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General Diaz

Country: Paraguay        City: Luque          Founded: November 22, 1917

Colors: Black and White            Stadium: Estadio General Adrian Jara


We assume that this club is named after Jose Eduvigis Diaz, a Paraguayan General who fought in the War of the Triple Alliance against the allied countries of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. 79 palabras más



While we’re on the topic of road trips, I thought I’d share with you one of the craziest adventures on the road I’ve had. This was about 4 years ago, during the swinter (mix of summer & winter because #hemisphereproblems, it was winter in South Am. 1.600 palabras más

Oh, I Couldn't Because...

Because I had to wash my clothes. Because I had to clean my house. Because I didn’t have the energy. Those excuses would NOT fly in my US world, but in Paraguay they aren’t only legit excuses but won’t be questioned. 367 palabras más