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A Pantene ProV Classic Care Solutions Shampoo 228 Fl

Pantene curly hair goods are one of the planet’s most recognized and best-selling goods these days. Their own lengthy distinct hairdressing products consist of shampoos and conditioners, conditioners, aerosols, and hair shades. 310 palabras más

Pantene Dry Shampoo - Product Review!

Hello everbody! Hope everyone is having a funday Sunday! My hubby works today so I am making the best of my day by doing a little yoga, enjoying a lovely farmers market apple and writing this blog post. 248 palabras más


Farmacity Haul y Mini Reseñas - Agosto ❤️❤️❤️

Esta semana pasé por Farmacity un par de veces, y aproveché unas promos, aunque también compré un par de cositas que estaba con ganas de probar. 1.513 palabras más


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The Secret

We are all always searching for that perfect, natural looking, fresh-out-of-the-beach hair. we spend a huge amounts of money on hair salons and new treatments we hear about everyday. 159 palabras más

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Product Empties and Reviews


I don’t know about you, but I love to watch empties videos on youtube!  I feel like if a person has used up an entire product they can give a really good review.   1.203 palabras más


Anushka Ranjan’s Got What It Takes

Anushka Ranjan, daughter of the founders of Indian Television Awards Anu and Shashi Ranjan is a popular face. With a thorough background is acting, including courses in acting from Subhash Ghai’s… 118 palabras más


ES Magazine Art

I just had to repost this because the art work for Pantene’s Pro V on the cover of Evening Standard was amazing.

There are 4 different styles but all were flamboyant and creative. 33 palabras más