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Advanced Keratin Repair, de Pantene Expert Collection

¿Qué son? Un shampoo y un acondicionador reparador con Keratina.

¿Qué hacen? Repara el daño del pelo reseco y hace que se sienta suave.

¿Cómo es el producto? 147 palabras más

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Time to Pony Up!

Today we are going to discuss the topic of hair. Yes hair.

Growing up I always had a very long hair. And when I say long I mean butt-length hair. 797 palabras más


Summer Hair Products

Hi love bugs! I feel as if I haven’t posted in so long but I’ve been busy with summer classes and some traveling. I absolutely love the summer weather and going from pale to bronze. 510 palabras más


Beauty buys for June 

Hello beautiful people of Internet. For those who are interested in beauty buys  and wondered about some of these products just keep reading.

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PANTENE PRO-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner: Review

Last February 22 of this year, I bought Pantene’s newest conditioner and received one the following day from P&G. I wanted to try it out so bad to see if it would really work since I am a fan of Pantene’s and since I’ve done a lot of hair treatments for the past few years. 126 palabras más


Make the cut

I am so lucky that my sister lives so close! We don’t get together as often as I would like, but it would be wishful thinking to say that our lives will get less busy. 271 palabras más


A Teeny Bit Of Shopping!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day today! Earlier today I had to run to my local Shoppers Drug Mart to get a few things for myself and my family. 773 palabras más