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Life is like my Garden

Every time you think you’ve got something good going, something comes and eats it.

I mean that both literally and philosophically.

In the case of my garden, well it’s actually doing fairly well. 921 palabras más

Peace Corps Paraguay

Can I fish with you?

One sunny day as we were sharing terere on our porch, I attempted to make conversation with Carolina, the wife of Jorge, one of the indigenous health promoters. 1.300 palabras más

Peace Corps

My First Solo Adventure!

Living in Paraguay is an adventure in and of itself, but some things are more adventurous than others, one of them being going somewhere by myself. 505 palabras más


The loan officer’s story

“Our job is about more than just giving out loans. We get involved in the women’s business, family, goals, and dreams.”

This is a loan officer speaking. 1.047 palabras más


Iberia targets Tokyo, Doha, Johannesburg, Toronto, Guadalajara, Managua, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Brasilia, and Asuncion in long haul expansion

Iberia is to examine opening new routes (and in some cases re-instating routes) to Tokyo, Doha, Johannesburg, Toronto, Guadalajara (Mexico), Managua (Nicaragua), San Juan de Puerto Rico, Brasilia and Asuncion (Paraguay) … 282 palabras más


Dining Out: Churrascaria Style

Meat is King in Paraguay, and I mean carne…as in beef. Not chicken, not pork, not fish, but BEEF. Some may say, “…but those other meats are eaten in Paraguay… 403 palabras más