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Human Egg for Raffle: A New Level of Disrespect for Human Life?

The London Bridge Centre fertility clinic is the first in the UK to organize a competition where the winner will be given free human eggs and treatment. 474 palabras más

Carbon Cycle

[OPINION] Questioning The Good In Goodwill

An alert “06880” reader named Jennifer writes:

I frequent Goodwill in Westport, both as a donor of my kid’s outgrown clothing and a shopper looking for unique items. 216 palabras más


Cover Up: UK Denies 911 Survivors The Truth

Yes Theresa May, It’s Always Inconvenient For Criminal Globalist Elite Flunkys To Speak The Truth!


Stefan Molyneux: It’s Now Or Never, Victory Or Death Against Globalism

If We Don’t Stop This Unspeakable Evil Now, Capitalism Will Have Delivered Unto The Criminal Elite, Such Monitoring, And Control, And Video Technology, That It Is Entirely Possible That We Will Never Ever Be Free Again! 10 palabras más


Federal Reserve Trying To Kill Trump Economic Boom

One World leader, And One Country, Is Holding Out Against The Criminal Corporate Globalist Elite Takeover. That World Leader Is Donald J Trump. And That Country Is The United States Of America.


Twitter Announces Communist Chinese Style Censorship  

The Criminal Corporate Globalist Elite, Teaching The Public To Sit Down And Shut Up Via Economic Warfare.