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Gail Owens

COLUMBUS, Ga. – This week’s MEA Federal Credit Union Golden Apple Award winner is Gail Owens. Owens is a second grade teacher at Gentian Elementary School in Columbus. 97 palabras más


Into the Amazon jungle via Iquitos!

Visiting the Amazon jungle has been on both of our Bucket Lists for a very long time, so while we were out here in South America we decided we wanted to really 'do it properly'. 745 palabras más

Travel Blog

Revenge of the Sloth: Leticia - Peruvian Amazon - Iquitos

Regardless of what naturalists may tell you there are only really two types of monkey, those who come and have a look at you in expectation of a banana or a peanut, and those that run away in expectation of a poison dart to the backside. 629 palabras más


Updated Thoughts on Otorongo Apartments– Cuenca

I realize that I am probably a more flexible traveler than most and once I leave a situation I generally forget about it and move on.  245 palabras más


Hotel Apartamentos Otorongo - Cuenca, Ecuador

Hotel Apartamentos Otorongo is a great place to stay

  • for families,
  • travelers who like living locally vs in a hotel
  • people considering a longer term stay in Cuenca…
  • 190 palabras más

A New Blog

The purpose of this new blog is to start a dialogue, a community, a place where we can share ideas, thoughts, goals, plans, dreams, experiences … a place where we can create a future filled with possibilities and success. 144 palabras más

Who/What Is Incari Ranch?