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Korean film showing in Missoula

We are kicking off our nearing departure to the Korean Peninsula with a showing of Oldboy, an award winning action packed film, at the Roxy Theater in Missoula, MT. 239 palabras más

Our Journey

Preparing for the Bustle and Hustle of Seoul

By Winter Ramos / Photojournalist

As I sit on my deck absorbing the Missoula Spring sun-rays sipping a glass of cool champagnes in the quite solitude of the peaceful upper Rattlesnake valley on a calm afternoon I open my computer to start browsing web-sites on Seoul, South Korea. 294 palabras más

Our Journey

Searching for North Korean Refugees

By Sam Weber / Graduate Student Reporter

This semester in International Reporting has been a little bit different for me. In the past, things like term papers, exams and presentations have dictated my schedules. 218 palabras más

Our Journey

A collaboration between UM Journalism abroad and CityLab

By Joe Eaton, Assistant Professor

At the University of Montana School of Journalism, our mantra is “learn by doing.” Each summer, our professors take a group of students abroad. 175 palabras más

Our Journey

Let's Talk

There are three groups of people I’d like to address.
Those who don’t care if they are going to hell.
Those who do care about going to hell but may not be aware they are going to hell. 1.335 palabras más

Our Journey

Depends on the Day

A friend recently asked me how I am doing with this whole trying to conceive (TTC) journey. Honestly, some days I really don’t think about the fact that we are still unsuccessful. 335 palabras más

Our Journey


No, it’s not THAT big news, but it is BIG!

A cousin of mine has a son with a genetic illness.  As part of working through his treatment, she and her parents recently had to have genetic testing.  320 palabras más