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20170220: Fruit Fun Bandito!

The fruit cart vendor & I have been exchanging laughs in my broken Espanola…

The other day we chatted of Pancho Villa, so yes I had to have some fun with it. 63 palabras más

Pancho Villa murders Keig man

The Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs made a statement in the House of Commons on Wednesday April 22nd 1914 about the brutal murder of Keig man at the hands of Pancho Villa. 1.096 palabras más

Ghost sign: Who was G.A. Snider? This history sleuth had to find out

Howard Simkover was walking along Bank Street in 2011 when a faded sign painted on the brick of an old building just south of Slater Street caught his eye: G.A. 1.048 palabras más

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Viva Johnson: Jack Johnson in Revolutionary Mexico 

On an April day in 1919, American boxer Jack Johnson arrived at Casa de los Azulejos (House of Tiles), a restaurant in Mexico City owned by white American expatriates, the Sanborn brothers. 8.635 palabras más

"His next battle is still unexplained": Jack Johnson and the Mexican Revolution.

The Kentucky Bar is a world-famous bar in Juárez, Mexico that has served drinks to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Morrison, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, and Al Capone. 1.222 palabras más

New Mexico History: The Battle of Columbus

Last week was the 100th anniversary of the interception of the Zimmermann Telegram (1/19/1917), in which Germany encouraged Mexico to attack the United States to keep them from participating in WW1. 256 palabras más

Richard G. Park, Jr. Scrapbook

Back in October, we received a wonderful phone call from a woman in the NE offering us a scrapbook, belonging to her relative Richard G. Park, Jr. 115 palabras más

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