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Air France plans to cut 7500 jobs

Air France has announced that it is planning to cut a total of 7500 jobs over the next 3 years. Although mainly affecting employees working at Air France, these cuts will also be targeted at HOP (a subsidiary of Air France that flies short-haul routes throughout Europe) employees. 139 palabras más

Chelsea vs Watford: Score Predictions

The All Things Chelsea Team give their score predictions for today’s Premier League fixture against Watford at Stamford Bridge. Let us know your predictions in the comments below! 311 palabras más


"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

Today is the 244th birthday of what has been called the greatest nation on earth. I don’t know who actually coined this phrase, but I do whole heartily agree with it. 777 palabras más


Unpopular opinion #1

thousands of years of evolution with unimaginable breakthroughs and here we are now, fighting for human rights and equlity. we are asking for the same from those who are in that place because we voted for them. 79 palabras más

Summer Standout

Public Domain Pictures

“where flowers bloom, so does hope”

Lady bird johnson

Want that standout garden? Follow my guide on the best summer flowers that’ll turn your humble garden into the enticing, eye catching one.

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Uniting Americans: The Six Articles

Below are the links to the six “Uniting Americans” articles that I have written. Please help me keep the United States of America strong and free! 72 palabras más