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Biking the Italian Alps

Cycling in the Italian Alps.  Wow.  Sounds exciting and exotic.  What bragging rights we could have!  Best of all, I see the bike tour will end on the very day my sister and her family leave Rome. 2.221 palabras más


Mid-Week Quickie: The Great Dolomite Road

If you are tired of the reenactment of our trip, good news! (I’m exhausted all over again!) The Great Dolomite Road excursion is our second to last leg of the trip! 333 palabras más


Iceman - New Movie About Otzi

I can’t wait to see this movie! “Iceman” is about Otzi, the world’s oldest preserved mummy and an ancestral Tyrolean. He lived 5,300 years ago during the Bronze Age in what is now the Italian Alps.The fictional story line was created around facts discovered about the famous Iceman, such as his death was a result of being shot with an arrow. 67 palabras más

Tyrolean History


This name may look odd and perhaps funny to Anglophone eyes, with its rubbery double b and the quirky z, and the hints of… 708 palabras más

Word Tasting Notes

My Daughter Talks With Me About Bones and Funerary Practices

This display case of animal bones was identified, sorted and created by my daughter for the Theodore Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary in Oyster Bay, NY, when she was a volunteer there about a year ago. 671 palabras más

Birch Polypore - Medicinal Wild Mushroom

LATIN NAME: Piptoporus betulinus

COMMON NAMES: Birch Polypore, Birch Bracket, or Razor Strop

ECOLOGY: Birch Polypore is the most common polyporous racket fungi. Growing best in cold climates, it can be found almost exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere anywhere you find birch trees… 844 palabras más


Ötzi the Iceman

Okay, so this post has very little to do with food. But it does have to do with travel, super cool things, and medicinal mushrooms so I guess it fits the bill! 668 palabras más