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Same Country . . . Different Culture

Each year we offer a camp for the youth from all the Methodist churches in the country.  I have spoken about this in several newsletters. We have kids from all over Paraguay, but most of the kids come from the capital city Asuncion. 538 palabras más


5 Paraguayan Quirks You Didn’t Know

  1. When you pass by people on the street, Paraguayans say, “Adios!”(goodbye) instead of “hola” (hello). In the campo, you “Adios” everyone. It made for a really long and funny truck ride once.
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Ups and Downs


Life is full of ups and downs. Which is interesting, since everything is made up of atoms: there are protons, electrons and nuetrons in each atom; and protons and neutrons have up and down quarks. 624 palabras más


Whooa, What Happened?

I am not exactly sure what happened, but somehow my life here got turned upside down in a really great way. All of the sudden I have been super busy, running from place to place. 1.362 palabras más


Foto Friday: A Work in Progress

When visiting Ña Gregoria, we visited her outdoor workshop where I found this little guy sitting on a shelf. He caught my attention and beckoned for a shot. 33 palabras más


Right to Sexuality Education in Paraguay - LL.M. thesis

Congratulations to María José Rivas Vera, LL.B., LL.M., who successfully completed the following Master of Laws thesis at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.   The author can be reached at MJ. 183 palabras más


To travel without taking a step-‘The Grand Chaco’ by George Manville Fenn

Well, the book display of Marjon’s authors is up, but I still have a lot more books to talk about. And that brings me to George Manville Fenn. 271 palabras más