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Staten Island's Biggest Party -- St. Patrick's Day

Miss me? Don’t lie.

Just as Staten Island seems like another world, so does it’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. First of all, it’s always held at least a week ahead of the real holiday. 406 palabras más


SAKURA by Jelly Belly

ジェリベリーキャンディーカンパニー(本社:米国カリフォルニア州)は、ひな祭りの日となる3月3日(火)原宿ブルーガーデンカフェにて、期間限定フレーバー「サクラ」の発売を記念し、ローンチパーティーを開催した。Jelly Belly organise le lancement du nouveau parfum “SAKURA » en édition limitée pour ce printemps. Il y avait plein d’Harajuku girls. J’ai passé un moment ‘GIRL’s Party’ ! 205 palabras más


How to Outdo The "Great" Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald painted quite the picture when we first heard about The Great Gatsby but the story is much bigger than just the extravagant parties. 563 palabras más


Top Five Cities for Partying Your Face Off

When traveling, especially being a younger individual you are going to be wanting to party the nights away, so why not select your destination based on this, instead of ending up somewhere that could be extremely boring. 347 palabras más