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Aggression against Megadeth in Paraguay.

Paraguayan audience went postal at the last Megadeth presentation.

According to Paraguayan TV show Día a Día the last concert of Megadeth at Sport Colombia stadium in Asunción, Paraguay was catastrophic. 203 palabras más



Otĩ’ÿ: sin verguenza, without shame or embarrassment

I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things. I’ve run out of my shower in a towel to find Na Lucina staring at me. 355 palabras más


Iguassa Falls

Day 1:

After a 15 hour bus journey we made it to Iguassa falls, at around 9am in the morning. I had actually managed to sleep a bit so didn’t feel awful, although the bus was freezing! 838 palabras más

Paraguay afirmó que sus relaciones con Venezuela están "congeladas"

Paraguay llamó a consultas a su embajador en Venezuela el 5 de agosto después de que el presidente Maduro llamara a los venezolanos a “cerrar filas” ante la persecución de la “triple alianza de torturadores de Suramérica” 260 palabras más


LANDFILL HARMONIC (2015): New Trailer For A Documentary About The Recycled Orchestra

The Recycled Orchestra is the name of an orchestra from Paraguay whose musical instruments are made out of recycled rubbish from the landfill. Comprised of children who also happen to live in a slum built on said landfill,  in… 77 palabras más


Luck? Or Divine Intervention?

I pride myself on being able to make good, quick decisions. I often make fun of Angelica for making poor menu decisions then trying to eat my food. 630 palabras más


Ridin' the Bus

I lived in a college town where the bus was free if you had your student ID. There was an app you could download to see where the bus was, if it was on time or not. 1.144 palabras más