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5 Most Haunted & Cursed Items in The World

I get many emails from people sharing their own stories with me, most of which are creepy encounters they have had with usually paranormal beings. Here are five of some of the scariest stories I have been sent. Sit back and enjoy!


Otzi The Iceman - 5300 Years Old Mummy Facts

While researching about the history of Ötzi The Iceman, i decided to create a video about myserious things about the Mummy. I choosed 13 Facts about 5300 years old man. 1.752 palabras más


Student Series! Ötzi the Outlaw

This Student Series! blog post has to be one of my favorites so far because of how excited this student got at developing a theory and providing the evidence to back it up.  611 palabras más


The Roundup #50

“Going to post every week, don’t worry”. Yeah, about that…

My last post – sans trumpet – was on September 3rd. Eep! Now, to be fair, I had a sibling get married and the requisite wrangling of relatives to contend with. 451 palabras más