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Beauty School Drop In

Guess what I did?


After growing it long enough to learn to cut it myself, I went back to the pixie. And I went to my local beauty college and let a student cut it. 974 palabras más

Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building relationships with coworkers.” Since so much time is spent working, it is important to do something you actually enjoy doing. 444 palabras más


12.10.17 MH - Occupational Wellness (SDW)

Greetings, Ramblers!

SDW posts are dedicated to my thoughts on and day-to-day application of the widely-known educational wellness model, the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. I hope my posts will help all of us give more attention to our health and wellness, Ramblers! 461 palabras más


Early Release For Good Behavior

Financial wellness got an early pay day today!  I just pulled the trigger on a massive debt payoff this morning. With scheduled payments this four-figure debt was supposed to be wiped in December. 508 palabras más

Occupational Wellness

The Real Secret to Weight Loss - Part 7 Occupational Wellness

You’ve probably heard it over and over that we are a culture that lives and dies by our phones.  I try not to be, but now even my watch vibrates when I get an e-mail, text, Facebook message or, it seems, for no reason at all, like my phone knows it’s being neglected so my watch vibrates with no alert appearing and causes me to pick it up.    436 palabras más

Weight Loss

Checking In With Check-offs

I’m still here. Happy Friday, everyone. Or blessed Frigg’s Day, I should say. One my goals for this week was to get a post published here and I’ve already got a tall stack of stuff I’ve pushed to the weekend, so here I type. 602 palabras más

Occupational Wellness

How do you ground yourself? Question is... who are you?

In my opinion, the answer to coping with life is living according to your own rules.  But I think you need to know who you are first! 1.267 palabras más