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Family, san Ignacio, Paraguay, June  22, 2018

Eleven years ago the day I arrived in San Ignacio, this family received me as a son. That’s why I always have the gratitude and to this day, they are synonymous with San Ignacio in many aspects. 25 palabras más

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1) At the JCPA Amb. Alan Baker discusses Palestinian violations of international law.

“On June 1, 2018, France, Russia, China, Sweden, and others supported a Kuwait-sponsored draft resolution in the Security Council deploring Israel’s use of “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinian civilians, and condemning the use by Israel’s forces of live ammunition against civilian protesters. 429 palabras más


Tallarín, san Ignacio, Paraguay, June 20, 2018

This is how a typical lunch of the day is served in Paraguay. The main dish here is called Tallarin. I’m not sure about its origin but this is what a Paraguay tallarín looks like. 43 palabras más

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Let's learn more about Chiquitunga

We are grateful to Heidi Cooper, OCDS for preparing a helpful fact sheet to aid you and your friends, family, and parish to learn more about the life and sanctity of Sister Maria Felicia of Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament, best known by her nickname, Chiquitunga. 67 palabras más


Paraguay man surprises family at his own wake keep

Image captionMr Penayo disappeared from a village near the border town of Pedro Juan Caballero

A man from the small village of Santa Teresa in Paraguay returned home after three days away to find his family mourning a body they thought was his. 150 palabras más

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Brief History: Countries Beginning with 'P'


The Indus Valley Civilisation, which began around 3,300 BCE, was one of the earliest civilisations in the world. It flourished between 2,600 BCE and 1,900 BCE but began to decline and most of its cities were abandoned around 1700 BCE. 942 palabras más

Raquel - Nora Mabel - Roberto - Nora Mercedes @paseo Carmelita's, Asuncion, Paraguay, June 18, 2018

This was my last night in Asuncion. My 3 week long stay in Asuncion was sweet and it’s finally over. These friends made it very special. 25 palabras más

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