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My Passport to Paris

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, Paris was on my list of places that I hoped to visit in 2017. Well, I actually managed to book the trip and spent last week in the beautiful city of Paris with my best friend. 1.161 palabras más


Chapter 5: Paris

Anna and I took the train to Paris three days ago, having bade our farewells to our friends who remain, and to M Beranger. Vichy never changes, which is its greatest achievement. 1.540 palabras más


Lion sculptures on fountain

These lion sculptures are part of the Fontaine aux Lions de Nubie, located within Parc de la Villette, with a lot of history behind them. 14 palabras más


Moving to Paris- how I saved enough to do it job-free

In exactly 6 weeks I am giving up my stable corporate job and waterfront apartment and moving to Paris. I don’t have a job lined-up but I’m not freaking out. 667 palabras más


Democracy is Real..Governments are of No Importance

This image is a political allegory. The photo is of a statue of Thomas Paine (at Parc Montsouris) taken outside the fence. The author of Common Sense, The Crisis, Rights of Man and The Age of Reason, jailed. 195 palabras más


Monte Cassino

A hush descended upon the group as we alighted from the bus on a sunny, warm Italian summer’s day. The quiet immediately grabs you. The utter tranquility. 875 palabras más


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My friend Esther has written this tribute to the fallen, over 4,200 Australians and New Zealanders and Canadians who lost their life at the Battle of Monte Cassino.

Streets of Paris

I love walking through the streets of Paris they are simply beautiful. I love the architecture of the buildings in Paris there is so much detail and they all seem in sync with each other but yet are unique.