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Orisha Dance Performance

Today I’m obsessing over the thousands of photos from my trip to Cuba last August that have not been culled, edited and published.  Although some have been added to my… 228 palabras más


Osuns Bawon

Greetings everybody,

Call me Bawon. Upon my entry into this world my spirit spun from the Sun and landed in New Orleans, Louisiana. When my mother attempted to hold me, the heat from the journey and my body burned her, so she dropped me in the mud of the river in Mississippi. 215 palabras más

Iyaworaje (ya-woh-RA-hay)

Bendicion my fellow Iyawo’s and Santeros.  So I’m “Two months” into my Iyaworaje and feeling up and down, up and down emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat????   163 palabras más


Oshun's Shining September

You shine and glow
much brighter than any gold
you’re so very valuable
I don’t know another soul that’s like you
you are my creator, yes it’s true… 106 palabras más


An Offering to Ochún

It was long overdue, the candle and offering I promised to Ochún. Finally I got to it, last night at the woodland shrine. I brought fresh water, sweet  dried apricots, a gorgeous golden peacock feather ornament, and a bright yellow candle. 104 palabras más

If You Need Something...Cut it Off!

It’s been nearly two weeks since I decided it was time to say goodbye to my locks. After 7 ½ years I had begun to feel as though they were an integral part of my identity, and though I often questioned what it meant for me to wear them and continued to dream about them falling off or disentangling themselves, it wasn’t until I read this… 2.544 palabras más

A humble offering to Freya, and a glimpse of Ochún

I brought an offering to Freya tonight. Black currant pie, made from our first real crop of black currant since we planted the bushes. I sang to Her, called Her, and asked Her to be with us this coming week, let it be a week full of love. 239 palabras más