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Turn Your Android Device Into A Mac

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Mac OS

Today we are going to share a method that will require no rooting, no alienating user interface, no messing up of Android internals and no hacks.   260 palabras más


Updating Windows

Pictures: This shot from my walk today.


Computer: Well I went ahead and updated the old Computer to Windows 10 Anniversary, I hope I didn’t overdo my data allotment. 136 palabras más


Windows OS and Hardware Information using Powershell

Getting information about Windows OS and it’s hardware is crucial for System Administrator’s today. But main question is how to collect it.

Lot of companies have software like SCCM, SCOM and other tools to obtain this information. 402 palabras más


What's "#!/bin/sh" in scripts

have you ever Imagined what’s
in your Shell Script or any Script??
You may have seen this many times in lot of scripts.
But question is that does it have any role in script? 273 palabras más


This term 'Operating System' should be delved into for a clear picture!

From google search, from friends you got familiarised to the above phrase or probably some where along your studies and computer interaction.

Operating system commonly abbreviated as O.S is a system software that avails computer resources to the user and acts as a communication between application software and the microprocessor. 151 palabras más

Computer Lessons

Intelligent notifications


Notifications are annoying. That group chat you joined is buzzing every minute but you don’t want to leave because it’d look bad, you have ‘red dots’ from every app you use, some are phantom updates, others are really important messages, there’s no way of knowing. 234 palabras más