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What's Better Without A Phone?

The world has been taken over by technology. Your friends might have noticed that your phone is always with you, and you’re beginning to think they have a point, and that you may in fact, have a phone problem. 395 palabras más


SOC II Auditing

SOC II Auditing A rigorous third-party review of the company’s infrastructure, security, software, people, procedures, privacy and data. It…


'Europe will wake up in 2017', Le Pen says at Germany congress


KOBLENZ: French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen on Saturday (Jan 21) told a European gathering of right-wing populists in Germany that a string of high-stakes elections in 2017 would blow a wind of change across the region. 717 palabras más

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Top 10 things to do in Cat Ba

As we’ve been here nearly 2 months I think its safe to say we’ve sussed out the best things to do on the Island and heres the list people in no particular order… (If people have read ever post this might be a bit repetitive sorry) 1.445 palabras más

Birthday parties when you live in an apartment

One of the drawbacks of apartment living is that you can’t really have a huge kids birthday party  – or even a small one.  Ten kids and parents in our place and then trying to organise them into activities just wouldn’t happen. 225 palabras más