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The War of Paraguay: Chapter VII, Character of the Paraguayan War. — López.

The Paraguayan War had such decisive importance in our destiny and in that of the whole Río de la Plata region that it can be considered a dividing line between two periods in our contemporary history. 2.784 palabras más


Why Paraguay?

Recently, I have been searching for information on this lovely South American country, but much to my dismay, I haven’t been able to find much available to English-speakers. 373 palabras más

In & Out Paraguay – Border Crossing Scam

I fear I can’t say much about Paraguay, but one thing I grew up hearing was that some Brazilians made a living of going there to buy cheaper goods to bring back and sell it. 412 palabras más



Click aqui –> YERBA MATE VIDEO

Hola personitas hermosas :)!

Acá les dejo un video-tutorial de cómo preparar Yerba Mate, es una bebida tradicional de Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay. 30 palabras más


Fotografía #1

Edificio Soleado #3


La Galería

Edifico Soleado #1

El Lector


Agua soleada


Doce kilómetros en treinta y seis minutos / Yatch

Costanera… 15 palabras más


The War of Paraguay: Chapter VI, López’s Intervention. — End of the Uruguayan War. — Invasion of the Argentine Republic by the Paraguayans

By fortune, no darkness shrouds the origins of the Paraguayan War. In June, with López’s aid solicited by the Blanco government after Saraiva’s mission arrived in Montevideo, López offers his mediation to the imperial government; in August and September he protests Brazil’s threat of reprisals and the aid Tamandaré lent to Flores’s invasion. 473 palabras más