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Let’s Start a Productive Conversation

Before we can have a productive conversation, we have to acknowledge that both talking and listening to understand are necessary.

Today I’m doing some mind traveling.   951 palabras más


The case for animal rights as an intersectional issue

Lee Williscroft-Ferris proposes that intersectionality should extend to non-human species.

I’ve always been an animal lover. When asked which name I had chosen for my confirmation at the tender age of 11, I was a solitary Francis among a multitude of Josephs, Matthews and Johns. 968 palabras más


What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question)

Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…?

Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. 62 palabras más

Millionaire's Digest


Sometimes you have to just let it go. Sometimes you have to speak up. But most times we just try to ignore whatever may be bothering us. 276 palabras más


The future of small economies in a changed world


After several decades of an international economic and political environment that has been highly supportive of strong small-economy performance, there are indications of meaningful change. 1.261 palabras más

Current Affairs


Why was the public supportive from both the ends, the Gaza and the Israel for a pointless war which could have been avoided and prevented since it paid a heavy price in terms of human lives from both the places. 762 palabras más


The (Symbolically?) Lost Crown of George XII of Georgia

I enjoy putting up pictures of amazing historical crowns glittering in heavily guarded vaults in countries which are now democracies, yet the crowns which have disappeared are often more interesting even to the point of being allegorical. 291 palabras más