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Mail Order Beauty Boxes - Are they worth it? Here's what to know before you order

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Disclaimer – Just to be clearly, I hardly do produce reviews, promote produces/brands, or endorse any retailers. I try to use my journalist ethics when it comes to that stuff. 396 palabras más


Pantene Steps into Market Gap with Campaign Celebrating Strength

As Shea Moisture has recently come under fire for straying from their roots as a company that produces products catered to maintaining and enhancing black women’s natural hair, it seems Pantene has chosen to capitalize on this moment with their latest campaign. 269 palabras más


Flat twistout video tutorial

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Healthy Hair

Beauty Vloggers Being Attacked for Not 'Buying Black'? GTFOH

™ Sometimes, black people get on my fucking nerves. They really do… with the constant criticism about what other black people decide to do with THEIR money. 523 palabras más

Don't Hate Me: Baby, I was Born this Way.

The 80’s: An era rich in the history of great hairstyles.

Note: But seriously. I was a somewhat modern 80’s woman and had to endure this  473 palabras más

Snip Snip: Hair for Charity! 

Salut tout le monde! Aujourd’hui j’ai coupé mes cheveux pour donner à la charité. J’ai choisi Beautiful Lengths par Pantene – c’est une collecte de fonds qui soutient La Société du Cancer aux États Unis. 155 palabras más


Beauty Empties: 15 - 30 April 2017

Yet another empties post! Now that my empties posts are split into half-month cycles, I feel as though I am constantly writing empties posts! I don’t really mind because I really enjoy it – I am the weird person who loves keeping lists, and I love counting out how much items I’ve managed to emptied during the month. 903 palabras más