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I did a bad

So, I was doing all this planning and research for my next update. It was going to be another top-10 list of albums that I highly recommend listening to. 165 palabras más


Installing CALWRF on Linux with ifort

Well, last year I was struggling trying to install CALWRF on a Debian machine.  I used ifort, so I had to make a little modification, the main problem I had was that once I installed it I got and error saying that CALMET didn’t recognize the  244 palabras más


One Year Later

On 17 April, 2017 – exactly one year ago today – my debut novel, Transilience was released to the public!

That day represented a five year journey from an assignment in a creative writing course to an actual, honest to God book! 546 palabras más


Paso de la capa.

Últimamente no paro de toparme con un neo-sexismo sutil que nos hace ver que para merecer los mismos derechos que los hombres, tenemos que ser… 1.061 palabras más


Holy Fish (Shameful Sheep inspired)

  1. Does anyone else have things that autocorrect has changed for the better? Even if it is better in just your mind. My personal favourite was that my phone could never allow me to use such profanity as “fuck” and would therefore always change it to “fish.” It really does change the tone of what you are saying drastically.
  2. 444 palabras más

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Impossible DOS Jump

Here’s a quick off-topic post. This came to my attention in a Facebook group, and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it here as well! 120 palabras más


#Offtopic #Brokers – $SVXY $UVXY – I am transferring some accounts away from TDAmeritrade that have positions in SVXY and UVXY and I’ve read on this forum that trading is restricted in these stocks at some firms. 34 palabras más