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The painful genius of Ambrose Bierce

It must have been twenty-five or even thirty years ago when I first read Ambrose Bierce’s American classic, The Devil’s Dictionary (everyone should own a copy). 1.758 palabras más

Ambrose Bierce

Living Life For 100 Years

What does it mean to turn 100 years old? Does it mean something surreal, larger than life, or is it just another day? Mama Jenny, my grandmother, turns 100 years old on November 15th, or November 22 as she started to insist when she hit her eighth decade of life.  621 palabras más

Poem: Villa


Don’t let it end like this
Tell them I said something:
The sky is blue
My mother’s arms were brown
All I felt were forty shots… 54 palabras más


Walks Through the Cemetery - Part 1

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to a local high school class here in Las Cruces about the steampunk genre and my writing process. 299 palabras más


When the Candles on Granny’s Birthday Cake Become a Fire Hazard

Crack bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration have 6.5 million names in the database of people 112 years old and older, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider the average life expectancy in the Obamanation is 85. 66 palabras más



March 16th in history:

The Army Corps of Engineers was established on March 16th, 1802, to operate the military academy at West Point.

On this date in 1916, General John J. 61 palabras más

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