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Memasang Vagrant di Ubuntu 16.04 64bit


  1. Virtualbox
  2. Vagrant

Setelah keduanya terpasang, sekarang waktunya menambahkan box, semacam kontainer untuk sistem operasi yang akan kita pasang.

vagrant box add ubuntu/xenial64

Perintah ini otomatis akan mengunduh OS ubuntu 16.04 64bit dari official repository vagrant. 264 palabras más


Look, no hands! Why sport needs hands-off owners and hands-on administrators

One of sports’ greatest owners, Dan Rooney, has died while one of its worst, Francesco Becchetti, is killing his club. 1.690 palabras más

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Unix and friends

Knowing Unix command line is definitely not something that you’ll impress a nice girl, but it might be something that you’ll impress cute geek guy ;) 424 palabras más


A Floral-Infused Fragrance to Re-Awaken Your Senses

* Features floral notes of Bulgarian rose petals and blackcurrant buds
* Part of Diptyque’s iconic fragrance collection
* Made in France

Take your senses to a decadent and floral-inspired journey with the Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau Eau de Toilette. 235 palabras más


Elton John white carpet wearing the amazing @prabalgurung & @bulgariofficial #os...

Elton John white carpet wearing the amazing @prabalgurung & @bulgariofficial #oscarnight


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A beta build of Android Nougat is now available for the Android TV-powered Xiaomi Mi Box

One of Xiaomi’s first big releases in the US was the Xiaomi Mi Box, an affordable 4K set-top box powered by Google’s Android TV. Since its debut, it’s been… 300 palabras más

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