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New York, I Love You

We’re 25 hours in and so far…it’s been QUITE the adventure. Let’s recap, shall we? I accepted a job offer. I’ve viewed an apartment (more to come on this). 34 palabras más

Higher Level Dissection of Conversations

The idea of initiating and carrying forth a conversation should be simple right! I mean we do it on a daily basis so it should be ingrained as some form of a habit and we should all be experts at it. 882 palabras más

Big Fish Little Fish events, UK

If you’re anything like me, one of the things that will seem a million years ago once you had children, is the party scene. Yes, you can still go out, of course. 615 palabras más


Starry saturdays-90s theme party

Hey there gorgeous ladies,

starry saturdays outfit features partywear inspired from the 90s.I think 90 s were the best decade for fashion,music and food,90s fashion included neon colors electric blue fluorescent colors apart from the usual casual chic look! 68 palabras más