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Not Even Lin-Manuel Miranda Can Get Into a Theater Party at the Alpine House

By Carolyn Smith

Lin-Manuel Miranda had just completed his last Hamilton performance and wanted to celebrate with his friends in Skidmore’s theater department.  There was a party going on at the off-campus “Alpine” house and Miranda figured he would easily get in given that he’d written and starred in the best musical of 2016.   218 palabras más

Campus Life

idipyoudipwedip because IT'S GOOD

so i have a clue as to why we have an obesity epidemic in america: dip.

not just dips, but the activities that go along with them. 842 palabras más

What happens in Mykonos...

What can I say about Mykonos. There were things we saw on the island that we’d never be able to write about. If you want to party, Mykonos is the place for you. 557 palabras más


A Celebration to Remember

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite details when creating a Celebration to remember.

 Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, a retirement, or a life lived, creating a display of memorabilia from the person of honor is a loving tribute.   167 palabras más

Is Society Pushing Women to Be Promiscuous?

In our society today, it has become acceptable for women to portray themselves as sexual objects that allows many men to treat them as if they are walking billboards promoting sex. 883 palabras más