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Lena’s 2nd Birthday | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Lena had a colorful twist to her 2nd birthday celebration. Her guests rocked a tie-dye attire and partied like it was 1960. 29 palabras más

Baton Rouge

Haere mai

As I am back in Christchurch and the internet connection is back in good quality it is time to tell you a bit about the last weeks (month). 1.202 palabras más

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That Year the Universe Sh*t On My Family: A Six Part Series

Part 1: No Big Deal

There is no shortage of platitudes and sayings, bumper stickers or posters inside cutesy frames meant to remind us how fragile life is. 2.322 palabras más

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Darling Halloween Clementine

Halloween isn’t all about tricks and sweets. It’s also about pumpkins. Who can resist these adorable little clementine jack o’lanterns? Even better, they are a treat to make. 31 palabras más

Crafts With Kids