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5 Ways I Keep My Hair Healthy

Hello friends and happy Saturday! I have to say, this week has been an adjustment. I don’t know why, but my winter break felt much longer than it actually was so it’s taken me a bit to get back into the routine of things. 575 palabras más


Review: Pantene PRO-V Oil Replacement

I get the most lazy when it comes to oiling my hair. I have been using the Satthwa Hair Oil from past 6 months and I really like it. 404 palabras más

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REVIEW:- Pantene Pro-v Oil Replacement

Hello everyone, welcome back to my space. I hope you had celebrated the New Year Eve pretty well.

Now, Today’s post is all about Review of new Pantene Pro-v Oil Replacement . 245 palabras más


REVIEW: Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement

I have been always fascinated by those oil-in-cream kind of products but have not really tried them for some reason. So, when I say this newly launched… 373 palabras más


Conversations With Old People: Detangling thin hair. How?

My hair is thin. But also fine. I have about fourteen strands of baby hair to work with. Except in the shower. I enter some sort of vortex where those fourteen strands seemingly exponentially multiply during the shampoo stage of the shower and then turn into a matted pile that the conditioning portion of the shower can not undo. 147 palabras más


Best Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair

They say the best way to help oily hair is to cut back on washing it, as continually washing your hair can produce more natural oils. 558 palabras más