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Inside Paraguay's War Over Soy Plantations

A couple of generations ago, eastern Paraguay was covered by lush verdant forest and rolling grasslands. Now its fields shimmer with a golden sea of soy that stretches over more than… 500 palabras más

Quality keeping: Beekeeping in Comoros

Beekeeping projects are ideal for international development programs because they’re gender-inclusive, require no land ownership and have a low investment cost and encouraging short-term rewards. I was introduced to beekeeping during my first Peace Corps service (Paraguay 2007-09), and eight years later I found myself half a world away in… 558 palabras más

From The Field

A different kind of condom challenge

When I was in seventh grade, my science teacher, Mrs. Crow, made us play the penis game. It was the first day of sex ed and she wanted to get our giggles out. 869 palabras más

Peace Corps Paraguay


It’s been a week of meetings and appointments and stories. One night we went to the Columbia University to address volunteers for the upcoming event with John Maxwell in February. 479 palabras más


aguije: thank you

Happy Thanksgiving lovers! Thank you for sticking with me these past 8+ months. I am so grateful for your following and hearing from you is seriously like opening presents as a kid on Christmas! 325 palabras más