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Dry Shampoo Showdown (drugstore)

If you’re among those lucky enough to go 3+ days without washing your hair, know that I’m very jealous. I have oily skin and therefore an oily scalp, so the most I can go without washing my hair is 2 days. 663 palabras más


#TRGR: Pantene Gold Series

Whether you are a naturalista or chemically relax your hair like myself, finding haircare products that give your strands the life they need can be the epitome of struggle. 681 palabras más


Ingredient Info - Panthenol

As you might know, we are conscious of the ingredients in the products we sell (we no longer stock any more items with parabens).  As much as we’re a LOT more aware of these things than we used to be, it’s still a learning curb for us, so we thought, as we check out ingredients, that we’d share some of our findings with you guys too! 242 palabras más


Whoop Hair It Is

I have a running list of things I wish I was good at. Singing, long division, reading the directions, having any desire to read the directions… Doing my own hair is also very high up on the list. 649 palabras más


Review: Pantene Time Renewal PowerShot Intensive Treatments

I’m not the sorts who’d fry/tease/color/chemically torture my hair; primarily because my hair is already pretty flat and has a no-shit kinda attitude. I’ve pretty much all my life struggled with hairstyles/dos because my hair just refuse to stick to anything but a sleek straight loose look. 974 palabras más


Mască pentru păr din ulei de ricin și ulei de cocos?

Bună dragile mele!

Astăzi vreau să vă dezvălui secretul unui păr sănătos și hidratat chiar și în urma vopsirii repetate sau decolorării. Așa cum ați putut vedea și în postările mele anterioare, părul meu este blond acum, în urma unei decolorări (anterior a mai fost roșcat sau doar ombre sau balayage pentru mult timp), însă natural este șaten. 531 palabras más


Dare to Lose Your Security Blanket; Marvel at What Your Heart Gains

Remember that 1990’s Doritos commercial series? The one with the tagline, “Crunch all you want, we’ll make more.” Well, giving from the heart is a lot like that. 410 palabras más