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First Up - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #1

This article, First Up, will hopefully be a first in a series of articles about inaugural issues of comic book series that actually accomplished something. In the day of the trade paperback collection, so many stories are created for the six-issue arc and we end up with stories that are decompressed to accommodate this. 696 palabras más

300 alumni return to Harvard to explore how the arts enrich University life

Generations of Harvard alumni came together on campus last weekend to celebrate the arts. The gathering reflected an expanding vision as the arts at Harvard have emerged as a dynamic part of the University’s curriculum. 1.040 palabras más

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“The boy. He your son?”
“No. He is my Padawan. Something between a student and an apprentice.”

Grecker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, discussing Anakin Skywalker…

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In Hospital Far, Far Away

Once upon a time there was a baby docling who was filled with all the excitement and anticipation that comes with the start of every adventure. 175 palabras más

Darth Maul #5 + Poe Dameron #17

Comic book day, ya’ll! I’m looking forward to this batch (and yes, it’s another batch – Marvel is churning out Star Wars comics with reckless abandon lately) because it includes the finale of the Darth Maul series! 1.876 palabras más

Star Wars

Forces of Destiny: The Padawan Path

Full disclosure, I was pretty bummed that we weren’t getting a second episode of Leia and ewok cuteness today. However, this very well might be my favorite bit of Ahsoka I’ve seen to date. 691 palabras más

Star Wars

Book Review - 5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ

To start this review off, I would first like to say how much I appreciate Alan Hirsch and the work he’s done to encourage believers into a more authentic, Jesus-centered life. 584 palabras más