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Paraguay's Ayoreo people fight devastating land sales | Video

An Ayoreo group in the Chaco whose ancestral land was sold to international ranchers in 2012 is battling for its return – and to hang on to their way of life.

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Environmental Attention

Ultra Worldwide Completes Record Breaking World Tour

Ultra Worldwide Completes Record Breaking World Tour

ULTRA Worldwide celebrated the conclusion of its most prolific year to date on Saturday, October 15, as it wrapped up an incredible eight-stop tour of South America in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. 642 palabras más


Whom Should I Bark At Next

While living in such close proximity with animals (pigs, chickens, cows, horses, dogs), it’s important to stay vigilant about cleanliness. A lot of people end up in the health post with parasites, which is no surprise. 13 palabras más


Peace Corps Office

A warm sense of pride fills me whenever I head to the Peace Corps office in Asuncion. Sometimes living how we do and feeling like we don’t make the least bit of difference, we do stand for something more, and it’s vital we understand that. 13 palabras más


Interspecies Friendship

This is my host families dog Tom and his fellow pig, pig, taking in the morning sun.

Peace Corps

Campo Daze

A while ago, my mom asked me about community structure, to which I bitterly replied, “There is no structure!”

Not my finest moment. In a place where principals work when they feel like it, shamelessly hit on you when they are around, school is cancelled often, teachers walk in and out of the classroom as if it’s break time all the time, and the doctor has disappeared or lied about her whereabouts, structure is lacking. 408 palabras más