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Taco Review: Pancho Villa

In an effort to share my taco eating endeavors with more friends and to make a push to get back on track with my taco count, I met up with LaurenTaco at her favorite Twin Cities taco spot, … 490 palabras más


The young and the restless

On thing that has always amazed me is how young some of the officers were in the Mexican Revolution. And how few lived to reach even middle age. 15 palabras más

Mexican History 1910-20 (Revolution)

Event Update - Pancho Villa Raid Commemoration Event, March 12, 2016

Here is an update of the upcoming commorative event in Columbus, New Mexico:


REVISED UPDATE OF APRIL 24, 2015 PRESS RELEASE… 527 palabras más

US Army

The Hotchkiss Model 1909 Benet-Mercié Machine Rifle

Probably one of the Army’s lesser-known weapons, the Hotchkiss Model 1909 Benet-Mercié Machine Rifle was adopted into US service in 1909. Weighing 26.5 pounds, this weapon was intended as a light machine gun supplement the much heavier 1904 Vickers Machine Gun. 353 palabras más

US Army

Mother Jones Criticizes the Women and Capital -1914

From the El Paso Herald January 3, 1914 page 6. Transcribed from the original, photos, comments and text in the shaded boxes are not origina… 981 palabras más

Mexican Revolution

La Revolución!

Postcard from Manuel in Mexico that shows Pancho Villa during the Mexican revolution of 1910.


Pancho Villa Taqueria

When you are in San Mateo, the choice is pretty obvious, it’s time for Pancho Villa Taqueria! We ordered Combo Dinner #3, which is Quesadillas Shrimp and Steak for $11. 89 palabras más