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Paris: city of romance

To do:

  • Grab a croissant in the morning
  • Walk up the Eiffel tower- yes, walk up! you’ll save a lot of time waiting
  • Jump on a carousel (the one by the Eiffel tower is the best!)
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Au Petit: aka Artisan's Cottage/Golden Lane, or, how we managed to stay married all these years

Eons ago–in the early 1980’s–a miniatures columnist wrote that Noel and I looked “slim in our jeans,” a term which still makes us laugh. We, indeed, lived in jeans, in our studio, building mini houses as fast as we could to keep us tricked out in no-name jeans and sweatshirts. 2.370 palabras más


Trend Update: Fall 2017

Hello everyone!

The fall season is finally here and I am so happy about it!  I love how the leaves change and how the air gets a little bit colder but above all, my favourite thing about fall is the fashion. 926 palabras más

The Little Paris Bookshop - Nina George

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George was another Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe find. I was preparing for a week at the beach, and looking for a vacation in book form. 205 palabras más


Luxembourg Garden and Little Tokyo

Today we planned to have a little picnic at Luxembourg garden just because. It turned out to be a nice clear day today, so it was perfect timing since the last few days have been cloudy. 384 palabras más