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Walks Through the Cemetery - Part 1

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to a local high school class here in Las Cruces about the steampunk genre and my writing process. 299 palabras más


When the Candles on Granny’s Birthday Cake Become a Fire Hazard

Crack bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration have 6.5 million names in the database of people 112 years old and older, which is quite an accomplishment when you consider the average life expectancy in the Obamanation is 85. 66 palabras más



March 16th in history:

The Army Corps of Engineers was established on March 16th, 1802, to operate the military academy at West Point.

On this date in 1916, General John J. 61 palabras más

Today In History

Haiku Adventure--Part Eight

Before I began this adventure, haiku’s popularity bypassed me totally.  Hence, I remain astonished at how many people like my haiku posts and how many followers I gained with them.   61 palabras más


California Sunshine: Part 7 of Rain on a Cloudless Day

When the snow piles up against the house or its grey and ugly outside; when the Salt Lake City inversions turn bright summer sunlight into a grey haze, it’s then that old memories turn gold bright and beautiful. 901 palabras más


Craig McDonald: the HEAD GAMES interviews. Part 3 of 3

“…fiction can bring us closer to truth than history or nonfiction.” Craig McDonald

This third interview, marking the new edition of HEAD GAMES, is with Sylvia Georgina Estrada (Mexico) and it appeared originally in Zócalo Saltillo: 7 palabras más

Crime Novel

Craig McDonald: the HEAD GAMES interviews. Part 1 of 3

“Not so terribly long ago, I did a lot of interviews with newspapers and radio stations in Mexico in support of the Spanish language release of HEAD GAMES (LA CABEZA DE PANCHO VILLA there).  69 palabras más

Crime Novel