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Maz Kanata's Romanesco Apple Bacon Quiche


“Roma-what?”, I said for the second time.  M4P friend Mary Beth had to say it 3 times before I got it,  “R-O-M-A-N-E-S-C-O!  You know, that green fractal cauliflower that Rey eats at Maz Kanata’s place in The Force Awakens.” 686 palabras más

Star Wars

Our very own cow.

We call him Our Cow.

He’s not the only cow in the house; we also call the fridge one too, as it moos ferociously late at night (usually at the tense moments of Eastenders). 945 palabras más

NOTW: July 27, 2016

My birthday is here, so I got prepared! Starting with some summery colorful, party nails. Here we go:


'But you're on holiday?'

Aloha friends,

Writing to you from the comfort of my plastic sunbed, whilst sweating like a human radiator. I feel like sunbathing can sometimes be the opposite of relaxing, and actually more like cardio. 393 palabras más



Via refinery29, skinnysticks, stylenoted and pinterest.


How to Stay Fit on a Summer Vacation

Today, I want to welcome and thank Peter, a beauty and fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine in the UK, for doing up this amazing guest post for Beautiful Health. 725 palabras más

Health And Fitness

STORYTIME: On party planning and knowing your audience

Lets take a trip back to 2008, when The Great Recession was in full swing. Me and my college housemates were all about to graduate our assorted programs in the coming year, and had a reputation for throwing epic themed parties. 233 palabras más