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Reflection on Emily Bell

Emily Bell is a significant influence in the journalism industry, she currently works at the Columbia Journalism School in New York City as the Director of the Tow Centre. 205 palabras más


Open Journalism gives 5th estate more power to be heard

The media industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, moving from the monologue type to enabling a two-way stream with the audience, where the public has limited opportunity to interact with publications regarding content and angles of stories. 667 palabras más

Limiting commentary affects open journalism future

Do news24 and other organisations that limit comment on articles inhabit the future for ‘open journalism’? I often feel conflicted when I have to answer such a question with a simple yes or no.Because partly I think organisations such as news24 and others that limit the commentary space they do inhabit the future for open journalism. 312 palabras más

Open Journalism is the name of the game

Open journalism and citizen journalism are inter-related to each other. Social media platforms have given users an opportunity to be contributors in generating story ideas that will benefit the general public. 543 palabras más

Open comment or open journalism?

The concept of Open Journalism allows for Participatory contribution and commentary from ordinary citizens on certain news stories in the form of debate and discussion. 641 palabras más

Future Of Journalism

Silence me not!

The Media has experienced tremendous changes, we no longer live in an era of one-way communication stream, where journalists produce journalistic content and the audience just consumes it. 480 palabras más