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[Wellness Wednesday] Let's Talk About Occupational Wellness

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Today we’re going to talk about Occupational Wellness. Before we even get started, let me just say that I realize a lot of us who have fibromyalgia or another chronic illness do not work at a traditional job/career, but there are still aspects of occupational wellness that can apply to us. 500 palabras más


Self Awareness - Occupational Snapshot #16

Occupational “Wellness Snapshot #16”


Let’s take a few moments to reflect on self and how we are in our work life….


If you need some help with your self awareness, consider asking a trusted friend/colleague for input and feedback to help you grow in your Occupational Wellness.


Occupational Wellness Snapshot #15

We spend so much time at work…. what can you do to improve your environment and the environment of your coworkers?

Learn more about occupational wellness, and the other 6 dimensions, and how they apply to the nursing profession, in our book: … 13 palabras más


Occupational Wellness "Snapshot 14"

Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life, right? Success in ones chosen vocation depends on continuous occupational development and one’s attitude about work. 21 palabras más


Unbeauty And The Beast

How many times can you break a fast before you have admit you are no longer fasting? Twice? Three times? I could type “I broke my Spending Fast again,” but if I did that three times I might as well type “I am no longer on a Spending Fast.” 1.140 palabras más

Occupational Wellness - Components of Wellness

“Wellness Snapshot” #13


Occupational Wellness has a few components that are worth mentioning. What areas do you think you could work on to better your overall wellness in this area?


Occupational Wellness Snapshot

We spend so much of our life at work, at our jobs, building a career…. so let’s talk about the next dimension of wellness – occupational.