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CDMX: Chapultepec and Paseo de la Reforma

If Chapultepec is the lungs of Mexico City then Paseo de la Reforma must be its pulmonary artery.

The Bosque de Chapultepec is a very large park. 770 palabras más

Local Walks

Nugget Nationals 2018 – Round 3, Dyno Day

Round 3 of Nugget Nationals again saw our fleet of under powered vehicles congregate at Weltmeister Eastside.

To assist the power challenged Nuggets in the track rounds, we’ve awarded points a little differently and in reverse order. 85 palabras más

Visitando Bruselas

Mis paseos turísticos a veces se vuelven un poco ñoños y me atraen visitar como la del Parlamento Europeo, aunque de europea no tengo una uña (un novio, cuenta?). 485 palabras más


Ride the Taos-NeoRio-PASEO Shuttle!

Take the Taos-NeoRio-PASEO shuttle for a beautiful, care-free ride to NeoRio at Wild Rivers in the Rio Grande del Norten National Monument. Enjoy the afternoon and early evening at NeoRio and then arrive by shuttle back in Taos, conveniently parked and ready to finish the evening exploring the PASEO! 66 palabras más


sips at scratch | oklahoma city bar review

I visited Scratch in the Paseo Arts District with my friend Sydney! We had signature cocktails, chatted, and had the best time!

The Paseo Arts District… 248 palabras más


Charlottesville driver Alex Fields Jr. faces hate crime charges one year after rally

Federal hate crime charges were filed Wednesday against a man accused of plowing a car into a crowd of people protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing a woman and injuring dozens more. 342 palabras más