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On the road to Remedios red-beaked vultures circle the palm forests and cane fields. In the small towns on the way people seem to be going about their daily chores without any fuss or rush. 323 palabras más


Las Parrandas: Extreme Caroling

First, some background: Puerto Ricans are very serious about Christmas. Celebrations start in November and continue in full force through mid-January, and take the form of lots and lots of time (and food) with family and dear friends. 548 palabras más

Asaltados, Aguinaldos, Parrandas y Trullas - A Latin American Christmas Tradition

From “villancicos” to “parrandas” our version of Christmas involves lots of singing, dancing, eating and sharing with la familia y vecinos. For those of us that grew up in the Caribbean, or whose family originate from there, can attest to how infectious and fun… 282 palabras más


A Tropical Christmas

One of the things I like so much about Christmas is that magic seems to intensify its glowing magnificence through nature. The first time I saw snow, it seemed Mother Nature was covering the ground with a white carpet while a shower of silky raindrops were transformed into pearly feathers. 864 palabras más

Customs And Culture

Feliz Navidad... and a Merry Christmas, Puerto Rican Style!

Generations of music fans have learned to say Merry Christmas in Spanish from this popular holiday song.  Written by Jose Feliciano, a singer, songwriter and virtuoso guitarist from Puerto Rico, this happy little song is perfect for teaching easy phrases in Spanish or for just adding to your family’s soundtrack of Christmas fun. 408 palabras más

Musical Instruments

Sleigh Bells Ring

I hope everyone had happy holidays, enjoying family and friends after a long productive fall work schedule. This season I’m pausing to think about movement. There are quite a few stories of movement during this season, so if you are finding yourself moving or in transition, you are in good company. 460 palabras más

My Island, What is to become of you?

As my readers will have noticed I don’t write that much about Puerto Rican politics or politicians. The reason for this is very simple, it’s always the same crap, the status issue! 548 palabras más

Puerto Rican Politics