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Donald J. Trump - The Best Thing to Happen to America in Recent History

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room (no pun intended). I know what you all must be thinking. “Kourtney, of all of the great things that have happened in the past couple decades (the cellphone, the Tesla, the first African-American president), you select Donald J. 759 palabras más


TRUMP Offered Obama Free Golf For Life Under One Condition:

If Obama resigns from office NOW, thereby doing a great service to the country—I will give him free lifetime golf at any one of my courses! 9 palabras más

American Renaissance

H.R.3979 Keep America's Refuges Operational Act

H.R.3979, sponsored by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, became law on April 23rd, 2018.


H.R.3445 AGOA and MCA Modernization Act

H.R.3445, sponsored by Rep. Edward Royce, became law on April 23rd, 2018.


The Finish - Mark Bowden

The book tells the story of the killing of Osama bin Laden.  As is typically the case with any Bowden book (and I’ve now read four, I think), it’s incredibly well researched and well-told.  1.496 palabras más


Obama to speak at Mandela lecture

The US’s first black President Barack Obama will deliver the annual Nelson Mandela lecture in South Africa’s main city, Johannesburg, on 17 July to honour the centennial of the anti-apartheid icon’s birth, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has said. 78 palabras más

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