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The Evil Aims of Sacred Land

Acknowledging “traditional native territory” is simply an exercise in collective racial group-think, and it should be stopped.

If the headmaster of a school in Birmingham, England, were to inform his students each morning that their school was situated upon Danelaw, Mercia, and Brittania, the respective traditional territories of the Danish, Anglo-Saxons, and Romans, as well as the traditional territory of the Brittonic tribes, he would be met with laughter. 580 palabras más


Shootout Podcast 17 November 2017

The Shootout Podcast is back this week with Jake Harris of Cleveland Sports Talk! With everything going on in the Sports World, the city of Cleveland is still somehow in the spot light. 112 palabras más


Life Boss Wisdom 06. Getting Rid of Bugs

Life Boss says:

I have started to notice a pattern. Based on my not-so-extensive research, it seems that men are more scared of bugs than women are. 166 palabras más


Computers and Clouds? In the Library?

Cloud computing is a useful tool that libraries use. It is the same for the everyday person. With technology racing ahead in today’s society, many use cloud computing without even realizing it. 405 palabras más


Day four - Mirissa

I woke up early this morning, with the fan whirring in my dark room. The outside world was silent except for birdcalls; the familiar noise of tuk tuks humming past and beeping hadn’t begun yet. 555 palabras más

Your Twenty-Something PR Girl Blog Turns One!

The Your Twenty-Something PR Girl blog turned one on November 14! They say the only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come and that’s exactly what I’m doing today. 576 palabras más

The Good Doctor - Episode 4

*Before Viewing*

I’d say I had high hopes for this episode because of last week… but that would be untrue. You might ask why I’m still watching it… boredom and curiosity mainly. 446 palabras más