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Pay It Forward

By Hetty Munira Binti Mohd Yusof, Executive Employees & Industrial Relations Division

While most people were probably still snuggled up in bed on an early Saturday morning, myself and nine others from Sarawak Energy were already wide awake even before the break of dawn. 560 palabras más

Life In Sarawak Energy

Master The Beginning

Ain’t no distance one can’t travel

Everything is within reach

Even when separated by rivers

Words do bring warmth during winters

Like flowers, they gather around gardens… 19 palabras más

Hello world!

I’ve left the title as is seeing as this is a computing type blog, and hello world seemed fitting.

So hi, and welcome. I’m attempting to get into the world of web-design and I’m going to lay it all out here. 190 palabras más

Web Design Journey

Great comic delivery today!

Great delivery of comics today.  Includes:

  • Marvel Issue 1 The Avengers Ultron Forever Skottie Young Variant
  • Marvel Issue 1 Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan Skottie Young Variant…
  • 25 palabras más

We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Trust!

Saturday was T’s first performance with the Jedi Academy at a local minicon. He was totally badass! So focused and didn’t seem nervous in the least. 517 palabras más


Star Wars Rebels gets it's own Prequel Comic

Spin offs are everywhere and it’s not just confined to TV shows, comic books have been doing them for years. If a character or storyline is interesting then it gets its own comic line, even if it is short-lived. 171 palabras más

Comic Books

The Care & Feeding of a Comic Book Husband: A Field Guide for Dave's Next Wife

What a week it’s been! Between double-checking our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese boxes for metal shavings, Jack’s parent-teacher conference (Every.Single.Teacher.Complained…about Jack’s class clownery–yes, my DNA runs strong in the young Padawan), and getting the news that the friend we call “Texas” is moving to Colorado, it’s a good thing my addictions veer towards sugar-free Bubble Yum and reading. 767 palabras más

Mommy Blogger