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The Ten Best Books of 2020

By Andrew Buckner

10. Crooked River
     By Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child.

9. Survivor Song
    By Paul Tremblay.

8. Wonderland
    By Zoje Stage. 

7. Devoted
By Dean Koontz. 73 palabras más

Andrew Buckner

Hollywood, the Bush Years, and America’s Memory Hole [Current Affairs]

Few films have tried to interpret the Bush era, but the ones that have are worth examining in detail. W., Vice, and The Report…

77 palabras más

Jerome's 100 Favorite Movies Ever: Platoon

(Check out the list so far)

The Movie: Platoon (1986)

One Sentence Plot Summary: Chris Taylor is a young naïve volunteer soldier trying to find himself and gets caught in the conflict of war and two sergeants who have differing viewpoints on the war.   958 palabras más


W. (2008)

Oliver Stone’s W. resonates today like an artifact from another reality, sometimes even another planet. This 2008 biopic of George W. Bush explores a political and personal life that was, at the time in many circles, judged for its ineptitude. 439 palabras más


U Turn

This season on the Ten Movies podcast, we’re watching the movies of Jennifer Lopez. This week we made the terrible mistake of watching ‘U Turn’, a depraved 1997 noir/art-school crime thriller in which the viewer is forced to watch a series of gruesome but pointless barbarities, ranging from maimings to incestuous violations to brutal murders. 242 palabras más

Chasing the Light by Oliver Stone – A Book Review

I enjoy watching movies and discovering more about the actors and directors who make them.

Recently I enjoyed reading director Oliver Stone’s memoir Chasing the Light. 536 palabras más

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