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Coral Mummy Found on Blacktip Island Wall Dive

A group of Blacktip Island recreational scuba divers on the Caribbean island’s Alpine Wall Wednesday discovered the coral-encrusted remains of a diver who died there years ago in unusual circumstances. 398 palabras más


Ötzi- What happened to you?

Ötzi- What happened to you?

I love it when the Professor starts each semester with the classic spiel: “This is what you know *draws a small circle*. 929 palabras más


Prizes! Birch Bark Containers.

This is the first post of a group of posts about the prize objects that I made earlier this year for a lucky Young Archaeologists’ Club Branch. 587 palabras más


Ancient Ink

At the weekend, I attended the annual ‘Tattoo Tea Party’ convention at Manchester Event City, where hundreds of tattoo artists from across the country convene to showcase their work and advertise their trade. 341 palabras más


History of tattooing: Tattooed Mummies

Tattooed Mummies

In 1768, captain Cook came back from Oceania with a crew covered in tattoos as a souvenir from their expedition. Tattooing was then reintroduced in the occidental world after having been banished for many centuries by the Catholic Church. 877 palabras más

Reach Out and Touch

Reach Out and Touch
Epiphany 29

September 19, 1991 was a sunny day in the Italian Alps. Two German hikers were enjoying the scenery, terrain, and weather and decided to veer off the walking path and go exploring. 819 palabras más

All 62 of Ötzi’s tattoos have been mapped. They are mostly located over joint spaces and are thought to play a therapeutic role given he suffered from degenerative joint disease. 45 palabras más