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C - British Pompeii, Old Tales and Kingly Beard - Test Podcast

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The History News Show presents a selection of headlines from the fields of history, archaeology and anything to do with the past.

This week, we’ll talk about a huge Bronze Age archaeological find in Britain, a reevaluation of the age of fairy tales, and we revisit King Tutankhamen’s beard. 235 palabras más

King Tut

Celebrating with Ötzi, Brad Pitt and Knödel! 

It’s celebration time! Like every year, January is my reader appreciation month. It’s when I want to thank you for your support. To change things up from years past, I have a special South Tyrolean cookbook as a give-away. 465 palabras más

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B - War archives, Gulag museum and Chinese children - Test Podcast

Show Notes

The History News Show is a podcast about historical, archaeological and any news to do with the past.

Shows are not regular yet, i’m just testing out the process.  271 palabras más

King Tut

Going Digital, Stomach Troubles from 5300 years ago, McCook NE, Synthetic Nature, and Tossing back some tea at -40°C.

Going Public..and Digital!

As of Jan. 6, 2016, the New York Public Library has released more than 187,000 items on their digital catalog into the public domain; allowing visual artists, writers, and the just-curious to browse through an enormous collection spanning several hundred years. 881 palabras más

Decoding The Origins Of Ötzi's Gut Flora

In Science this week, researchers have reported they have reconstructed the entire genome of the H. pylori that lived in Ötzi’s gut and the results give us an interesting picture into the peopling of Europe approximately 5,000 years ago. 207 palabras más


Ötzi's tattoos, my tattoos

Last year I finally decided to get the tattoos I had wanted for ages. It’s a big step, to commit to letting someone permanently mark your skin, but as I nervously brushed my teeth that morning I caught sight of the little crossed scars that I bear on my stomach from a couple of laparoscopies. 273 palabras más


Iceman Mummy Finds His Closest Relatives

by Tia Ghose, Senior Writer   |   November 09, 2012 07:11am ET

SAN FRANCISCO — Ötzi the Iceman, an astonishingly well-preserved Neolithic mummy found in the Italian Alps in 1991, was a native of Central Europe, not a first-generation émigré from Sardinia, new research shows. 579 palabras más