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Casual outfit

I wear this look in the party of my company.
Is the classic outfit you can wear in summer without problem, even you can change the shoes for heels and turn it to night outfit. 13 palabras más


Baby Shower | "bird bath"

It is no surprise that together my mom & sisters can throw one awesome baby shower! The one they threw for me was baby bird themed and it couldn’t have been sweeter. 118 palabras más


Stir Fry with Ramen

We made this is class and owe it to Chef Monica Smith.  You can follow her at @mChefsmith,

She is an advocate for Eating to Live Longer and a long time supporter of The Hunter Huss Huskies! 526 palabras más


Spring Break 2K18

I’m back!

After diving in and starting this blog, I needed a brief moment of being unplugged. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a teacher. Oh how I love them…but I almost thought conference week, or more specifically pre-conference week, would be the death of me. 458 palabras más


Math jokes and dessert
Lining a plastic table
Happy Pi Day, y’all

Confessions of a Retail Associate 24

During the Christmas season most businesses have parties for their associates, not at my store. By the logic of the managers we do not have a Christmas party, they assume we are done seeing each other at the end of the day during the busy shopping season and I think they’re right. 122 palabras más

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