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5 Years Moving New York City

Five years ago we arrived in New York City, and it’s been an incredible journey ever since. To our riders, thank you for letting us be your ride. 33 palabras más


The Evolution of the Everyday Player

Cal Ripken’s streak of consecutive games started of 2,632 amount to approximately 16 full MLB seasons.  Only one positional player started all 162 games of the MLB season in 2015, 368 palabras más



Welcome back to Refresh Hell :P

This was supposed to be a quickie…. Mr. Raizada had other ideas. After some tussling, we’ve decided to allow him to call the shots (puntended). 1.197 palabras más

Get dtrace and iotop back on OS X

Security in versions of OS X has been updated with the no-root theme with System Integrity Protection. Unfortunately that also includes dtrace and commands like iotop that rely on it. 92 palabras más


Diamond Ring 

Diamond Ring

Khushi stared at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were bloodshot due to the sobbing from the previous night. Her eyeliner was smudged and a few flecks of mascara could be spotted on her hollow cheekbones. 4.303 palabras más


Jenis – Jenis Sistem Operasi

Jenis – Jenis Sistem Operasi

Pengertian OS

Sistem operasi (Operation System) adalah perangkat lunak (software) yang mengatur semua sumber daya dalam komputer. Sumber daya ini dapat berupa perangkat keras (hardware) maupun program aplikasi. 184 palabras más


[Reminder] Free upgrade to windows 10 ends July 29

If you own and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) PC such as PCs from Hp, Dell, etc, running Windows OSes up to Windows 8.1 don’t delay any further in upgrading your PC to windows 10 as the deadline date is drawing closer. 207 palabras más