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Cloudsfactory Postcard SAL Paris Complete

Sorry for the delay in updating my progress on this project. Now onto London!

Cross Stitch

Itineraireisoverthaire - £££ - 9.5/10

Mes braves, mes amis! One is back to the writing slab and it is all down to a serendipitous find in the environs for Paris. It is imperative that I regale you of a wonderful restaurant on the Rive Gauche which is not gauche at all. 651 palabras más

Private! - Dr. Lunch Only

Sanity Savers

What to do when the news seems like a cross between The Walking Dead (redneck zombie apocalypse) and Designated Survivor (government in ruins)…

Get outside, connect with the elements, water, air, earth, sun. 19 palabras más


The Celebrated and Unknown in Paris

After several years of splitting my time between New York and Paris, I’ve found that beyond acquiring another language, which is a feat in itself, I’ve learned to stop myself from generalizing, or even assuming that I know what I’m talking about. 1.077 palabras más


Isabelle Huppert Receives French Cinema Award at Star-Studded Paris Ceremony

PARIS– Isabelle Huppert, who just won a Golden Globe for a critically-aclaimed performance in Elle Verhoeven’s “Elle,” received today UniFrance’s French Cinema Award during a star-studded ceremony held at France’s Culture Ministry. 29 palabras más


Holiday Fashion

Welcome back! I’m back, are you back? I came back two weeks ago. You disappointed? well… Let’s discuss what I wore while I was there, there, here and over there (this meaning London and Paris)… so much drama. 515 palabras más