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Song for Ochún

Youngest orixa, wife of Xango,
colors are yellow and white and gold,
glittering bright like the dazzle and flow
of waters that run to the seas of the world. 314 palabras más



-Embrace African/Yoruba Culture because its beautiful

Oriki Oshun
“Mbe, Mbe ma Yeye” Exist, exist always mother…
“Mbe, Mbe L’Oro” Exist, exist always in our tradition. 107 palabras más


Golden Silhouette's

Golden Silhouette’s I’m hearing voice outside my head

Seeing gold nails scratch my room walls & golden silhouette’s.

Golden Silhouette’s I put the pillows over my head… 64 palabras más


Erik Olivera. Featured Artist, Oct/Nov 2014

“Orishas” an exhibition of artwork by visiting Cuba Artist, Erik Olivera, is currently on display in a small gallery in North London off the beat and track, where you would least expect it, where Newington Green meets the beginning of  Green Lane’s long journey. 713 palabras más


REVIEW: On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways: Oshún Deity of Femininity 
By Obá Miguel W. Ramos, Ilarí Obá

I was so excited when I heard about this book. Any information and insight into the Orisha that I am crowned with is most welcome. What was also exciting is that Miguel W.Ramos is not only a Scholar and a Writer but also an experienced and respected Obá in our religion. 320 palabras más


London Lucumi Choir

I have been a bit quiet of late since I have been updating a new blog/ website for the Choir that I run and direct. The London Lucumi Choir’s new website/blog has up to date information about our history, performances, membership and also a blog looking at the challenges of running such an unusual choir. 11 palabras más