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I’m new here so this tag seems fitting. The creator of the tag can be found here!

1. Why did you start this blog? 482 palabras más

Book Blogger

When you think you know... You don't

Day 1 as a realtor and I was freaking out over how much I didn’t know. How do you preview homes? What does that even mean? 352 palabras más


Trapped in a Sarlacc of Worry

Being a Jedi with anxiety isn’t easy. I find myself to be calm most of the time, but when the Sarlacc of worry, with its tentacles grasping at my legs every step of every day, I have to admit – finding my path is tough. 282 palabras más


It is rough out here, my young Padawan.

For anyone who has known me for a while would know I am quite confident of a person.

But sometimes this “confident” me loses confidence as well, and questions her own existence. 244 palabras más


First Up - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #1

This article, First Up, will hopefully be a first in a series of articles about inaugural issues of comic book series that actually accomplished something. In the day of the trade paperback collection, so many stories are created for the six-issue arc and we end up with stories that are decompressed to accommodate this. 696 palabras más

300 alumni return to Harvard to explore how the arts enrich University life

Generations of Harvard alumni came together on campus last weekend to celebrate the arts. The gathering reflected an expanding vision as the arts at Harvard have emerged as a dynamic part of the University’s curriculum. 1.040 palabras más

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