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Staying within God's Sphere of Protection

Protection is important. I can think of several examples:

  • An umbrella protects us from being drenched and possibly catching a cold.
  • A SPF 100 Suntan lotion prevents us from getting skin cancer.
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June 9, 2017


Was sitting on ‘hold’ waiting on information concerning my Monday and Tuesday next week… (Praise God!) I hit the office up (dentist) called them, and they said they’ve had some vouchers for me since May… I was like, “whaaaaaatttt!?” “Awesome!!” .. 293 palabras más

Disobedience + Distrust = Discipline

continued from A True Story – part 3

by J. C. Corcoran

Well, friends, that’s how it all started. That was 43 years ago and now, here I am writing for the Lord; sending out messages in hopes that I can lead you to a decision to follow Christ; that is if you’re not already a follower and, in that case, I praise God for you and hope He’s blessing you as He continuously blesses me. 2.715 palabras más


When He Says Go

Canada will be celebrating 150 years this July 1st, and I am so grateful to be Canadian. It has been such a blessing living in a beautiful country such as this!! 673 palabras más


When we were last together, we discovered that as God brings us closer to Himself, it is He who cultivates our hearts. In response to God’s work within us, we are always observing our own priorities and, hopefully, rearranging them in a way that honors and glorifies God, whose image people were created in. 2.061 palabras más


Listen To God

We should not be asking if God speaks because He does indeed speak to us. The questions we should be asking are, “Are you listening?” And “Is what you are hearing from God?” This is where discernment and wisdom come in. 57 palabras más