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we should be able
to recognize when something
no longer applies


Journey to Obedience

I cannot begin to say how much I am struggling with obedience to God. I know what is expected of me, via prayer time, but I find it nearly impossible to be obedient. 749 palabras más


You Can Do Whatever You Wanna

 By Pastor Mike

JESUS gave us all free will. HE didn’t want a bunch of Christian robots. HE wants us to love HIM and obey HIM and follow HIM from our hearts because then you know it’s real. 554 palabras más

Morning Encouragement: See the Difference in the Water

The morning scripture today came from the passage about the Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan woman. After asking the woman for a drink, she says to Jesus that the Jews aren’t suppose to talk to “low class” people like herself. 277 palabras más

Morning Encouragement


Welcome back all! Yesterday at our house, we did Jonah found HERE.

Today’s lesson is about two prophets. If you remember, a prophet is someone who talks to God and then tells the people what God wants them to know. 483 palabras más