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Data journalism in China

Facts are Sacred has just been published in China. This is the new introduction written for this edition.

When Western data journalists think about China, it’s often as the subject of data journalism, rather than a source of it. 787 palabras más

Data Journalism

Cats Reflection - Emily Bell and Alan Rushbridger

Emily Bell and the transition into a more digital focused era of journalism alongside the existing forms of media was the topic for the latest cats lecture. 240 palabras más

Critical Analysis & Theoretical Studies (John)

Jon Henley - Journalism in the digital age

Since starting university, we have focused heavily on the future of journalism in relation to the digital age and what this means for the industry as well as ourselves as journalists-in-training.   577 palabras más

Guest Lectures

Citizen Journalism

The concept of citizen journalism has formed upon the basis of the public “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information”. 207 palabras más


Journalist datastores: where can you find them? A list.

Where do journalists post their data? It’s a pretty core tenet of open journalism that you share your sources; i.e. , you write a story about data then you make numbers available to download. 666 palabras más

Data Journalism

“Open Journalism”, Angin Segar Bagi Kebangkitan Media di Indonesia

Jumat pagi itu menjadi hari yang cukup istimewa bagi saya. Saat itu pertengahan bulan Juni, saya dan beberapa teman dari FLP Wilayah Yogyakarta berkesempatan melakukan silaturahim kepada Teh Imun. 1.453 palabras más

Coretan Non Fiksi

The changing definition, role and credibility of Journalism in the Digital Age

It is no surprise that digital media has redefined conventional notions of news and the types of individuals who gather and report it. With a camera phone and the Internet, any man and his dog is able to report and share their opinion on current events to an unlimited audience across social networking sites and blogs, in turn questioning the role of a journalist in society. 526 palabras más