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Mau evictees hard questions to government.

In as much as we want to conserve environment, this is against humanity, this lady,among many others, asks bitter questions.

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Side B of Mau Eviction. 8 palabras más


The Other Candidates Are Coming for Warren by Unknown Author

By Bhavesh Patil

And happy birthday to “The Argument”!

Published: October 17, 2019 at 02:30PM

from Hard Trickers


Taj the Genie, My Most Memorable NPC

Hello there!

Back in the day (Earth year 2017 to be exact), the talented folks over at Later Levels asked the wonderful blogging community questions every month is a challenge aptly called  439 palabras más



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Writing Workshop!

Hey everyone, Writers in the Family is scheduling a writing workshop. You are cordially invited to partake in the activities involved in sharing writing tips and whatnot. 53 palabras más

So My Hand-Maid Will Get Her Own Private Bathroom And Suite, My Husband Has Promised Her

Before I start my article, Shulamite actually took this thumbnail picture of Boaz when he was full of cold, she was like what my mistress… 1.898 palabras más



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