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No soy un Diseñador Zombie

Quizás sea cruel sí, pero los comunicadores visuales tenemos más chance de sobrevivir a los cambios de la nueva era digital a diferencia de otros tipos de comunicadores… Lo cierto es que el resto sigue siendo el mismo y quizás hasta se apoye en técnicas de arte para lograr comunicar el “todo con nada”. 428 palabras más


Americanismos V: Guaraní

Nous poursuivons notre onomasticon d’americanismos en langue espagnole par la présente série tirée du Gran Diccionario de lengua guaraní (1987) du philologue paraguayen Máximo Ricardo Dacunda Díaz (décédé en 2006), ci-après DD. 5.796 palabras más


The Event

A few weeks before the John Maxwell event, we decided to go to the Anglican Church that had an English service. We wanted to see if there was anyone who would offer to be interpreters and I was looking forward to see what an Anglican service would be like as well. 583 palabras más


A Slice of Life in Paraguay

On our way down to Paraguay, a nice surprise was being bumped up to first class on our flight to Panama. Mike is often bumped being 1K but this time they said I could go beyond the veil too! 840 palabras más


Western Paraguay

After two days of travel, we arrived in The middle of nowhere in Western Paraguay. It is an extremely isolated area, but it’s a region we have prayed for over the last 25+ years. 343 palabras más



Small, steamy hotel room. Sitting on the floor, a fan is blowing to my back. More to make me feel like it’s cooling me down than it is actually doing so. 1.263 palabras más

Everyday Happenings

Lessons from Year 1 

I’ve been in Paraguay for a full year now! *insert “wow” emoji*

I’m sure some of you will be exclaiming “A whole year already! My, how time flies!” But from my perspective, the past 12 months have defied the general rule of each year flying by faster than the one before it; I can’t believe it has been only 365 days. 1.158 palabras más

Peace Corps