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|OFFTOPIC-006| Cambridge Day 2018 - Feedback

Hello Exam Seekers,

We posted on the blog last month talking about events that were to happen in July and suggested to enroll yourselves. Did you register? 1.371 palabras más


Friday Fiction: A Brief Respite

Why hello there!

As many of you might have noticed (okay perhaps ‘many’ is a stretch but please just let me have its use for this one time), Friday has come, and gone. 437 palabras más


Blog.Pause() - 15 Years, Time for a Breather :-)

I’ve realised recently that I’m not posting to this blog at the frequency that I have done in the past and so this post is just to flag that I’m aware of it and I’m pausing my posts over the Summer in order to regroup. 629 palabras más


The Which Do You Prefer Tag! Wafuku-Edition

For this week I wanted to change things up a little and allow you a peek into my personal taste when it comes to wafuku. 854 palabras más


Formatting text file columns using awk

Sometimes the data is ready to be read in R. Other times you need to clean it before loading to R (or in other software). For example, when you got an Excel spreadsheet I usually export it to CSV file. 414 palabras más


Editorial: July 2018 - Toasty...

Hello and a happy July to you all; doesn’t seem like so long ago that I was wrapped up warm in the middle of a blizzard writing… 1.110 palabras más


Extra Dimensional Spaces and the Magnificent Mansions we build in them.

Last year, Carlsberg launched an ad campaign featuring native son Mads Mikkelsen. If you haven’t seen them, I do recommend that you check them out… 955 palabras más