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Worship at Home, Not in a Parking Lot - Manitoba isn't "Attacking Your Religion"

My maternal Baba and Gigi were staunch Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Every Sunday, they used to attend services – referred to as meetings – at the Kingdom Hall. 853 palabras más

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OPINION: LGBT+ employees need mentors in careers

By Kim Langers 

The opportunity to be mentored into a leadership role when you are a young LGBT+ professional at the beginning of your career is almost nonexistent. 615 palabras más


Good Morning Just after Midnight

I wake easily at night. I woke this time because my dog felt like barking at whatever was or wasn’t in the backyard. It wasn’t an aggressive bark, more like an excited one. 505 palabras más


Sí pero no

Hay algo con lo que tengo que estar de acuerdo con los conspiranoicos: Covid-19 está acelerando la transformación del mundo en el que vivimos.

Todavía difiero en el grado de planificación de este cambio: mientras los que tienen querencia por las conspiraciones ven a un grupo secreto (o no tan secreto) de personas moviendo los hilos del mundo, siguiendo un plan maestro para hacerse inmensamente ricos, yo veo más la situación como un caballo desbocado que nadie realmente controla, pero del que algunos grupos van a aprovecharse y mucho, con las farmaceúticas a la cabeza.


Jim Denison on Why Spatial Computing Could be 'the Next Big Thing' and Predictions for the Future

Imagine a day when lights come on as you walk through your house while the ambient temperature adjusts room by room. The kitchen table moves out of your way as you step toward the refrigerator, then moves back when you’re ready to eat. 316 palabras más


Book: The Girl With the Silver Star

The Girl with the Silver Star
by Rachel Zolotov

This book was just launched Nov 17th and I got to review an advanced reader copy (ARC). 308 palabras más


Oscar Amaechina on The Hardship of Unreached People is Different from Christian Suffering

This is a follow-up to my last op-ed “Reaching the unreached with the Gospel only is not good enough”.

Gospel in one hand and humanitarian aid in the other have been our best strategy since our encounter with the unreached. 502 palabras más