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Craig McDonald: the HEAD GAMES interviews. Part 3 of 3

“…fiction can bring us closer to truth than history or nonfiction.” Craig McDonald

This third interview, marking the new edition of HEAD GAMES, is with Sylvia Georgina Estrada (Mexico) and it appeared originally in Zócalo Saltillo: 7 palabras más

Crime Novel

Craig McDonald: the HEAD GAMES interviews. Part 1 of 3

“Not so terribly long ago, I did a lot of interviews with newspapers and radio stations in Mexico in support of the Spanish language release of HEAD GAMES (LA CABEZA DE PANCHO VILLA there).  69 palabras más

Crime Novel

Today in 1917, along the U.S. border with Mexico,

American troops were recalled from the Mexican border following the Punitive Expedition into Mexico that the United States Government undertook in 1916 against Mexican Revolutionary leader Pancho Villa. 292 palabras más

Military History

Trains Need Brakes

January 22, 1915: The Guadalajara train disaster takes place. The Mexican Revolution began in 1910 and lasted until 1920. Francisco I Madero led an uprising against Porfirio Diaz, the seven term President of Mexico and a controversial figure. 621 palabras más


The Idea Mill # 8

I’ve gathered up a few more cool articles to help spark your imaginations. These are interesting for anyone who wants to take a look. I always look at them from a writer’s perspective. 378 palabras más


Texas Mexico Border Campaign at Camp Stewart Scrapbook

In addition to two stunning panoramic photographs, which need to be digitized, we have a scrapbook documenting one man’s time at Camp Stewart during the Mexican Border Campaign. 123 palabras más


A new trailer for a new edition of HEAD GAMES!

“Few writers can blend a contemporary feel with what drew us to old-style pulp and original paperbacks: that momentum, that craziness, the thrill of the downhill slide and crash. 25 palabras más