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Somewhere 'Round Midnight, #8 Masquerade

Looking for words to say
Searching but not finding understanding anywhere
We’re lost in a masquerade

~~~ George Benson~~

Waking up yearning’

Day in, day out… 160 palabras más

Random Mind Tricks

Idioms: once in a blue moon meaning

Find out meaning/definition of the idiom “once in a blue moon” including example sentences and interesting original facts. The phrase has been remained very popular in English language since the ages and even in present times it has gained acclamation in common sayings among the English speakers. 37 palabras más


3 out of 10


Release date: 21st October 2016

Director: Susanna White (The Deuce (TV) / Parade’s End (TV) / Nanny McPhee 2 – Nanny Mc Phee Returns / Bleakhouse (TV) / Teachers (TV)) 834 palabras más

Cinema Releases 2016

You Must Know!!! Karakteristik yang Ada Dalam Diri Si Golongan Darah O

Darah manusia terbagi menjadi 4 golongan, yaitu A, B, O, dan AB. Keempat golongan ini menyimpan keunikan dan karakter yang berbeda satu sama lain. Kategorisasi kepribadian berdasarkan golongan darah ternyata sudah mengakar di kebudayaan Jepang. 781 palabras más


S. W. O'Bannon

The Bernice Journal
March 7, 1929

Mr. S. W. O’Bannon, age 45 died at his home Sunday morning about 10:30 and the body was laid to rest in the Bernice cemetery Monday afternoon. 31 palabras más