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April 2015 favourites

I haven’t done a favourites post before, but seeing as there are a few things I want to rave about I thought I’d do it in one go. 727 palabras más


An Open Letter To The World: I'm Not Sorry For Apologizing

Dear World,

By now, I’m sure you are familiar with Pantene’s “Not Sorry” #Shinestrong ad. If you are not, the ad exhibits women unnecessarily apologizing in various circumstances (before asking a legitimate question in a meeting, before asking someone if he has a minute to talk, after someone nudges her in a waiting room, etc…) and then, in an attempt to draw attention to women’s overly-apologetic habits, confidently refusing to apologize in those very same circumstances.  510 palabras más

Tratamento Selador de Pontas da linha Advanced Keratin Repair, da Pantene Expert.

Yay! Mais um produtinho TOP que veio na Glambox de Março/2015 e mais uma vez um post longo. É um review bem detalhado e cheio de informações, afinal é um produto sensacional, preciso contar cada coisinha pra você, então cria coragem de ler tudo isso e vem! 377 palabras más


Rambut Kamu Rusak?

Saya paling sebel kalo rambut jadi susah diatur dan kering. Awalnya rambut saya gak bermasalah, tapi gak tau kenapa sekarang jadi gini :( Sedih banget jadinya. 584 palabras más

The Journey

Thrifty Tuesday: Supermarket Bargains

A bit more of a suggestive post today. I managed to get a lot of haircare for under £10 from my local Tesco.

Here’s what you need to do. 204 palabras más


Please oh I'm sorry I hate to bother do you mind

I have one terrible character trait: I am too polite. On the surface this may seem like a good thing, but it really is a curse, just like Ella Enchanted’s gift of obedience. 978 palabras más

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