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Wendigos: A Retrospective

If it wasn’t clear before, The Hunger for More is partially about a wendigo. I prefer one of the variations of the word, ‘Witiku.’ It feels fresher somehow. 499 palabras más

The Hunger For More

The Movable Border

We all know that national borders can be fluid things, influenced by political events, wars in particular. But the border between Italy and Austria is the only one that I know of that has to be recalculated on a daily basis due to… 271 palabras más


The Iceman

Ötzi the Iceman has permeated three of my classes this semester.

In Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean World, our professor introduced us to Ötzi in order to show us the pinnacle of human preservation. 545 palabras más

Gettysburg College

Otzi shoes

Otzi is the name given to the “Ice Man”, the frozen man discovered buried in ice in the Otztal Alps between Austria and Italy. He was remarkably well preserved and is now refrozen and in the Museum of Archeology in Bolzano, northern Italy. 132 palabras más


Coral Mummy Found on Blacktip Island Wall Dive

A group of Blacktip Island recreational scuba divers on the Caribbean island’s Alpine Wall Wednesday discovered the coral-encrusted remains of a diver who died there years ago in unusual circumstances. 398 palabras más