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Smog and Sun in Gay Paree

If our jam-packed first day in Paris taught us anything, it was that relaxing breaks most certainly aren’t our forte. We did at least think… 851 palabras más


A Sunlit Pont Alexandre III. Again. 

The last time I tackled this subject, it resulted in one of my personal favourites of 2016. Already at the back of my mind in 2017 is the need to have a sufficiently strong selection of images ready from for when I exhibit in May. 809 palabras más


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The Lure of Montmartre

Replacing the Latin Quarter as the locus of the city’s intellectual and artistic community, Montmartre boasted a thriving bohemian culture that was driven by its critique of decadent society. 87 palabras más


Let's talk about Paris and...

Paris oh Paris oh Paris… and Barcelona two beautiful places with cuisine and architecture that’s out of this world well technically in this world but oh well. 791 palabras más


Paris Hilton - #BunnyLove ... #CYGNSS

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Video Review: The Chainsmokers "Paris"

Crows fly over the roof of a home. Inside, a young woman lies in the dark on the bed. Eyes red, she stares at the ceiling. 422 palabras más

Music Video