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Birch Polypore - Medicinal Wild Mushroom

Latin Name: Piptoporus betulinus

Common Names: Birch Polypore, Birch Bracket, or Razor Strop

Ecology: Birch Polypore is the most common polyporous racket fungi. Growing best in cold climates, it can be found almost exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere anywhere you find birch trees… 845 palabras más


Ötzi the Iceman

Okay, so this post has very little to do with food. But it does have to do with travel, super cool things, and medicinal mushrooms so I guess it fits the bill! 668 palabras más


Inspired: Tattoos as pain relief

Sometimes provocative and always interesting, this series of shorter stories can be inspired by pretty much anything in Wellcome Collection and offers a quick insight into some of the themes we explore. 415 palabras más

Wellcome Collection

The Camera That Hibernated for Over Two Years

Anyone reading my last blog post must think me the unluckiest person alive. But what I have to report today is far more worrying, because I have recently discovered incontrovertible evidence that inanimate objects can come to life – and if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is. 1.484 palabras más


Hairdos in prehistoric Europe

Hair obviously does not survive very well in the archaeological record, usually, but there are exceptions. Bog bodies are one direct source of evidence, where hair and skin are preserved in the acidic tannin-rich environment of the peat. 754 palabras más


Ötzi's Place in Prehistory Explored by Fifth Graders

English Class fifth graders are well into exploring early civilizations in history these days after completing a comprehensive unit on prehistory. It was a fascinating subject for the pupils and everyone enjoyed learning about what might have happened during the time before recorded history, and the evolution of humans as a species. 296 palabras más

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