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Paris is one of those cities that as you get older, you appreciate it so much more. When I was 13 doddering around the streets of Paris on a school trip I was totally ignorant and didn’t properly take in its beauty. 332 palabras más


home is where you're happy

In my sillier moments I like to believe I didn’t choose to live in the Fifth, that instead the Fifth chose me. I have an enduring memory of the first time I visited the… 1.185 palabras más


Manifesting a Dream

Vision Board Project completed by Janis Kirstein at a Spirit of Sophia Workshop guided by artist April Martin in Spring of 2016.

Is it possible to manifest a dream with just the power of intention, desire, vision boards, visions, and creativity? 423 palabras más

Fine Art

There's something about France

As my wife and I were traveling back from Paris yesterday, while waiting for our connecting flight in Toronto, we spoke about how good it was to be back in Canada. 367 palabras más


Walk this way

The camellias are in bloom. So too the daffodils and tulips. The trees are full of flowers or sprouting shy signs of green. In Square Édouard-Vaillant, a small park near Place Gambetta, the benches are filled and the playground rings with the squeals of children, their shrill cries of delight carrying on the breeze’s chill edge. 1.124 palabras más