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Birthday Georgia!

Last weekend was my birthday, and in spite of the fact that inside I’m eternally six years old (see photos for pink-based evidence), I took the opportunity to make… 533 palabras más

#TRRparty #Featured #Book The Blarmling Dilemma by S.C. Mitchell

Link: Amazon

“They’re not animals. They’re people!”

Phoebe Callista’s pleas fall on deaf ears and she’s forced to rescue two helpless Blarmlings from certain death. Fleeing across a backwater sector of the galaxy, with Galactic Marshals in hot pursuit, Phoebe falls into the hands of a handsome but determined bounty hunter. 153 palabras más


My Little Tinkerbell

My 4-year-old just turned 5. It was a happy occasion, though I think we’d all have been a lot happier if the hubby was there too. 28 palabras más


Thanksgiving Elegance

Thanksgiving Elegance is a look inspired by a set of versace dinnerware I saw online. It made me think of a Thanksgiving of formal wear and cocktails. 90 palabras más

Bee Beauty

Rave tales - Drugs!

Hello, World! It’s time for another Rave Tales post and this time it’s going to be a bit different.

Last time, I wrote about Exit Festival… 782 palabras más

Climbing the Beanstalk?

Soooo…about that guy that I mentioned in my last post…the one that had put his hand on my leg and wanted to Netflix and Chill and I wasn’t into at all? 897 palabras más

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