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Mexico vs Paraguay: Where to Watch

Three days after a narrow 1-0 victory over Ecuador, the Mexican national team will take on Paraguay in another international friendly.

Paraguay was also recently in action, with the South Americans playing out a drab 0-0 draw with another CONCACAF side, Costa Rica, on March 26th. 234 palabras más


Where Are You Now?

Once again we Track are amidst a time of transition, changing continents and changing schedules. We’ve finished our last outreach (stint of volunteering) as a team and now have another lecture phase before us. 125 palabras más


A Visit to my Mentor's Site

This past week I went to visit my amazing mentor Bonna, who lives in a town called San Juan Nepomuceno. I got to see what life might be like in site, and what potential projects I could work on. 708 palabras más


Skills I'm Actually Learning

Here’s a little snapshot of what I’ve been learning the past few weeks. We have had lessons on dental health, sanitary living (proper trash/recyclying techniques), gardening (double-diggning, fence building, companion planting, composting), parasite prevention (hand-washing, the importance of wearing shoes), and lots and lots of guarani language. 645 palabras más



The almighty Iguazu falls lay on the border between Brazil,  Argentina and Paraguay. I travelled by bus to the Brazil town of Foz de Iguazu overnight leaving Florianopolis at 5:pm and arriving in the town at 10am, just in tme for breakfast. 582 palabras más


Reflections on a week in the Campo

Hello, Internet,

As you read this I’m in our lovely training center in Guarambare. We come in here on the weekends to mooch the wifi, watch movies (except not cause we can’t get technology to work, whoops). 818 palabras más