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Tennis: Steffi stepped in after Agassi said 'no' to Djokovic


PARIS (AFP) – Andre Agassi revealed on Thursday (May 25) that his wife and fellow tennis legend Steffi Graf encouraged him to become Novak Djokovic’s new coach after he had originally turned down the job. 229 palabras más

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Loreal Matte Lip Paints

I love Loreal they are honestly one of my favourite brands. I like to try every new collection they bring out.
I swatched them on my hand in Boots and these were the colours I had been drawn to especially for my holiday the matte look is my favourite. 41 palabras más

#bigbinkshow The Pope Gives Trump An Olive Tree

# bigbinkshow – In a recent meeting between the Pope and the President, The Pope gave Donald Trump an Olive Tree that stands for Peace.  The president gave the Pope books by Martin Luther King.   25 palabras más

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We were staying in Paris...

,Hi again!

With the lateness of my blogs I’m guessing you just came from my Slovenia/Croatia blog (if not, check it out here).

So, being the mad eejits that we are, we had booked another trip away the day after we got back from Croatia, after all, we only had 2 weeks holidays and we wanted to make the most of them! 1.356 palabras más

Paris - Catacumbas , Pantheon, Notre Dame, Prefeitura

Nossa terça-feira, 23 de maio, teve pouca coisa porque resolvemos começar pelas Catacumbas mas não compramos os ingressos antes. Por conta desse pequeno erro ficamos numa fila por quase 2 horas antes de finalmente entrarmos no local. 233 palabras más