healthy Living

Doing Something

After last nights weight loss meeting I was feeling reinvigorated.  I had my goal for the week, I had learned some nutrition tips, and I was more determined than ever to do the hard work necessary to change my lifestyle.  204 palabras más

No means No means No means Hell No!!!!

Unhealthy food can be almost impossible to say no to when you have an addiction.  It is even worse when you are with a group of people. 367 palabras más

Feeding Tubes & Emotional Roadblocks

Caring for a child, parent, or another family member that has a feeding tube can be challenging, both physically and mentally. There are many challenges that you will face and many emotional barriers that you will have to overcome, but they are all part of the crazy thing we call life. 1.355 palabras más

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Onward to Olgas Week 5: Pull

Very much a horribly hot night again, last night. Woke up multiple times throughout the night due to the thunder, which was not improving the temperature of the bedroom in anyway. 669 palabras más


The Power of Exercise

We really undervalue how important exercise is to our bodies. It’s recommended that the average person does 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week or 75 minutes of  vigorous intensity per week. 900 palabras más