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Po Valley or Bust

One of the beauties of traveling is not knowing where you’ll end up. It is often the places that you don’t plan to visit that leave a more lasting impression on you that your official destination. 975 palabras más


Crossing the Alps

One of the most daunting stage directions of the 20th Century comes in Peter Shaffer’s 1964 play, The Royal Hunt of the Sun. It reads simply, ‘They cross the Andes.’ I knew the designer of the original production, … 484 palabras más

My Proudest Moment As A Student

If reading is my best skill, then being a student is my best… hobby… Or something. Anyway, I forgot that one of my essays had yet to be graded. 282 palabras más

In Real Life

Setting up Camp

After just 5 months together we moved into our first home. Flint had recently moved from the Lake District to Bedford and was living out of his van, while I was living over an hour away from anyone I knew due to moving around with work. 203 palabras más


More About Ötzi, The Iceman

For all of you Ötzi fans, The Iceman has been making the news recently.

PBS just aired an informative NOVA episode, “Iceman Reborn”, filming the unique process used to create an identical replica of the Tyrolean mummy. 283 palabras más


Mont Blanc: bijeli div

Najviša europska planina ujedno je i najviši vrh u Alpama. On se ističe u alpskom planinskom lancu točno iznad mjesta na našem kontinentu na kojem se sudaraju dvije ploče Zemljine kore…

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