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Prayer for Oklahoma Education

This is the Hebrew month of Nissan, the month of Passover! Nissan is the time for redemption, miracles and a time for us to evaluate every political structure with which we are aligned. 812 palabras más

Spiritual Warfare For Education

The Oklahoma teachers strike is over. But many teachers refuse to go back to class.


The Oklahoma teacher walkout is over — but not for everyone.

On Thursday afternoon, Oklahoma’s largest educators association announced an end to the nine-day walkout, saying lawmakers “won’t budge an inch.” The group said that it would take the $479 million in extra school funding educators got from lawmakers before the strike — a fraction of the $3.3 billion they had demanded — and that members would return to work. 555 palabras más


OEA Calls for End of Teacher Walkout, Record Number of Candidacy Applicants File at Capitol, Man Taken Into Protective Custody Near OU Campus

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