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LPAC Weekly Report: The New Paradigm for Mankind

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Lyndon Larouche


1936 – Russia

In the Earth’s early atmosphere simple inorganic compounds combined to form complex organic compounds, which formed the first living cell

Viewed correctly, life is compatible with the basic principles of physics and chemistry.

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Alexander Oparin vs, Creativity: part 2

Alexander Oparin vs. Creativity: Part 2

by Meghan Rouillard

“Thought, which has no resting place in the history of knowledge, is free to wander in these unlimited regions whither and how it pleases, and may therefore return to the point from which it started in the dawn of science. 235 palabras más

Lyndon Larouche

Alexander Oparin vs. Creativity

by Meghan Rouillard

Lyndon LaRouche doesn’t exaggerate when he makes the following claim about Russian reductionist biologist Alexander Oparin “a public figure who remains on record to this date, as a thoroughly wrong-headed and bitter adversary of V.I. 908 palabras más

Lyndon Larouche

Alexander Oparin testaferro del Torquemada de la ciencia sovietica , Trofim Lysenko


Alexander Oparin, fue un hombre de dudoso genio que usó su talento para trivializar y proveer una explicación anticientífica del origen de la vida. Todas las teorias alternativas que existen hoy en idea en torno al origen de la vida no son mas que variaciones del mismo tema presentado por Oparin, la vida es un evento casual obviando las preguntas fundamentales del problema. 1.184 palabras más

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