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Sorry Not Sorry

During 2014, I came across a Pantene ad in one of the many magazines I subscribe to, that really caught my attention. I’m 100% all about strong women who don’t give a damn what other people think of them. 514 palabras más


Cut with a cause

A dear old friend of mine decided to donate her long locks to those that had none. Still with much hair to spare, we cut off eight inches for the charity of her choice. 9 palabras más

Hair Cuts

Giving Pantene a go

In the past, I always used cheap supermarket shampoo and conditioner, mainly because I didn’t have money to spend on anything else, but also because I was used to using the type of shampoo and conditioner we had when I was growing up. 324 palabras más


Couponing Trip: May 7th, 2015

Today marked the last batch of products I needed to buy for my $10 ECB reward for $30 in P&G purchases. I also finally found some Sure deodorant for the sale! 156 palabras más

♥ Produtos que uso no meu cabelo :

Oii gente tudo bem?
O post hoje é sobre cabelos, ja fiz loucuras no meu cabelo mas só em cortes, nunca descolori meus cabelos, sempre fui passando tinta por cima de tinta até chegar ao meu tom desejado que era o loiro claríssimo, demorou mas o menos 1 ano e alguns meses porque fui tirando aos poucos pois a cabeção  aqui  tinha passado a tinta preto azulado que demorou horrores pra sair mas tudo bem hahaha, meu cabelo era um tom de loiro bem claro, muito lindo, só que loiro dá um trabalho pra cuidar né gente? 381 palabras más


Naked Nature Brazillian Hair Bundle ❤️

I love my natural hair. I started my hair journey a little over a year ago. I did not do the big chop or anything of that nature. 494 palabras más


Top 6 Shampoo in My mini haul

Hi all today i am sharing my haul of shampoo which i bought for hair care. I have normal hairs but with split ends and i have dandruff issue also. 388 palabras más