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Weird Weather Bonanzas

A hotter than average summer brought an unexpected discovery recently. In the melt of a retreating glacier, Italian officials found the remains of 24 year-old Canadian Gregory Barnes who had gone missing in 1980 while skiing in the Italian and Swiss Alps. 611 palabras más

Larry Verstraete


Heard on Radiolab:

one of the most fascinating finds in science…

…a guy who got buried in ice a few thousand years ago and how he speaks to us today. 6 palabras más


5000 years on ice: Ötzi, Europe's oldest celebrity

The Local Germany (17 September 2015)

When German tourists Erika and Helmut Simons found a human body in the Austrian-Italian Alps, they had no idea what they’d stumbled upon. 1.251 palabras más

The Local Germany

Making Fire

One Word Photo Challenge: Wildfire

The ArcheoParc Schnals in South Tyrol is an archeological activity museum which is dedicated to the living environment and the way of life of “Ötzi, the man from the ice” who was found on a glacier in this area. 22 palabras más

One Word Photo Challenge

The Cult of Bread

In my stomach

lie the remains

of a little god.

Like all gods,

it has its history

of being fought for

and memorialized

in sacred texts. 156 palabras más


Tania Cagnötzi - Ötzi Superstar

Dopo mesi di assenza torna Ötzi Superstar in omaggio al successo di Tania Cagnotto ai mondiali di nuoto di Kazan.

Ötzi Superstar

Day 6B - Ride to Merano and meet Otzi

Another fun day in Bolzano and the 6th day of my 6 day trip where the temperature dial has hit over 34 degrees.

The Italian Crew** decided that an easier day in the saddle was called for, and so we plotted a 70 KM North West route along the river bike path to the spa town of Merano. 715 palabras más

Italy 2015