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Journalism: Whats the same? Whats different?

As a journalism student the day and age for focusing on a specific track of journalism is long gone. In order to succeed in this field you must to able to inform the masses, weather that is through print, photography, video, audio, or even social media you need to be proficient in all practices of this new age form of journalism. 599 palabras más

Daily Writing

Being a journalist: Now Vs. Then

Before Twitter and Facebook, where did you go to get your news? T.V? The Newspaper? Pigeon carrier?

It wasn’t all too long ago that aspiring journalists were taught to go into a specific field within the journalist realm, such as: 493 palabras más

Journalism: What's New, What has Stayed the Same?

There’s new ways to tell the world what’s going on.

Technology has drastically impacted many people’s lives in the past decade and continues to do so. 606 palabras más


The Evolution of Journalism

Throughout the years, journalism, and the way that it’s been reported, has changed dramatically. Starting solely as print, it is now almost always digital. Being able to obtain information in seconds changes the way people get their news, as well as the way reporters (and citizens) report it. 488 palabras más

Journalism: Then and Now

Present-day Journalism is drastically different now than it has been in the past because of one major influence: technology.

Here are three major things that Technology does in the world of Journalism: 571 palabras más