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Getting through College

Hi all, welcome to my first blog post!

Any of you in college know that it is NOT easy. No matter what your major is, college is full of trying to figure out how to balance work, classes, having a social life, and extracurricular activities. 580 palabras más


On Seabrook Island "Green is the New Black"


When: Sunday, March 18
Where: Seabrook Club Island House
What: Silent and Live Auctions, Doors Open at 5pm.      
Something New: What’s in YOUR Bottle? 66 palabras más


Political Prisoner Fights Medical Tyranny

Marty Gottesfeld has been kept in prison for over 2 years awaiting trial. His alleged crime? Blowing the whistle on the medical kidnapping of a 15 yr old girl, treating her against the wishes of her family and nearly killing her.  28 palabras más


Daybreak Hearing Postponed; New Application Submitted

The Planning & Zoning Commission’s public hearing scheduled for this Thursday (January 18) has been postponed.

The application for 500 Main Street — the Daybreak property… 66 palabras más


DeepState Brags: Sabotage Of Trump Is Inside Job

Mainstream Media Destroys Any Remaining Credibility That They Might Have Had Left By Claiming That President Trump Is Mentally Unsound Because He Doesn’t Have A Dog?


Hollywood Whistleblower Exposes Subliminal Messages Hidden In Plain View

The Mainstream Media Matrix. People With Biased Belief Systems Literally Will Not See What You Are Showing Them! People Will Fight To Stay In The Matrix If Thier Core Belief System Is Challenged!


Health Officials Issue Measles Alert Over Only One Reported Case?

This Feels A Bit Like Fear Mongering With The End Goal To Scare People Into Vaccine lines. Treating One Single Case Of Measles Like That Of Ebola Is Little More Than Swindling People. 145 palabras más